30 Best Quotes in Pictures of the Week – Nov 4th to Nov 10th, 2012


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1. “All that is gold does not glitter…” J.R.R. Tolkien

2.“Life’s not a bitch, life is a beautiful woman…” Aesop Rock

3. “It’s good to be able to deal with anger…” – Henry Rollins

4. Republicans are the party that says government doesn’t work – P.J. O’Rourke

5.…is not unpopularity at all, but glory. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

6.“If Jesus had been killed twenty years ago…” -Lenny Bruce

7.“People are just waiting around to get certified…” -Frank Zappa

8.“Never give up on a dream because of the time…” Earl Nightingale

9.Don’t worry about the world coming to an end today. -Charles Schultz

10.“You smug-faced crowds with kindling eye…” -Siegfried Sassoon

11.“Society is composed of two main classes:..” Nicholas Chamfort

12.“Human beings should be held accountable…” -Elie Wiesel

13.“Entire water of the sea can’t sink a ship…” -Unknown

14.“Forget Jesus. The stars died so you could be here today” – Lawrence M. Krauss

15.“If our brains were simple enough to understand…” – Ian Stewart

16.“We are all alone…” -Hunter S. Thompson

17.“I don’t smoke nor drink…” – Unknown

18.“It is merely an observation of reality…”-Ezio Auditore

19.“If you want a picture of the future…” George Orwell

20.“Girlfriends, mountain hikes…” – Unknown

21.“We are going to die, and that makes us the lucky ones …” – Richard Dawkins

22.“The circumstances of ones birth are irrelevant…” – Mewtwo

23.“It’s getting harder and harder…” Robert Brault

24.“Argue.” – Hank Scorpio

25.“How vain it is..” -Henry David Thoreau

26.“Man cannot remake himself without suffering…” Alexis Carrel

27.“We get lost in a fog of abstractions…” Robert C. Pollock

28.“That’s one of my biggest fears”- Troy and Abed(Community)

29.“Don’t underestimate the value of Doing Nothing…” -A.A. Milne

30. “…And you can’t give up. I won’t let you” – Cormac McCarthy


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