30 Best City Pictures of the Week – Dec 16th to Dec 22nd, 2012

1.Berlin, Germany


2.Mecca, the holiest city in Islam, Saudi Arabia


3.An overview of Los Angeles, before a storm


4.Vila Velha & Vitória, Brazil


5.Chicago, from the sky, at night


6.Paris at night


7.New York City


8.Homat Shmuel, an Israeli settlement in Palestinian territories


9.Besançon, France


10.San Francisco from Pier 5 this morning


11.A street in Soho, London


12.New York from my office window


13.Aarhus, Denmark. Photo taken by Gints Gailis.


14.Strasbourg, France, in a sunny day


15.Cape Town, South Africa


16.San Francisco at night from the Berkeley hills.


17.North Shore Mountains over Vancouver, CA


18.Winnipeg, MB Canada


19.Business district of Paris, France taken from the Arc de Triomphe.


20.Anchorage, Alaska


21.View from the Burj Khalifa by night


22.Panorama of San Sebastián, Spain


23.High Street in Canterbury, Kent, UK


24.Hangover hour in Las Vegas.


25.Montreal, Canada


26.Port of Kavala, Greece


27.Downtown San Francisco from Corona Heights


28.Nighttime in NYC


29.Montreal, Quebec, Canada


30.Riga, Latvia


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