30 Best Pictures of the Week Showing Human Emotion – Jan 22nd to Jan 28th, 2013

1.Curious fox + photographer Dan Dinu


2.Grey-eyed Nepalese Holy Man


3.Little solder


4.Biking in goods to sell at market. Bamako, Mali


5.Afghan girls walk hand in hand in a refugee camp in Kabul


6.From Joey L- Vijay Nund performing morning rituals in the Ganges River, the most sacred river in Hinduism. Varanasi, India


7.A man dressed as Kali, the Hindu goddess of power, performs with a burning camphor tablet on his tongue – India


8.A Kayan woman playing the guitar.


9.Young Senegalese child outside of a football match


10.Smiling student in Khartoum, Sudan


11.WWII reenactor dressed as a member of the American “Filthy Thirteen”


12.Monks doing their monk thing?


13.Bicycle taxista – India


14.Matt Gone, the ‘Checkered Man’ poses at a Tattoo Expo in Caracas.


15.For my 1st birthday my parents traveled from Zagreb to Sarajevo to have my portrait made. While we got out before the war, the photographer (AFAIK) did not. Pokoj mu duši.


16.My grandma in front of her high school, 1936


17.Boy fishing on the Amazon River


18.My parents Indian Wedding, New Delhi 1985.


19.I’m too shy to ask people to pose for me, but sometimes I shoot self-portraits


20.Homeless Man Watches Crowd at OWS, NYC


21.Boy I met in Cambodia on the way to a floating village.


22.Two drug addicts in an alley. Hastings, Vancouver.


23.Dance photography by the talented Isaac Aoki


24.Indigenous Peruvian woman, crossing cable bridge over the Sacred River near Machu Picchu


25.The Fruit Market / Pondicherry, India


26.Afghan children play at the entrance to their temporary shelter in Kabul.


27.Taxi driver searches for a fare in Old Havana


28.Different generation Buddhist Monks outside Angkor Wat Temples, Cambodia


29.Hindu ceremony on Ganges Ghat – India


30.Young Vietnamese Girl waving a flower outside her house


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