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1.Bruce Pennington – Beyond This Horizon

1.Christina’s World (1948) Andrew Wyeth

1.In1886 Skull with a Burning Cigarette clicked by Vincent van Gogh

What you do with edible item at your home? Oh!!! Please don’t laugh. I am seriously asking you for what purpose you use food. Now you all must be saying “Of course we do eat food and everyone does the same.”

If heaven lies anywhere on this earth then I will say here only. We all need to develop such piece of architecture if we want to go with nature. The project for the construction of the Green Climate Fund of the United Nations in Germany got Laboratory for Visionary Architecture (LAVA). 

Here we are introducing a town which is a perfect example of modernization and up gradation in the field of architecture without changing its original historical architecture

The technology is getting enhanced day by day. The main motto of the technology is to provide a better world to live a happy and healthy life. But it’s a very new concept to provide a soothing and nice looking place which provides a virtual environment

Ever been kept in a tiny box with an order to enjoy the LUXURY life in that box??? No, is the definite call. Either because the mentality is contaminated or it must be a truth that the life cannot be enjoyed being in walls

Isn’t it great to be a bit unique??? But it requires high level of talent and concentration to stand unique. A couple of American designer Jesse Louis-Rosenberg and Jessica Rozenkrats has done something really unique

“The Princess of Wales”, an esteemed and well-known pub in London has been renovated recently. The renovation has done something like magic. The renovating agency by chosen by unanimous decision taken by the Pub authorities

Land is a traditional Japanese dish and each and every year it is becoming more popular in Europe and the United States. This is happening in such an amount so that over the last decade departments who prepare this dish, opened restaurants and cafes

Here is some information about this apartment. Stair railing made of Lego bricks is the first most attractive feature of this Chelsea apartment. It adds one more example to the creative Lego works we’ve seen so far, like the Abondatus Gigantus or the Lego Conference Room Table

Simplicity is one of the most beautiful things in life, if there are eyes to see it. Be it a human being or our diversified nature, simplicity attracts everyone’s heart. It touches our soul deep inside and gave us a great feeling which is natural and hence simple

Cake, is the first word that strikes through your mind while thinking about a birthday, marriage etc. Well, it is the best part of any get together or party to stand around the table and wait for your plate to be served. I personally enjoy the creamy part of this mouth-watering dessert