3 Things to Do This Weekend


The weekend can’t come soon enough. If you’re having a tough week at work, you’re already likely planning your weekend. Getting through that nursing shift with thoughts of banana Nutella waffles? Surviving your stack of paperwork by thoughts of your hammock? Your weekend is your reward, and this weekend, you deserve to make plans for something good,

The perfect weekend is a mix of relaxation, involvement, and accomplishments. If you want to really enjoy yourself, blend your weekend with a mix of the following things.


End a Few Procrastinations

We all procrastinate. You’ve likely got one or two or twenty things you keep avoiding, whether it’s seeing the dentist or cleaning your fridge. This weekend, instead of putting those tasks off for later, try to tackle one or two of them once and for all. Need to get those scratches on your car repainted? Head to a full service auto body shop. Need to finally go through that stack of mail? Put on some music, call a friend, or watch a comedy show on the side and finally sort it. While it might seem like running errands will cause more stress, setting one or two errands aside for the weekend could actually help relieve you of stress. That way, you won’t worry about the endless projects you could be doing–you’ll take care of two, and give yourself permission to be done for the entire weekend. You’ll also feel good about finally getting those tasks taken care of!


Do Something for Yourself

If you spend too much time taking care of other people–driving your kids to soccer practice, listening to a friend’s troubles over the phone, or caring for an older parent, then you need some time to yourself this weekend. Even if it’s only an hour, pick something great that you can do for you. Go hiking or shop at a women’s boutique. Work on a passion project, make your favorite food, or head to the beach. Whatever you decide to do for you, make it a top priority this weekend.


See Friends

If you rush from one life event to the next, it can feel hard to make time for friends. If it’s been awhile since you had some good social time, try to connect with one friend or many this weekend. Invite your best mates over for a movie or a cookout, or get drinks with a friend you want to catch up with. While you might want to ignore the whole world this weekend, making a window of time for the people who matter in your life will leave you feeling better. Don’t just rely on social media for your person-to-person interaction this week. Instead, try to have some meaningful interactions with friends and family, totally unplugged from distractions. Involvement in activities or social circles can lend a sense of belonging to your weekend, and the good vibes that come from human connections could carry you through this next work week.

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