The internet is a fantastic tool that, in modern-day society, would be incredibly difficult to live without. In the United States, a normal person spends an average of 24 hours per week online, according to a survey conducted by the Center for the Digital Future.

There is the argument these statistics could be a problem, considering the increasing practice of online users can make a case for actual smartphone addiction. Still, there is no denying how incredibly useful the internet is. When used correctly and productively, the internet can truly change our lives.

For example, according to the Independent, a survey found that tasks such as shopping and banking online saves the average British person up to six and a half hours each week. So, clearly, it’s more about how we use it.

Check out these five cool and productive things you probably didn’t realize you could do online:

1) Buy a car in an auction


Instead of going to a car lot, you can “attend” car auctions online and get used cars at a wholesale price (cha-ching!). With such a huge selection of vehicles including motorcycles and SUVs, attending an online car auction gets you a great price for a great car without ever having to leave the comfort of your own home.

Online car auctions allow the buyer (you) to place your bid through an agent who is specialized in these types of auctions so there is no need to worry about not being an “auction pro”—your assigned agent will be the “auction pro” for you.

2) Get a degree in Sports Psychology


Getting an online sports psychology degree is a great choice for students seeking a future working with issues relating to mental health and physical health. Getting a degree in a Sports Psychology program gives you a background in exercise science, sports, and rehabilitation while still giving you a bachelor’s degree in Psychology to fall back on. A degree in Sports Psychology opens many job opportunities for athletes or for those just interested in sports and Psychology.

3) Become a Psychologist


California Southern University has an array of fantastic online programs (in fact, they claim to be 100% online). Psychology is their most developed program right now. You can get your bachelor’s degree, online master’s degree, and your doctoral degree in Psychology all online!

If you’re interested in the mental health field, this could be the ideal online degree program for you! According to the American Psychological Association, the median salary in the United States for a new Psychologist who has obtained an online master’s degree would be about $45,000 a year. If you receive your doctorate degree, however, you’re looking at closer to $60,000 a year.

4) Work remotely


According to an article published by the American Psychological Association late last year, roughly 16 percent of the American workforce works remotely, between 2005 and 2015 remote work in the U.S. went up by 115 percent, and most Psychologists (and their research) point to remote work improving productivity, company morale, and fostering creativity when it’s used correctly.

For example, jobs that require a lot of focus tend to be better performed remotely as the employer can pick the environment where they are least distracted to get work done. But, the lack of communication and clear distinctions between work life and home life can pose a challenge. Therefore, the ability to work remotely is a good choice if you can make it work for your lifestyle.

5) 3D printing


Let’s be honest about it—while you’d most likely enjoy having a 3D printer and making anything you can think of right at home, it’s not exactly a practical purchase for the average person. Luckily, there are all kinds of great online 3D printing services that can print your designs for you. Whether it’s an illustration for a work project, a logo, or creating cool toys for your kids; you’re likely to find a service that can print whatever you’d like online.


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