Apple’s Exclusive range of AirPods Studio with features of head and neck detection


We have been hearing about Apple’s forthcoming over-ear headphones for some time, with the evidence from various sources pointing out to the official launch later this year.

The official launch of Apple’s over-ear headphones is in the news for some time now, and the multiple sources point out its launch in the latter half of 2020.

The website 9to5Mac has exclusive details about ‘’AirPods Studio’’ which includes the settings and its specification for the people who are known to such matters.

The Regular AirPods includes a kind of ear detection as one of the significant feature, and it pauses the song as soon as you take it off from the ears. We have come to know that AirPods Studio’s features are similar, but would have a different way to work. Apple plans to include sensors, that will help to understand whether the headphones are on the neck or the head, rather than the ear detection.

According to this, we suppose that the content will be played or paused by the AirPods Studio when they sense it is put on your head. While the music is being paused, the headset can be switched on while it detects the neck movement.

Another new sensor will be upto to detect the left and right ears to route the audio channels automatically. That clearly means there’s likely no right or wrong side for the usage AirPods Studio, whereas current headphones have fixed left and right channels.

One of the other new sensors helps to route the audio channels, by its detection of left or right ears automatically. It clearly states, there won’t be any left or right side to use it, unlike the current one.

The features of new Apple’s headphones will include transparency mode and active noise cancellation. Switching between the two kinds of modes will become quite easy for the users that will help them to reduce the atmospheric or external sound.

As AirPods Studio is looked forward to being mainly concentrated on professional users, connecting the earphones with a Mac or iOS device will unseal custom equalizer settings, with low, medium, and high-frequency adaptions available, sources add.

According to the recent reports by Bloomberg, Apple’s own-brand over-ear headphones will be accessible in at least two types of headphones — one with leather fabrics and the other with lighter materials to fitness usage cases. Bloomberg also said Apple is trying out a new modular design with substitutable magnetic ear pads.

9to5Mac has also observed evidence of AirPods Studio in the leaked iOS 14 beta code, including assets showing at least two color options for the new accessory. As for the price, rumors suggest that it will cost $349.

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