Best Breakfast Cereals

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Our breakfast is the first meal of the day, and it has to be in the best form. A kick start of the day with a delicious and healthy breakfast keeps you active all day long and fulfills the need for all the essential nutrients you require. 

If you’re searching for a balanced cereal choice on your own, know that all cereals should have 100% whole grain or whole food as their first ingredient (such as whole grain oats, wheat, corn, buckwheat, rice, or legumes) and a nutritious combination of protein and fiber (aim for 3 g of each portion)—test for 10 g or less of added sugar and about 200 mg or less of sodium. Scoop out 250 to 300 calories serving or combine it with yogurt, milk, fruit, a tablespoon of nuts or nut butter, or seeds between 100 to 200 calories per serving, to make it ideal for a single meal.

Importance Of Eating Cereals

Cereals are essential for your health. They offer all the nutrition that are important for the growth and development of your body. You can easily shop for cereals throughout the year and hence they are a staple food. 

Benefits Of Eating Cereals

Let us have a look at the benefits of eating cereals in your breakfast:

Source Of Energy

Cereals form a good source of energy. Eating cereals as breakfast can give you the energy to keep you going all day long. They keep you active and also offer a balanced diet without any fats. 

Cereals Are Good For Kids

Kids can give you a real headache when it comes to serving them with healthy food options. Cereals are a great option to enjoy eating breakfast, keeping health in mind. Keeping in mind the activities that your kids do all day long, it is essential to give them enough energy so that they do not feel lethargic. Cereals are the best food that you must make sure you feed to your kids. 

Rich in fiber

Cereals are one of the best sources of fiber. They offer you an ample amount of fiber to keep your heart working in the best form and relax any blockages. 

Full Of Vitamins

Vitamins are essential to keep bones healthy. Calcium and vitamin D go hand-in-hand to ensure bone integrity. Cereals, which are high in calcium and vitamin D, can help strengthen the bones. Additionally, this should prevent the bones from aging prematurely.

High In Minerals

Cereals are a form of a complete balanced diet. They offer you all the essential things that your body needs to grow correctly. They are full of minerals and offer you the best composition for the same. 

Powerhouse Of Proteins 

Cereals are also known as the powerhouse of proteins. Keeping a diet that is rich in proteins helps you enjoy healthy muscles. If you feel that your body lacks proteins, you must eat cereals as the first meal. 

Helps In Fighting Heart Diseases

We all love to enjoy munching on to street foods that are unhealthy and adversely affect our hearts. Eating cereals help you fight with the unnecessary fats accumulated on your heart and gives it a long and healthy life. 

Keeps A Check On Your Sugar Levels

Cereals have no sugars. Hence, they help you maintain a proper sugar level so that you do not fall for diseases like diabetes. 

Improves Your Bowel Movements

If you are one of those who are often suffering from constipation issues, then you must start taking cereals in your breakfast. Cereals are rich in fiber and help in getting your system cleaned. 

Helps In Maintaining Weight

Cereals are calorie-less. Their nature is complex, taking longer to process in the system reduces the impression that they want to consume more. Maintaining weight every day by consuming whole grains and cereals will keep you satiated and less susceptible to binge eating.

The best thing about cereals is that it not only gives you good health but are also affordable. You can easily shop for them from online shopping stores. 

Things To Check Before You Shop For Best Breakfast Cereals In India

Now that you are well aware of the benefits of cereals, let us look at some things you must check when you order your box:

Check Whether The Box Is Of Whole Grains Or Not

Search for a whole-grain cereal that is full of whole grains. That means that the first two ingredients in grains are usually whole grain or bran. You’re fine if the label says “100 per cent whole grain.”

If the label*/ is not saying “100 per cent whole grain,” check the list of ingredients. If the corn or wheat is not “whole”, and the rice is not “grey,” then presume it is processed. 

I presume that oats, sprouted grains, and “old” grains such as quinoa, millet, or sorghum are whole, even if they don’t.

Keep A Check On The Serving Size

You need to keep in mind what the serving size of the cereals is. The size determines the number of calories you will be consuming. Also, keep it in mind that the serving you consume must have the amount that is written on the box. Only then will it be fruitful for you to eat the particular thing. 

Keep A Check On The Amount Of Sugar It Has

Food labels needn’t mention “added” sugars separately from total sugars right now. Added sugars include healthy-sounding sweeteners such as dried cane syrup, agave, honey, molasses, fructose and concentrates of fruit juice, and plain old sucrose or table sugar. 

Maximum sugars include the fruit and milk sugar that occurs naturally. This will change by July 2018 as new labeling regulations come into force. The added and total sugars have to be identified separately by the manufacturers.

Get Unprocessed Fibre As The Main Ingredient

This is no longer possible to pick a cereal-based on the grams of fiber. Labels on Nutrition Facts do not break down how much of the fiber in cereal is unprocessed and how much is refined. Processed fiber, which is now being applied to more and more foods, comes from root fiber inulin or chicory, oat fiber, soluble corn or wheat fiber, and other sources.

Best Breakfast Cereals In India You Must Lookout For

Here is a rundown of the cereals that are loved by the experts because of the best ingredients and are healthy for you:

Nestle Nes Plus Crunchy Cereals (Best Breakfast Cereals)

Crunchy Nesplus flakes are made from corn and oats. Whole grain is a vital part of a nutritious, balanced diet, and NesPlus guarantees all the goodness of the grain you and your family get. Maize and oat combination makes NesPlus Crunchy Flakes nutritious and delicious. 

  • NesPlus is your excellent source of Vitamin D and Calcium every day to keep your bone healthy. 
  • This is also high in vitamins such as B, Iron, Folic acid, and Fibre. 
  • For an instant snack, NesPlus Crunchy Flakes can be readily prepared by combining 30 grams of cereal with 120 ml of warm or cold milk and fresh fruit.
  • It consists of soya, gluten, milk, and peanuts. 


Kellogg’s Crunchy Granola (Best Breakfast Cereals)

 A crunchy and delicious option to make you enjoy your breakfast. This Kellogg’s has everything you need to give a kick start to your day. It has less sugar and also gives a melting texture in your mouth. The flavor is just excellent and is also relished by the kids. It is a pure vegetarian and cholesterol-free option to enjoy. 

  • Crunchy Granola by Relish Kellogg with milk or as it is, a good, nourishing start to your day!
  • Eat fried, multigrain clusters of wholegrain oats, wheat, corn, rice, and barley, filled generously with fresh almonds and cranberries.
  • It is cholesterol-free


Yoga Bar dark chocolate cereal (Best Breakfast Cereals)

The ingredients are all 100 % natural. The flavors are 100 % natural. The taste is a hundred percent natural. And this is the way it needs to be. The products are filled with nutrients in all the perfect amounts for you, and all the ingredients that’s right for you. If you think that healthy food does not taste good, then you must give this product a try and get to relish on to the delicious flavor. 

  • Gluten-free. No refined sugar. 
  • No contaminants involved. 
  • Only healthy, smooth food. 
  • It is a product made for the vegetarians with delicious flavor as if you are eating a dark chocolate bar.


Kellogg’s Muesli (Best Breakfast Cereals)

Kellogg’s muesli nuts delight in the goodness of 5 baked grains and a generous mix of raisins and crunchy almonds. Say hello to a delicious breakfast packed with multigrain goodness that will get you ready for the day and continue your mornings. Its beauty lies in its simplicity- just take a handful of muesli from Kellogg and taste the bounty of nature in its grainy, nutty goodness! Kellogg’s 20 percent delicious muesli is an indulgent blend of selected ingredients for your discerning palate.

  • Five nutritious grains (wheat, oats, rice, corn, and barley) are combined with delicious inclusions (raisins and almonds) to give you a unique taste experience
  • A simple, convenient and irresistible breakfast choice that provides vitamins in the b group vitamin c, iron and fiber for a nutritious start to the day
  • Of course, cholesterol-free cereal for breakfast.


Swaad Breakfast Cereal (Best Breakfast Cereals)

An excellent option for you to enjoy your breakfast with a blast of colors in your bowls. These fruit rings look amazing and taste delicious. The different colors make your kids enjoy their bowl of whole goodness without throwing any tantrums at you. The cholesterol-free high in proteins and full of whole grains this cereal is going to be your best companion. Swad fruit rings loops are made in a zero cholesterol solution of multigrain goodness to hold you charge up all day long. 100 % natural ingredients, multigrain, no preservatives, high in nutrients, vitamins, iron & high protein. 

  • It tastes great with hot or cold milk, cookies, ice creams, or enjoyment with adults, adults, friends & family as a snack. 
  • Available in 12 exclusive flavors: corn flakes, honey cornflakes, chocos flakes, chocos vanilla flakes, muesli diet, muesli fruit & nut, fill with chocolate, fills with vanilla chocos, circles of raspberry fills & Fruit loops.


Alpino Fruits and Nuts s

If you are a picky eater or have kids at home who are just not ready to eat what you serve them, then this is the best product. It offers you the energy that you require to lead a healthy life with a great taste and excellent texture. Oats, Nuts, Dried Fruits, and other grains are a balanced combination of Alpino Super Muesli. This is a suitable replacement for your hunger pangs at night, and also a perfect choice for breakfast. With no artificial additives or sweeteners, Alpino Super Muesli is a safe and balanced choice with great taste.

  • Alpino Super Muesli Fruit and Nuts is a delicious cereal that people of all ages will enjoy.
  • Crafted from 100% Whole Oats and Grains I Finest Nuts I No Flavored Fruits
  • I Zero Organic Ingredients I Processed Only Freeze-Dried Fruit
  • 7.92 g Protein, 2.37 g Healthy Fats, and 5.82 g Dietary Fibre per 100 g serving
  • Good source of protein, dietary fiber, and high in vitamin C.


Kellogg’s Chocos (Best Breakfast Cereals)

The most loved breakfast cereal by people of all ages is undoubtedly going to give you a calm breakfast table. Kids love to munch on to chocos, and adults also love the delicious taste of the same. The sweet, crunchy, and grain-based cereal makes for a perfect pick-me-up at school or work, as an afternoon snack or a late-night treat, designed to make your kids’ milk bowl tasty and enjoyable. 

  • A travel-ready treat, the crunchy bits of Kellogg’s chocos are a perfect companion for lunch boxes, after-school snacks, and busy moments on the go. 
  • Just add milk, or enjoy it straight from the box as a crispy treat.


Soulful Ragi Bites (Best Breakfast Cereals)

Soulful Ragi Bites are made on the outside with 50 percent Ragi, and three delicious flavors inside. The Dal gets the protein in, and Maida’s absence holds the gluten out. Best appreciated by children and grown-ups. The way experts see it; chocolate consumption is not a sin. Not turning it into snacks and it’s breakfast. Hence a dollop of chocolate filled with Ragi Bites for your kids. Chocolate has never been so good, and Ragi has never been so delicious, ever before.

  • Use it as a snack, or drink with a milk mug.
  • Ragi bites are delicious and filled with liquid chocolate for a great experience. 
  • They are full of whole grains and offer the best-balanced diet components in a bowl.



These were some of the tips to offer you guidance in buying cereals. Cereals form a significant part of your breakfast and have endless benefits for your health. If you are also looking to serve your family with a big bowl of happiness and good health, you must look at these products and get your carts filled with the same. 

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