Best Car Perfume Buying Guide 2020

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A good perfume in your car and your car smelling the best is the thing that states that you follow good hygiene. No matter how clean and tidy your car is if it smells foul, trust me, your girl is not even going think of sitting in it.

Imagine going on a date with perfect clothes, flowers, chocolates and movie tickets but the smell in your car. You just can’t even imagine how big turn off it will prove to be. All it takes to maintain good hygiene is a good perfume. Whether on your body or in your car it has to be there. You just cannot live in a foul-smelling environment. When you cannot bear the body odor of any person, how can you imagine someone will sit in your car and go on a drive. Right??

Now that we have given you a good start with great examples for you to imagine let’s get going with a buying guide. This car perfume buying guide will take you on a toll for some good perfumes you can shop for, along with many other vital points that you must keep in your mind.

  • Car Perfumes are an essential commodity for your vehicle, so the qualities that allow you to take full advantage need to be highlighted.
  • There are currently several presentations in the car perfume lines in India, so it’s useful to have a better perspective on the variety of items in this category that exist on the market.
  • Also, consider fragrance as a significant consideration when selecting a perfume for your vehicle.
  • Every person’s sense of smell is more or less sensitive to various types of scent or may have allergies, so you need to be mindful of the properties, consequences, or potency of the smell that you choose to use for your car.

There are a lot of other things that you need to keep in mind when you shop for the best perfumes. This buying guide will help you understand the best options available.

Different Types Of Car Perfumes Available In The Market

There are a lot of car perfumes available in the market that you can shop for your car and place them on your dashboard or hang them on your rearview. Let us take a look at them

Plug-In Car Air Fresheners

These are one of the most common car air fresheners available in different stores. All you need to do is to plug them and turn them on. These car perfumes start working the moment you turn them on. Shop for one today and bid goodbye to foul smell in your car.

Gel Based Car Perfumes

These are car perfumes that are in the form of a gel. These car perfumes are an excellent option for smaller cars and light odors. Though these car perfumes offer long life, they cannot work or eradicate strong odors.

Can Car Perfumes

These are perfumes that come in a car and can be sprayed in your car to remove the foul smell quickly. Though they work instantly still, they do not last for a long time. If you have a mild smell in your car like that of a burger you just ate or if you had your hands on tandoori rotis and onions then this is an excellent option for you to buy.

Cardboard Car Perfumes

These perfumes are not at all an excellent option to buy. Card Board car air fresheners aren’t sturdy or long-lasting, but when you’re in a rush, they will get the job done. To avoid the pungent smell, these types of fresheners are hanged inside the car and are ideal for short-term use.

Best Car Perfumes To Buy In 2020

Let us check out the list of best car perfumes you can shop for in 2020:

Godrej AER (Best Car Perfume)

One of the most loved brands in the industry in Godrej that has been delivering the best performance when it comes to quality and durability. If you are looking for a good car perfume them, this is undoubtedly going to be the best product to look out for.

Product Features

  • The spill-proof gel technology preserves and does not spill the fragrance gel in place.
  • Place it on the dashboard of your car, and enjoy a calming scent while driving.

Product Advantages

  • Godrej Aer Twist lasts long, long indeed! Godrej says it lasts 60 days, but we’ve also seen it last a little longer in some cases.
  • Unlike most car perfumes, Godrej Aer twist has a gel, rather than a liquid. This ensures that by spilling away, you do not lose any of the fragrance.
  • This also helps to last the fragrance longer than most car perfumes out there.

Product Disadvantages

  • The price is a bit high and is the only drawback.


Ambi Pure (Best Car Perfume)

Another leading brand in the industry of car perfumes in Ambi pure. Giving a fierce competition to the rivals out their Ambi pure has become a household name for the ones who love to keep their car smelling good.

Product Features

  • The long-lasting perfume comes in a sleek and good looking shape.
  • It fits in the air vents of your car and gives you quick relief from any kind of bad odor.
  • The fragrance is refreshing and creates a relaxed atmosphere the moment you plug it in.

Product Advantages

  • The pocket-friendly price of car perfume is the most loved plus point.
  • It lasts for a long time and delivers the best till the last drop
  • Easy to install and readily available it will be your best companion on long drives

Product Limitations

  • The only thing that lacks in the car perfume is the small size.


Areon wish gel

Next in our list of India’s best car air freshener is by Areon. This is an environmentally friendly perfume and offers high performance with long-lasting fragrance to help you breathe and enjoy. The perfume is loved by the ones who love to go on long drives.

Product Features

  • The herbal mix of exotic scents and essential oils makes the air fresheners for the Areon Wish Gel car a snap.
  • This gel-based car perfume consists of environmentally friendly 100 percent products that are safe to use.

Product Advantages

  • It would give your car a refreshing feel.
  • The gel might well last up to 45 days.
  • If you are looking for a car perfume that just fits the best in your budget, then this is undoubtedly going to be the best option.

Product Limitations

  • Though everything is right about this car perfume still, the brand is not known to many out there.


Involve your senses

This is another one of the best car perfumes to shop for. Breaking the records of many well-known brands involve is here to offer the best musk smell to your car and keep it fresh for an extended period. Though many users have claimed that it lasts for two months, you might find it is finished sooner if you have a big car.

Product Features

  • One of the best car perfumes to let you enjoy a great fragrance.
  • Plug it in front of the air vents of the ac, and it is all set within 14 seconds.
  • If you are planning to go on a long drive with your loved one, then you must install this perfume in your car.  

Product Advantages

  • What involve offers here is a pocket-friendly product that is long-lasting and durable
  • Coming from a trustworthy brand, it is a great purchase
  • The box is easy to install and get going.
  • If you own an SUV, this is just the right product for you.

Product Limitations

  • None. It is a great perfume to own.


Marcus Senso (Best Car Perfume)

With the help of European technology as its base, this is an excellent car perfume that you must own. No doubt it delivers high performance because of the great minds behind its manufacturing. All you need is to install it and forget the worries of your farts smelling in your car. This one is going to fight the worst odors.

Product Features

  • This is a gel-based product, and this perfume is going to last for a month.
  • If you have a habit of eating in your car, then you must own this car perfume today.
  • It delivers long-lasting fresh fragrance to the atmosphere and instantly energizes the room.

Product advantages

  • The car perfume is going to save you from any embarrassment in front of your lady love.
  • With a great fragrance, it won’t harm the environment.
  • The size of the perfume is decent and offers a high performance no matter the size of your car.

Product Limitations

  • Being an imported product, the price of the car perfume is a bit high as compared to the ones available online.


Rapture (Best Car Perfume)

Rapture is undoubtedly going to steal the show with its excellent quality and fragrance. It is one of the premium perfumes available in the market. the purple coloured bottle of the perfume looks beautiful. All you need to do is to place it on your dashboard, and you are all set to go.

Product Features

  • It gives the car one of the sweetest and most fantastic fragrances.
  • It can be fitted to any holders, and can also be replenished.
  • This single pack works for about four months.
  • This is also ideal for the use of the house and the office.

Product Advantages

  • The fragrance is good for up to 60 days.
  •  Another smart advantage of the perfume in this car is that it comes in gel shape.
  • This prevents your car from spilling over when it is running into a bump.

Product Limitations

  • The price of the perfume is way too high.


Things To Keep In Mind When Shopping For A Good Quality Car Perfume

Now that you are aware of the best car perfumes available in the market, you can easily shop for the best ones. All you need to do is to take care of some essential points, and you are all set to roll. Let us have a look at some key points that can help you enjoy buying a good car perfume:


The first thing you must keep in mind is the money that you want to spend on car perfume. If you think that the price of one particular product is too much, then you can look out for the other product available. When it comes to budget, you must also check the life of the product. It must not be the case that a cheap perfume will last only for a few days and then you have to reinvest.

Online reviews

When shopping online, the first thing that you need to keep in mind is to be sure about what kind of product will be delivered to you. It should not be the case that you place an order for a musk, and you get a strawberry flavored perfume delivered. Some brands are into the habit of doing such things. By checking the reviews of the perfume, you can get an idea about the thing that you will get and also the genuineness of the place from where it is coming.

Do Not Forget To Check Other Variants

This is going to be a one time purchase. Hence you need to look out for variants available in the market. If you think that a particular fragrance is not the best one for you, then you must look for other options. In short, it means that you have to research the car perfume properly so that the thing that you get in the end meets your expectations and you are not disappointed.


The most important thing that helps you shop for the best products is going to be the brand. A brand with goodwill in the market will deliver you excellent products. It has already been established, and it will not spoil the reputation; hence it becomes essential to know about the brand and the services it offers.

Kind of smell you want

Want to shop for the best perfume for your car? If you say yes, then determining what kind of smell you want in your sedan is essential to you. All you need to do is to do a bit of research and talk to your friends and then shop for the best product.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Safe To Shop For Car Perfumes Online?

Yes, it is entirely safe to shop for car perfumes online. All you need to take care of is that the brand has a reputation in the market and delivers what is stated about the product.

Is There Any Ill Effects Of A Car Perfume?

No car perfumes are safe to use and do not have any ill effects on the body.

Which Is The Best Car Perfume?

This depends on your choice. If you like gel-based perfumes, then you can go for them, and if you like spray ones, then you can buy those. Each car perfume has a unique fragrance with different features.


These were the best car perfumes that you can shop from online stores. There are several variants available under this category. Selecting for the best one requires only a bit of research, and you will land yourself with the best options.

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