Best Face Masks For Kids

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As the wearing of masks is becoming the new normal, and you are trying hard to make your child inculcate this habit, finding a mask for him is a great fight. There are endless masks available in the market, but getting your hands on the best one can be a hectic thing. 

Though it is being said that COVID cannot be prevented by wearing a mask, WHO has said that wearing one can help control the spread of the same. So it is a must to make your child wear a mask whenever you go out of the house. 

With the schools shut and no outside activities, the kids have become irritated and are finding it hard to adjust in the new style of living. That same is the case with adults too. We are also fighting hard and trying to adopt a new way of life. 

There is the little one who does not understand the meaning and use of masks but still have to wear them. They might throw tantrums at you and cry, but you must make them understand the importance of the same. 

To help you with getting your kids to wear a mask, there are a lot of companies that are coming up with beautiful masks. So from barbie to superheroes and Doraemon all you need is just s click away to shop for and get it delivered to your doorstep. But also you need to keep in mind to sanitise the mask nicely before you give it to your child. 

We rounded up lots of cute and comfortable cloth face masks for kids made by trusted brands, featuring playful patterns, colourful kid-friendly designs, and even some of the favourite characters of your child. So even if they don’t understand fully why they need to wear a mask, they ‘re going to want to wear one anyway.

With a lot of parents creating a hue and cry that their kids are not ready to wear masks we are here to offer you some best designs from brands that you can order from online shopping stores like Amazon. Also, we have a buying guide for you that offers some quick tips that can help get your child comfortably wear a mask. But do not forget to instruct him that he is not going to remove it or touch it. Also, the schools are planning to re-open you must even start informing him that he is not going to play with the mask and is also not going to exchange it with any of his friends. 

It is going to be a tough fight as the schools will re-open, and life will be back not the normal it used to be but to a new normal for which we have to prepare our kids for their safety and always keep in mind not to panic at all. 

The Best Face Masks For Kids To Lookout For

Let us have a quick look at some of the best options available for the kid’s masks and place an order for the same.

Dee Sons face Masks (Best Face Masks)

Your kids are going to be in love with these masks, and it is not because they are colourful, but the reason is that your kids can colour them in their favourite colours. The covers are comfortable, soft and look adorable. They come with an elastic band for the ears and provide a perfect fit for your child.


Rianz Cloth Masks (Best Face Masks)

If your child is a fan of star wars, then he is undoubtedly going to love these cute masks that are inspired by the star wars collection. Made up of a soft and breathable material they are not going to give any rashes to your child’s delicate skin. they come with a skin-friendly elastic band and offer a great fit from nose to your chin.


Ariana Child Mask (Best Face Masks)

If you are looking for the best mask for your child that will offer him comfort along with softness and breathability, then these masks are the best option for you to shop for. These fruit-inspired masks are made up of double layer and offer safety to the best level. A baby of three years can also adore this mask and carry it comfortably. 


Bon Organic Avengers Masks (Best Face Masks)

If your child is a fam of the avengers, then you must shop for this collection. The masks come in different figures of the Avengers team from captain America to Hulk. Your child is not only going to love wearing it but will also feel comfortable in the soft fabric. The elastic band is smooth and will not give any rashes to the delicate skin.


LSARIMO baby face masks (Best Face Masks)

The brand is known to offer the best products that have been made comfort and style in mind. If you want to shop for a good quality best face masks for kids, then this is going to be a great option for you. The face masks are reversible and can be worn from both sides. The elastic used in the masks are soft so that your baby does not get any itchy marks or sweat. The masks are made up of cotton so that your child does not feel the difficulty for breathing. 


Sauve Kids Masks (Best Face Masks)

The extra soft masks for the delicate skin of your child are made of cotton and have soft seams and a smooth elastic. The elastic used is of good quality and does not give any itchy rashes of marks on the face and ears. If you are looking for decent looking best face masks for kids that do not make them feel suffocated, then these are your best option. One of the best features of these masks is that they are washable and can be reused. 


TOMAS WEENER Kids Face Masks (Best Face Masks)

TOMAS WEENER offers Anti-Pollution Face Mask with several layers of Pollutant and Toxin protection. It’s designed to provide reliable respiratory protection for your child. Upper Soft providing maximum comfort. It is a perfect choice against dust, smell, pollen and toxins. It has an extended capacity to hold dust, ensuring the mask has a longer shelf life.


BLEED INDIA Kids Minnie Mouse Face Mask (Best Face Masks)

These breathable masks are the best option if you are looking for the best face masks for kids. You little girl will love to wear and whenever she moves out of the house because of its great design. The mask in pink colour is designed for the girls and offers maximum comfort and a perfect fit that covers the nose area till the chin. The elastic is super soft and does not cause any rashes or itchiness on the skin. 


Captain America Masks From BLEED INDIA (Best Face Masks)

The brand is not leaving any stone unturned to offer the best to the kids. With the ones who love to throw tantrums, this face mask is going to be their best companion. The captain America mask offers great support and a perfect fit. It has soft seams, and the elastic also does not give them a tough time scratching and itching. The best feature about BLEED INDIA masks is that they are washable and can be reused easily.


Bon Organik Mickey And Friends (Best Face Masks)

These best face masks for kids are going to be the best companion for your child and he will love to show them off to his friends. If you are looking for a soft mask that is easy on the skin and offers maximum comfort then you must shop from Bon Organik. The mask have extra soft elastic and can be washed easily with hands or in the machine. They are reusable and come in different designs and colors.


Onmyown Kids Face Masks (Best Face Masks)

These are one of the best face masks for kids. If you are looking for a mask that offers comfort along with a durable life and maximum cover then you must shop for these cute masks that come with cartoon characters imprinted on them. The masks also have a respirator attached to protect your child from getting suffocated and also can prevent drops from getting inside. Do not forget to wash the mask after every use. 


Chill zone kids mask (Best Face Masks)

The chill zone kids mask will protect your child from pollution hazards, and particularly PM 2.5 Better than regular masks. It is a three layer mask where the first layer is 100 % cotton, the second layer is cotton hot air, the third layer is PP melt-blown fabric. The filter protects against tiny particles, bacteria, smoke and pollen well fit with adjustable nose bridge bar and ear loop. This  face mask is washable and can be dried in the sun for maximum protection from any virus that can be present on the surface.


Home Strap Kids Face Mask

At HomeStrap, present the Safety Outdoor Mask incorporated with 3-layer protection available in various designs and colours. The mask is user friendly and protects your kids in all climatic conditions. It is reusable and designed to provide the user with the ultimate in comfort. It protects users from hazardous bacteria, germs and unclean air.


Things To Keep In Mind When Shopping For Best Face Masks For Kids

Let us have a look at the things you need to keep in mind when planning to shop for the best face masks for kids.


You need to make sure that the mask your child is going to wear is comfortable and soft. It must not be made from the fabric that makes him itch else he will run away from wearing a mask. 


You need to pay extra focus on the quality of elastic used on the best face masks for kids. It should be soft and must not cause any itching or rash on the inner ear area of your child else he might end up scratching and bruising the same. 


One of the most important things to keep in mind is that the mask you are going to purchase is breathable. It must not make you child gasping for breath. 

Why Should You Make Your Kid Wear A Face Mask?

COVID-19 spreads by coughing, sneezing, or talking mostly from person to person through the respiratory droplets. A coating of a fabric face serves as a shield to help keep certain respiratory droplets from spreading out. Tissue face masks are most effective in preventing COVID-19 from spreading when used widely by people in public

When Must Your Children Wear The Face Masks?

Children from 2 years of age and older should wear a face mask of cloth when in public and around people outside their homes. Face masks are most important in situations where social distancing, for example in a grocery store, is hard to practice. Children don’t have to wear a mask around their own home if they play outside or when swimming away from other people.

It may be better to avoid crowded environments or social settings where masks are required if your child has a developmental impairment, mental health problem, or sensory disorder that makes it difficult to wear a face-covering fabric. For more advice contact your health care provider.

How Can One Make The Children Understand The Importance Of Masks?

Now that wearing masks have become a part of your life you need to make your kids understand the importance of the same. You must teach them how to wear masks in a playful manner so that they do not end up running away from them. Make them listen to stories of their favorite cartoon characters who love to wear masks or show them pictures of other kids wearing the same. Shop for colorful masks for them and make them enjoy wearing the same. 

How Can I Be Sure That The Mask Is Comfortable Or Not?

Ensuring that your child’s mask fits correctly and securely helps keep them from fidgeting with it. A face covering of fabric will fit over the nose and mouth of your child and be held under its chin. Evite any holes on the sides by changing the fit of the mask so it’s snug. Always check when wearing the mask that your child can breathe easily. Make sure you or your child always wash your hands first when putting on your child’s mask, or when teaching your child how to put on their own mask.

Children learn through playing, and that can help them process their feelings as well. Give your child a mask in coloring books for their favorite stuffed animal, sew a matching mask for a doll, or draw masks on the characters. Practice putting the mask on their toy, and consider wearing your child’s mask with the toy to normalize the situation.

Listen to what your child is saying while playing; it’s a great way for parents to learn how their child understands a situation or feels about it.


As the 2019 coronavirus disease (COVID-19) continues to spread, it is important to take steps to stay healthy, such as frequent hand washing and social distance practice. One important precaution families should be wearing a face mask in public, especially in situations where it is difficult to distance themselves from society.

However, for many parents, it may feel like a challenge to get a child to wear a face mask and leave it on. Children are active and tend to be fidgety – and they can be an adjustment for anyone wearing a mask. But parents might be surprised to learn that their child can wear a mask – it may take just a little practice.

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