Best Pixel 5 Screen Protectors

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Mobile Phones have become a priceless commodity, which is an inseparable part of our life. And we do not compromise on its safety and security. Screen protectors are a blessing in disguise that protects your priceless commodity, that is Pixel 5. It protects your screen from dust and avoids getting scratches. With a good quality screen protector, you can quickly get a clear view of your screen. 

There is a wide variety of screen protectors to select from, but in this world of imposters, it is difficult to tell which one of them performs best with your Pixel 5. We provide you with a reliable list of screen protectors; you can choose from and resolve your confusion about selecting a screen protector for your Pixel 5.

 Mr. Shield Tempered Glass Screen Protector

The glass covering your Pixel 5 curved edges will peel over time, creating irritation. Thus, the option of having full coverage with simple installation longevity is provided to the Mr. Shield protector screen.

This tempered glass screen protector includes dual-layer protection and anti-scratch, anti-fingerprint, and anti-shatter characteristics. It is a precision laser-cut, tempered glass polished with circular edges that provide 99,99% HD visibility. The ultra-thin and round edge of 2.5D is 0.3 mm.

Made of Japanese Hardness Glass, the screen protector lets you enjoy smooth and high touch responsive with oleophobic coating. It features 100% bubble-free silicon adhesives plus offers 9H hard-coated scratch resistant protection.

Thanks to the high-grade components that improve viewing clarity on Pixel 5. The screen protector kit includes general instructions for easy setup, scratching cards, dust collectors, and removing tapes. It means with the installation kit; there is nothing to worry about dust getting under the glass protector.


Supershieldz Screen Protector (Best Pixel 5 Screen Protectors)

When you are looking for the best protector for your pixel 5 then this one is going to be your best companion.  Oleophobic plus hydrophobic coating reduces fingerprints and sweat. 2.5D round edge class offers comfort to your fingers and hand while holding the phone.

The tempered glass has precise cuts for components like sensors, cameras, and speakers. It provides an optimum amount of coverage while maintaining the integrity and strength of the screen protector. It is well-designed with a seamless amount of space to ensure the best possible fit.

The screen protector allows your fingerprints to glide conveniently when using Pixel 5. It aims to minimize friction and drag while lasting virtually invisible.

The best part is that the shield will return back to its original state from minor scratches overtime to keep your phone in good shape. The film features an exclusive application for stress-free adjustments plus alignment during installation.


QITAYO Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Get an impeccable touch experience with a Qitayo screen safety plus a superior sensitive touch device. This tempered glass covers your phone against the screen. In addition, with this glass protector, you can get a quick response, fingerprints, full coverage, 9H hardness, high definition, and many other features.

The Pixel 5 screen protector has high strength against sharp objects that perfectly protect your device. The lens protector does not affect the flash in the dark environment. 99% HD transparent glass protector keeps the colorful and bright image quality.

0.15mm ultra-thin clear surface would not affect the operation of your phone’s fingerprint sensor. The protector is anti-scratches and bubble-free, meaning easy installation and removal. Having 0.26mm thickness, it impacts resistance and supports delicate touch, anti-clip, and high transparency.

Front mobile screen protection, rear camera lens protection, and top-notch quality material offer you tremendous mobile experience.


OMOTON Tempered Glass (Best Pixel 5 Screen Protectors)

Prevent high-density 9H hardness glass scratching on your Pixel 5. Make sure you have a happy life with your handset and your OMOTON Tempered Glass screen protector. The personalization of the high technology oleophobic anti-fingerprint coating is incredibly fragile.

The screen protector can be mounted with the Guidance Frame without problems. With a 2.5D circular edge plus blister-free mounting, the glass slides effortlessly. You can also uninstall this Pixel 5 screen protection without any residues with a Competent Repair Package.

By undergoing more than four hours of high-temperature treatment, this screen protector’s compression reaches as high as 125 MPa. It is five times higher as compared to any regular glass. The best part is that it transmits 98.86% light, ensuring maximum resolution for super cool displays. When reading or watching, you can hardly feel the existence of a glass protector on Pixel 5.


Spigen Tempered Glass Screen Protector (Best Pixel 5 Screen Protectors)

With high-quality oleophobic coating, Spigen Screen Protector protects your Pixel 5 screen with incredible strength that goes beyond the naked eye. It not only protects your phone screen against scratches but also offers exact cutouts and edges that match up for an ordinary line of defense perfectly.

Clear visibility holds screen brightness with no rainbow effect. It’s hassle-free to install the screen protector and remove without leaving any residue. Superior clarity preserves the original brightness of your phone screen. It perfectly fits on your phone without leaving any air gap. The perfect fit ensures the prevention of your phone from dust and dirt.

The package kit includes 2 Spigen Screen Protectors, dust remove the sticker, a squeegee, an installation guide, a wet cleaner, and an easy-install wing. Once installed, you will not observe any difference in display quality. With one or two days of use, it feels pretty smooth.


GESMA Pixel 5 Screen Protector

Without compromising the quality, the GESMA screen protector is well-designed to protect your Pixel 5 screen. It uses the latest screen technology that offers the best possible clarity plus transparency. Additionally, it uses the most durable material and features a 9H Hardness. Hence, users get durable and long-lasting screen protection without compromising the performance of their Pixel 5.

By combining the smart screen protector with a reliable case, you can get complete phone protection without the bulk. Thanks to the ultra-thin clear surface that it is stress-free to set up. It cuts down on accidental bubbles plus permits smooth application.

Glass shield tempered for hours ensures greater transmittance and HD Transparent clear screen restore so that you can enjoy the original view. The screen protector is well-designed to resist rainwater as well as fingerprints so that your phone screen stays clear.


Luibor Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Accessorize your new Pixel 5 with a screen protector and case by considering the Luibor screen protector set. The tempered glass screen protector perfectly fits your phone and saves your phone from getting damage and scratches. Having a case-friendly design will leave a bit of margin compatible with the case, without interfering with the protector.

The glass screen protector is highly transparent, as well as extreme-clear featured. It ensures a quick response plus a 100% precise touch on the phone screen, and the best part is that the screen protector fits the Pixel 5 phone screen firmly. The package kit includes 3 camera lens protectors and 3 screen protectors.

Tempered glass is introduced with oleophobic anti-fingerprint coating. It keeps your phone screen free of oily and fingerprints smudges, plus it is stress-free to clean. The camera lens protector is dust-free, waterproof, and offers consistent protection without affecting video shooting and taking photos.

The screen protector safeguards your screen from scratches, drops, and dirt. By following the given instructions, you can effortlessly install this screen protector.


LK Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Reduce the impact of falling from a height and protect your screen from scratches with LK Screen Protector. Made from 9H tempered glass, this screen protector is specifically designed for Pixel 5.

With the simple installation tray, the screen protector will automatically attach to your phone’s screen. The transparent camera protector with a black outer layer of the screen-printing lens can restrict the light refracted by the flash. It ensures a unique pixel for videos as well as pictures.

Extra space is left around the edges for the Pixel 5 case to wrap around the boundary of your phone without interfering with the screen protector. It is shatterproof as well as scratch-resistant that protects your screen effectively. Moreover, the package includes an easy align tool.

You can align the top of the tempered glass screen protector with this align tool and make the installation process hassle-free.


PULEN Pixel 5 Screen Protector

The tempered glass features self-healing and military-grade thermoplastic urethane to prevent your Pixel 5 phone from scratching. The PULEN is the strongest form and is highly resistant against punctures, scratches, UV light, and other damages.

The latest anti-fingerprint films help in killing most of the bacteria that get on your phone screen. The hydrophobic and oleophobic coating helps in preventing the screen from annoying fingerprint smudges and oil stains. Along with it, the HD clear screen protector helps in reducing high-energy visible light spectrums from Pixel 5.

PULEN serves as a complete package ranging from original light preservation to shielding phone screen when it comes to screen protection. Combined with a blue light filter and PET screen film, the screen protector lasts a long life. It features an exceptional HD Retina Clarity-High transparency that filters harmful high-energy visible light from your device’s screen.


Tauri Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Keep your Pixel 5 camera free from dust, scratches, and debris with a Tauri screen protector. It has a broader speaker cutout that enables you to enjoy the full audio output and broader top opening that doesn’t interfere with Pixel sensors.

The HD clear screen protector is well-designed to follow to the flattest portion of the curved screen. It makes the protector a perfect fit for your phone. Precision cutouts permit access to the new home button and camera cutout for zero picture interference and feature HD Clarity and Touch screen Accuracy plus high-definition hydrophobic and oleophobic screen coating to protect your phone screen against oil smudges.

Due to the curved edges of Pixel 5, Tauri designed the flat screen protector to keep to the smoothest portion of the display. Apart from the HD clear screen protectors, the package kit includes dust removal stickers, installation instructions, and microfiber cloth.


J&D PET Film Screen Protector

Protect your Pixel 5 phone with a 5-layer protective film offered by J&D. it provides long-lasting protection from unnecessary scratches, pointedly reduces dust, oil, fingerprint smudges, and bubble-free. High Definition Transparency Layer ensures extreme resolution and offers 99% touch screen accuracy.

J&D Screen Protector is optically clear that ensures that your phone will be abundantly protected while retaining its natural display. The plus part is that the screen protector is made from supreme quality PET material. When taken off, the film does not leave any residue.

Getting a screen protector on Pixel 5 does not mean you can’t enjoy watching movies or playing games. It’s because J&D screen protectors would not hinder your viewing experience, and you can enjoy every bit of that tremendous 90Hz display on your Pixel 5 phone.


UniqueMe Screen Protector (Best Pixel 5 Screen Protectors)

Get screen edge prevention and protect your fingers from the sharp edge’s unnecessary cuts with a UniqueMe screen protector. Its small design prevents the actual screen from overlapping the curved edges that can lead to unwanted bubbling. Having 9H high hardness, this tempered glass impact resistant, anti-scratch, and anti-oil properties.

Oleophobic coating keeps your phone screen away from oil smudges and stains. With this screen protector, you can enjoy bubble-free installation that takes only a few seconds to install on your device. Super HD transparency ensures true touch sensitivity and rounded edge integration.

It features sapphire coating due to which it offers resistance to fall. Due to less phone screen coverage, you would not get frustrated with cracking or getting dust under them. Even if your phone drops, the screen protector will get cracked, but your Pixel 5 screen will remain safe.



Hopefully, this article will give you a clear picture of a better suiting screen protector for your new Pixel 5. Each one of the above-listed screen protectors has the ability to protect your screen against any external damages like dust, raindrop, scratches, dust, grim, and etcetera. 

With any of the above-listed screen protectors for your Pixel 5, you are sure to get quality. Another merit of these screen protectors is that each of them will elevate your phone’s look. This article also facilitates you with links by which you can reach your desired destination to buy them for your Pixel 5.

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