The best rice cookers for 2020

If you do not make rice on a daily basis, it might make intellect to get a use that can cook more than just rice. While the Instant Pot can prepare rice for sure, you can also practice it for high cooking, slow cooking, and so on. The efficient model for 2017 now comprises of settings for cooking eggs, which has been a general function among users. It also has a new button for cakes, like cheesecakes or moist baked carrot cake or banana bread. After challenging a range of dishes, from lentil curry to oatmeal, our reviewer decided the pre-programmed settings could be trusted to prepare your meal properly.

This Instant Pot can also pressure cook for up to 240 minutes and you can set it to inaudible mode, so the beeps will not interrupt you. There is a culinary delay for up to 24 hours, and it has both an involuntary keep-warm and a physical keep-warm setting for up to 10 hours. This does not have a low pressure setting.

The internal cooking pot is stainless steel, so it is dishwasher safe and there is no essential to worry about using metal tackles. These convenient appliances can actually take out the conjecture in trying to evade maudlin, rainy, overcooked, or undercooked results. It may surprise you to find out that these general kitchen plans have been around since 1955, when they were first presented in Japan by Toshiba.

In fact, Japan still brands some of the best models on the market, which we believe should come as no wonder for a country where the people eat about 144 pounds of rice per person in one year, on average. If you make a lot of rice at home, you may be speculating how this product can make your life cool, how it mechanism, and which brand or model gets the best reviews. Well, we expect to be talented to answer some of these questions for you today.


Rice cookers are included of 4 works: the cooker’s key body, an inside cooking pan, a warming plate placed on the bottom of the main body, and a thermal detecting device beneath the heat element. The detecting device is a small, spring-loaded thermometer that unceasingly events heat confidential of the pan. This thermometer is unhappy when the pan full with food and water is introduced into the main body.

When the heat part is turned on, it rapidly brings the water to a boil. Once water is steaming it stays at the same heat and will not get any hotter, so the temperature inside the cooking pan steadies at that point. The ounces initiate to immerse up the hot water and vapors, which is its cooking process. Once all of the water is engrossed, the heat in the pan will begin to increase again. The thermometer will sense this temperature alteration and will then reason the device to either switch off or to a “warm” setting.

These appliances heat their fillings by moving heat from the heat element on the bottom of the main body up to the cooking pan, which can be prepared from any number of materials. The general time that it takes the food to cook can modification contingent on which material is used for the pan. Some metals, such as copper and aluminum, are more conductive of heat than other resources that may be used.

These transmission heat much more effortlessly which can cut the amount of cooking time wanted.


Some models now come armed with something called unsure logic. To comprehend what that somewhat mindless term means, we have to go back to 1965, when a UC Berkley professor named Lotfi Zadeh came up with somewhat that he called the fuzzy sets theory. This theory contracts with exact sets, or groups, of items or basics. In most of the sets, either an element fits to the group or it does not, and there is no in between.

For instance, in a set of cats, a Siamese cat fits but a golden retriever does not. Uncertain logic deals with the “in between”. Using uncertain logic in the preceding example, a golden retriever fits in the same set as a Siamese cat in the respect that they are both creatures that walk on four legs. This same code is used to smear fuzzy logic in rice cookers. Instead of working within the limits of strict sets, fuzzy logic is used in culinary with a rice cooker by captivating a more applied, humanistic method.

While still using precise data, as in the temperature logged by the sensing maneuver, fuzzy logic joins the ideas of “slightly” or “nearly” to help control doneness. This gives the machine the aptitude to make ruling calls such as what a real person might make.

Here is an example:

Let us say that the day you are culinary, it is actually hot outdoor, creation the temperature in your kitchen heater than normal. The rice cooker might then be boiler up faster than it should for even cooking. The fuzzy reason competence lets the oven to recompense for this incidence by mechanically regulating the fever of the boiler element, thus slowing the boiler of the water and stopping all of the water to be engrossed or vanished before the rice is over.

This competence is also the aim that fuzzy logic-enabled rice cookers are capable to have multiple cooking purposes. Basic rice cookers can only make white rice. Those with fuzzy logic can prepare white, sweet, sushi, brown rice (which serves as the perfect the base for our heartly vegetarian burrito rice bowl), sticky (sticky) rice, etc.


Also using fuzzy logic cooking, the most upper of the line models today use induction warming to cook. We deliberate in complexity what introduction cooking is in this article, but to outline: the heat used in induction cooking is shaped by an attractive field that grows when the copper coil of the warming element responds with the conductive metal of the pan.

This makes an electric current confidential the pot itself, which temperatures the food. This heating method recovers the rice cooker in three ways, the most significant of which is that, in its place of the warmth coming severely from the component underneath the cooking pan, the heat is made all through the pan itself, subsequent in more even cooking.

Secondly, with induction cooking, temperature sensing is more precise, letting for more subtle temperature adjustments. Finally, and this is also the main vending feature of introduction varieties for serious cooks, the temperature is altered promptly when the change is made.

With a old-style heating element, when you lower the fever because the rice is culinary too quickly, it takes a minute or two for the temperature within the cooking pan to even out, which could result in boiling.

This does not pose a problematic with an inductive heat rice cooker.


  1. Search for a removable inner lid that can be disemboweled distinctly. This much easier that trying to wipe out the inner of the application with a wet towel. Furthermore, any device with a such a lid is perhaps a more drive built mechanism intended to really cook rice rather than an electrical boiler component hit under/around a metal ampule and branded as a “rice cooker”.
  2. Quality covering on the inner pot matters – a lot. The inexpensive products have coverings that will skin sooner or later (and often sooner). You want a tough product that leftovers fused with the pot.
  3. Where is it made? Korea or Japan? Good. Away? Maybe not so good.

Panasonic SR-Y18FHS 660-Watt Automatic Electric Cooker

This rice cooker comes with an influential 660-watt motor to ease the earlier culinary of rice. It protects adequate vigor as well. The 1.8-litre volume should be enough for a decent-sized Indian family. The Panasonic cooker comes with heat-proof bond grips that allow you to have a contented grip. The car cooking feature lets you to transmit on with other kitchen errands. The non-stick cook pan safeguards that rice does not twig to the lowest. It is informal to clean this cooker as well.


  1. Upkeep free
  2. Liveliness well-organized
  3. Tough polycarbonate clear hot basket


  1. Does not have a timer function

Geek Robocook Automatic Electric Pressure Cooker

This Geek Robocook electric pressure cooker is a perfect one to have, as it can make all kinds of rice dishes such as iryani, pulao, and so on. It comes with 11 pre-set menus to make your favorite Indian breakfast dishes such as Pongal, idli, and sambar. This cooker features a large 5L pan with anodized Teflon covering to safeguard that the food does not stick to it. The large storing volume allows you to chef your potatoes, as well, along with the rice dishes.

This rice cooker comes with an influential 660-watt motor to ease the earlier culinary of rice. It protects adequate energy as well. The 1.8-litre volume should be sufficient for a decent-sized Indian family. The Panasonic oven comes with heat-proof bond grips that allow you to have a contented grip. The auto cooking feature lets you to carry on with other kitchen errands. The non-stick cook pan safeguards that rice does not twig to the lowest. It is informal to clean this cooker as well. The programmable smart cooking feature manages all the aspects of culinary such as upholding fever, weight and timing.


  • Multi-utility feature
  • Prepare a variety of dishes
  • High volume and hence, appropriate for large families


  • Not very user-friendly panels
  • Does not have a regulator function

Panasonic SR-WA E 4.4L Automatic Rice Cooker

This Panasonic rice cooker is faultless for small and medium-sized relations since of its capacity to prepare a maximum amount of up to 0.6 kg of rice at a time. The oven has a robust project and a clean aluminum cooking pan and cooking plate. The body is made from ROHS acquiescent material that brands it a hygienic appliance.

The anodised aluminium pan brands it a tough electric cooker. The oven comes with a suitable lid and handles. The ability to lock the top brands it a safe application while redeemable control at the same time. Heat-resistant handles stop needless chances. The best aspect of this cooker is its easy-to-operate panels.


  • Suitable to operate and use
  • Clean
  • Energy-efficient
  • Auto cut-off feature for high safety


  • Not appropriate for large families

Panasonic SR-WA10 450-Watt Automatic cooker without Warmer

This Panasonic rice cooker can prepare up to 0.6 kg of raw rice. The body is made of premium quality food-grade material. The anodized aluminium cooking pan is an extremely tough one. The heat-resistant grips let you to carry the cooker effortlessly without boiling your hands. Use this cooker to make Basmati rice. Add the suitable amount of water to safeguard that the finest rice cooker for Basmati rice crops high-quality output. You find that the ounces of the rice do not stick to each other.


  • Ideal rice cooker for a domestic of 2 to 3 persons
  • Involuntary cooking facility
  • Low power ingesting


  • No regulator function

Prestige Delight Electric Rice Cooker with 2 aluminium pans

Prestige is a market leader in kitchen applications. Use this rice cooker to cook a diversity of plates like rice, stew, idlis, porridge, and steam vegetables. Use the grip slot to place the scoops or revelations as a matter of suitability. This Respect cooker comes with involuntary panels that shift to the ‘Keep Warm’ mode after the culinary is over. The cooker has a cloistered wall whereby the outside parts counting the handle do not become warm while the cooker is on.


  • Removable power cord makes it supple
  • Firmly fitting lid to maintain heat inside
  • Extra cooking pans for suitability


  • Rice firewood to the bottom when you do not provide enough water

 Bajaj RCX 5 1.8-litre Rice Cooker

Cooking your favorite rice dishes with this Bajaj cooker does not need any management. The mechanism is easy to comprehend and handle. The aluminium cooking bowl with anodized finish safeguards easy preoccupation of heat thus saving time. This cooker comes with two cool-touch handles that let you to carry the cooker simply. The stainless steel lid has an opening that permits the surplus steam to escape thus creation the appliance safe.


  • Removable power cord makes it easy to shift and use anywhere
  • The cooker eats 550 watts of power and thus is vigor efficient
  • Perfect for a family of 4 to 6 people


  • Essential to immerse boiled rice before cooking

Preethi Touch EPC005 6L Electric Pressure Cooker

This electric pressure cooker is a 5-in-1 multi-functional pressure cooker that can cook, vapor, sauté, and warm your food. The best feature of this cooker is that it structures the latest Nutri++ technology to safeguard well cooking. This cooker allows fixed cooking of all food ingredients.

This multi-utility pressure cooker can make a least of 15 Indian recipes, as it comes with 15 pre-programmed choices. The cooker is a safe use to usage since it structures nine care levels to switch numerous aspects like fever, weight and electric power. One more vital benefit is that it lets for open and shut cooking. The interruption timer is an outstanding feature to have.


  • Accomplished of treatment multiple cooking jobs at a time
  • Very safe to use
  • Clean


  • A good teaching manual is not obtainable
  • Not perfect for minor families

Panasonic SR-WA18 E  Automatic Rice Cooker

Chef up to 0.6 kg of raw rice with this Panasonic cooker. The cooker has a body made of a food-grade premium quality physical that makes it safe for use. The anodized steel lid is a tough one. The cooking pans are complete of anodized aluminium. The outsides of the cooker do not develop hot. Henceforth, carrying it develops easy. Lock the lid in place to evade unintentional opening of the same.


  • Involuntary cooking with auto cut-off to ensure food does not overcook
  • Energy effectual as cooker ingests low power
  • Perfect for a nuclear family


  • Not at all digital timer

Prestige PRWO 1.8-2 700-watts Delight Electric Rice Cooker

The Prestige rice cooker is a smart one as it lets you to cook a diversity of rice dishes counting porridges and stews. Hot idlis is also informal. The 1.8-litre volume safeguards that you can make passable rice for the whole family. You have unlike controls for cooking and heating as the application changes to the ‘Keep Warm’ mode after cooking. The extra cooking pan is stackable whereby it allows unchanging distribution of rice. The carefully fit lid stops the seepage of heat.


  • Removable cord adds to the suppleness
  • Opening on the lid allows excess heat to escape
  • Cool trace handles to carry it around


  • Food firewood to the bottom at times

Bajaj Majesty RCX 1 Mini 0.4-litre Multi-function Rice Cooker

This Bajaj cooker is a small cooker, perfect for couples and bachelors. This best rice cooker for bachelors comes with a see-through lid that lets for easy monitoring. The cooker has easy-to-use working actions. It is a contented application as its protects space due to its dense size. Henceforth, loud it about is easy.


  • Perfect for travel because it is light in weight
  • Outstanding for cooking rice in small quantities
  • Faultless for cooking brown rice as well


  • Big families would not favor to buy a cooker of such small size

Butterfly Wave 1.2L Multi-cooker

This Butterfly multi-utility cooker lets you to make your tea and coffee, boil milk, and prepare soups and pasta along with your favorite noodle dishes. The stylish-looking design brings a power-packed performance with its outstanding safety features. Housework this cooker is appropriate because of the hidden boiler element. Therefore, it also stops corrosion.

This cooker comes with a spin power base to allow you to plug it in any way you want. The egg boiler feature can boil up to six eggs at a time. The crystal lid lets you to look confidential to settle whether the culinary is good or not. The grip has an ergonomic design to deliver a sturdy grip.


  • Outstanding design
  • Power-packer performance
  • Care features available
  • Energy-efficient
  • Involuntary cut-off


  • Scrubbing the cooker daily is a stimulating task

Instant Pot 6 Qt 7-in-1 Multi-Use Programmable Pressure Cooker

The cult-y Instant Pot pressure cooker is more than just a rice cooker, but thousands of reviewers say that, in adding to its many other features, it also shines in culinary rice. “We prefer this better for rice than a rice cooker,” inscribes one buyer, adding, “It is also countless for making beans from dried beans. Multipurpose and easy to use.

Stainless steel supplement has no teflon, which is great.” One reviewer says, “I accepted this for one motive: rice. I am infamous for messing up rice. I have even messed up the heat rice — how that is done, I have no impression.” As one fan of the Prompt Pot as a rice cooker writes, “I got this to substitute my rice cooker and reckoned the other purposes would be nice too. It is a FANTASTIC rice cooker. The rice originates out PERFECT. Somewhat about the weight cooking makes the rice come out the perfect consistency.”

Joseph Joseph M-Cuisine Microwave Rice Cooker

Seventy percent of critics give this Joseph Joseph microwave rice cooker five stars, and many rave about the suitability of microwave cooking rice. “This little gadget is astonishing,” says one buyer who confesses to being “cynical at first because it just appeared too informal to correctly produce a decent pot of rice.” After using this rice cooker, though, they became a quick change to the microwave rice-cooking method: “It WAS fantastilyc easy and it made a flawlessly cooked, fleecy pot of rice.

I extremely indorse it. Saves so much time and NO pots and pans!” Sufficiently of other critics praise this rice cooker’s humble and frank operation. “Extremely the easiest thing to use,” one customer inscribes, explanation, “I used the max which is 2 cups of dry rice. Filled the water exactly how they directed and in 17 minutes I had perfect white rice. No joke. As soon as it was complete I added fruitarians and chicken and I was done for banquet and some left over for lunch the next day.” Moreover, many reviewers love the keen project featuring a built-in sieve basket and a spoon that hairs into the lid. As one happy purchaser places it, “You do not understand you want one until you have one. Then you can’t live deprived of one.”

Hamilton Beach (37508) Rice Cooker with Rinser/Steam Basket

If you are looking for a rice cooker with a minor footmark, reviewers say this one is a great choice. As one puts it, “This works great. It is informal to clean and small adequate to leave out on the counter all the time.” Another purchaser enhances, “It is very dense if storage or counter space is close-fitting, and it cooks rice well. It is cool to conveyance, too.” Seven reviewers even label it as “cute,” with maybe the most charmed writing, “Cutest little rice maker! Makes nice fluffy rice. Love this little R2-D2-looking device.”

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