Best running shoes for men

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When my whole body sweats with sweat after a good run, I love the feeling. For a good run, a good pair of shoes is necessary, in my opinion. We don’t want to get a twisted or sprained ankle, do we? My quest for the best marathon running shoes for men in India was kindled by these thoughts.

The best walking shoes, the best jogging shoes, the best sports shoes, or the best PT shoes, you will have plenty of choices to consider, no matter how you check the Internet. The trick is to choose the one that suits you best. Now that I have some insight into buying some of the best men’s running shoes, I have come up with a detailed guide to help you find your sneaker pair.

Ask any fitness fanatic and he’ll let you know that it’s just as important to own the right fitness gear as the workout you do. Often underestimated in the broader scheme of things, it takes a long way to ensure that your morning jogs and evening workouts are as successful (and successful!) as they can be to own the best running shoes for men. But before you get yourself a new pair of running shoes, there are a few considerations that you should be aware of that will help you make an educated decision:

Best brands to look for best running shoes for men

Here is a complete rundown of the brands that you can shop from when looking for the best running shoes for men:

Reebok (running shoes for men)

It is a well-known brand when it comes to buying comfortable shoes. Reebok is famous for its comfort and genuine products. It offers a wide variety of options in shoes suitable for sports or formal wear. Online stores are offering a maximum discount of 56% under this brand. You can also grab exclusive additional offers from the store. One must shop under this brand if you are looking for durable and long-lasting shoes.


It is a leading brand when it comes to sports shoes and sportswear. Puma offers a wide variety of running shoes, sneakers, sports shoes, and floaters for all. You can buy a pair for yourself under the shoe sports sale on different stores and avail a discount of up to 45% from this brand. This brand is a must-try for those who love to jog or for the gym freaks as the products are solid and adjust perfectly on your foot and let them breathe.


Nike is a brand name that is trusted by many and does not require any introduction. The shoes this brand offers fit perfectly and let you walk, run, or jog without putting any extra pressure on your feet. They glide easily on your feet and are lightly weighted which allows your feet to breathe properly without making you feel uncomfortable or sweaty. Try out the Airmax shoes under this brand and feel the difference yourself. The brand offers an overall discount of 25% on its entire collection.


One of the oldest brands in the shoe industry is Adidas which is famous for offering pocket-friendly shoes for both formal and sportswear. The buyers of this brand trust it blindly and always get 100% value for their money spent on the product. Buy any shoes from this brand and get attractive offers along with some special discount ongoing under the festive season sale. Adidas offers a maximum discount of 65% on its collection to all its valuable customers.


Dress up in style and wear the best formal shoes from the woodland. Our shoes are the first thing that anyone notices about our personality. Grab the best designs that suit your style and be a trendsetter. This brand is a must-try if you want the best quality product at affordable prices and durability.

Popular Models to shop for

Nike air max:

These shoes are the icon shoes from NIKE. These shoes offer you 100% comfort on your busy days. These shoes have been designed by keeping air sole technology in mind to provide a full cushion feel to your feet. You can customize your air max shoes from the store too. These shoes can be worn with a pair of casual jeans. The casual look and perfect comfort make these shoes a must by and a most preferred product from NIKE. It is available in white and black color.


Woodland casuals

These shoes are a perfect blend of style and fashion with 100% comfort. It gives you a perfect fit which makes walking and running a comfortable job. The shoes can be worn with a pair of jeans or can also be used as formal wear. The outer material of these shoes is leather and they have a rubber sole to give you a pressure-free experience all day long. This pair can be purchased in 3 color variants: khaki, camel, and olive.


The downshifter (running shoes for men)

Nike’s Downshifter 8 running shoes have become almost a favorite of all gym rats out there-and this is mostly because they come with the kind of features that make them ideal for a morning run. Whether it’s the lightweight and breathable mesh upper that provides a lot of comfort, the cushioned EVA footbed, the modified Phylon midsole that happens to be smoother than even the Downshifter 7 midsole, the rubber outsole that gives it enhanced durability, or the Flex Grooves technology that gives it a greater range of motion, these running shoes should be a staple for any gym entry.


Brooks (running shoes for men)

Every runner out there recognizes how comfortable, comfortable, and durable Brooks running shoes seem to be. But it shouldn’t be that shocking to see Brooks Introduce 4 on a list that compiles the best men’s running shoes. These powerhouse shoes are full of impressive features that are sure to improve your running experience. Whether it’s the revised U-groove style in the heel, the extra row of blown rubber for a springier ride underfoot, the more sensitive cushioning resulting from the BioMoGo DNA midsole, or just the amazingly thin, flexible, and breathable mesh upper that will almost make you feel like you’re running on clouds there’s a reason why these shoes are worth their price tag!


Puma Strike (running shoes for men)

These shoes were designed especially for sports lovers. It is very difficult to make a shoe especially for the runners as a lot of things have to be kept in mind during its manufacturing. The shoes provide 100% comfort to the runner’s feet in motion. They are lightweight, flexible running shoes with maximum focus on landing angle, pressure, and toe position. This quality of these shoes makes them the most preferred product under the sports shoes category.


ASICS Dynaflyte

The DynaFlyte 3 running shoes from ASICS are, without doubt, some of the best running shoes for men that you can get your hands (or feet!) on while they’re a little bit on the higher side. If you’re not sure of the same thing, all you need to do is take a look at all the cool features you’re going to encounter when you put these bad guys on before a race. The DynaFlyte 3 is quicker, lighter, and more robust than other running shoes and is fitted with I.G.S (Impact Guidance System) technology to change the natural gait of your foot all the way from heel-strike to toe-off.



The design of these shoes is sleek, simple, springy, and has been designed with keeping the air technology in mind so that it gives the best comfort to the players while jumping or running. The cushion feel and 100% comfort makes this product a must buy. You can purchase a pair of shoes from the Adidas collection with a 40% discount from the store.


Red chief casuals

The most preferred brand by Indians today is red chief. It is known for its comfort and long-lasting durability. The shoes are perfect to wear as formals or as sportswear too. The quality is 100% leather with a perfect sole to provide you comfort all day long. The lightweight and foam cushioning in these shoes makes it very easy to run, jump, grip or glide.


How to buy the best running shoes?

You have to endure this rigorous process of selecting a suitable pair of running shoes because the footwear industry has too much to offer. You might be a casual walker, a professional runner, or you might just be training for your next marathon. No matter which group you fall under, you will be given a few insights by this buying guide.


You’d never want a pair of shoes that would make you fall or trip and hurt you. For a strong runner, that is a headache. So, before purchasing a shoe, proper fit is one of the key considerations to consider.

How to check if it suits your shoe? You can do it the old way, try it on, or you can check the size charts online for the new form.

Now, I want you to keep a few important tips in mind, make sure you have a length of thumbs from your big toe to the end of your shoe, don’t tightly lace the shoe, and have a width of thumbs between the back of the foot and the edge of the shoe, which ensures breathability.

Know, the size of the shoe changes a little with every temperature, so you have to warm up a little bit to make the shoes feel comfortable.


You have to weigh how fast and how frequently you run, in addition to the running surface. You can be a regular runner, marathon training, sprint, or just enjoy casual walks, you have to determine carefully no matter what kind you fall into.


So, you’ve got to be a judge of how much cushioning you need. You are a minimalist and prefer barefoot shoes or love deeply cushioned comfortable snuggly shoes. Decide and select them. The opinion of experts is divided on this, as it strengthens their knees, minimalists prefer shoes as thin as the barefoot, and a few prefer cushioned shoes.

Can you have your running shoes washed?

Yes, however the directions for treatment that come with the kit must be followed.

Can I wash my running shoes with a machine?

Most running shoes can be machine washed, but place them in a shoe bag before tossing them into your machine.

Will running shoes go to the dryer here?

Never use hand dryers to dry them, yet make sure not to heat up the shoes. You can even stuff newspapers in your shoes to dry them.

What makes a running shoe a good fit?

Experts claim that it is often safer at the midfoot and heel to have a snug fit rather than a tight fit. You must be about the width of a thumb between your big toe and your shoe’s end.

How to make running shoes clean?

If you don’t want your shoe to be machine washed, you have to clean it yourself. Remove the dirt from the outer sole and upper sole. You can cut the insoles and also separately clean them. Then air dry or stuff newspapers to repair the drying after washing them.

How long do shoes last for running?

4-6 months, whether you’re a daily runner who runs 20-30kms a week or so.

How do I keep my running shoes odour-free?

Shoes are kept fresh with the use of baking soda, salt, essential oils.

How can I make my running shoes stretch?

Try to put them and walk around the house with 2-3 layers of socks on, freeze them overnight or put them.


These are some of the best running shoes that one must shop for in 2020. Not only do they offer you the best comfort but also give you the ability to enjoy running as your passion. 

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