Can You Sell Your Old Watches Online?

Sell Your Old Watch

You’ve heard of online gold and silver buyer, but have you heard of buyers who are willing to pay for your old and antique watches? Do a quick Google search for “sell watches online” and you’ll see a whole bunch of search results.

It’s kind of amazing to see just how much the internet has transformed the way we do business and buy and sell things. Nowadays, it’s just as easy to sell things online as it is to buy them.

What Kind of Watches Do People Buy?

If you’re wondering what kind of watches you can sell, take a look at for a long and detailed list which includes a range of wrist watches and antique pocket watches like:

  • Wrist
    • A Lange & Shone
    • Jaeger-LeCoultre
    • Tiffany & Co.
    • Breitling
    • Bvlgari
    • Rolex
  • Pocket
    • Fusee
    • Cartier
    • Hamilton
    • Patek Philippe
    • Rockford
    • Repeaters / Chiming

There’s even more on that list so make sure to check it out if you want to know whether or not your piece is on it!

How Watches Are Appraised

Once you mail in your watch for an evaluation, a professional appraisers will inspect it and look for certain characteristics to confirm its authenticity. Most luxury and designer watches come with a certificate of authenticity, so be sure to include all original paperwork, boxes, and receipts, if you still have them.

The appraisal will pay attention to the following details:


The most important factor used to determine if a watch is genuine or not is to take a look at the movement. An expert will carefully examine the watch’s internal mechanisms and see whether or not it’s real or a reproduction.

For example, in the case of a Rolex an expert will look for a “sweeping hand” movement, which essentially means its movement is smooth. So if you have a Rolex and the second hand is ticking its way through the face, then it is not a genuine Rolex watch.


Cheaper watches and counterfeits tend to have a ticking sound, unlike the authentic counterparts which have no sound at all. This is because higher value watches have very smooth mechanisms.


Watches that are made from real gold should have a hallmark printed on them. Professionals can use a XRF or other testing technology to accurately determine and confirm the purity of your piece’s content.

Typefaces and Markings

Well known watch manufacturers have notable designs, shape, and sizes of the typeface used on their pieces. This means that spelling errors are one of the easiest ways to spot a counterfeit.

Serial Number

Designers use specific serial numbers for each type and style of watch they sell. Experts can identify if the serial number is authentic and also match it to the correct time period.


Experts check the weight of your watch since counterfeits are typically made with cheap materials, which are lighter than precious metals like gold and silver.

Is it Safe to Sell Online?

Before diving in and mailing out your old watches to a buyer, make sure you do your research first. Look up reviews of their store and also check to see if they have any complaints on the Better Business Bureau’s website.

And no matter who you sell to, always carefully catalogue and photograph every piece you’re sending in – that way you have a record of what you sent in.

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