Careful! Government eyes are on your Google account

google accounts

The government has been able to take a decision on your Google Account. Yes, all the services related to your Gmail, YouTube, Google Map, and Google can open many discrepancies about you. So be careful.

Google itself has disclosed that the number of people seeking information about people’s account from India is increasing ever increasing. In the first six months of this year i.e. between January and June only information was sought from India about 6393 accounts. Including government agencies, courts, and other agencies. About half of these, Google provided some information about the account.

Google releases a Transparency Report every two years in which it is disclosed that from what country, how many people have asked for information about which people.

Last year, about 391 more people were asked for information about the information sought during these months. Google reports show that the number of people seeking information from Google is increasing year after year.

If you want to learn more about how to protect your social networks then this is a useful guide.

Significantly, Google has started publishing these reports since 2009, in which it is revealed that the government has asked for information about how many people. But the information of the hidden information within the people’s Google account is looked upon only by the Government of India. It is not so. Google’s report says that 48,941 times in the first six months of 2017 from all over the world, information was sought for Google Account.

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