Stressors, Booters and DDoSers: Inside the Terminology of DDoS

Whether it’s Netflix, news websites, multiplayer gaming networks or remote working systems, large numbers of people rely on some internet service or other. Usually several. For a hacker wanting to cause maximum damage online, there is therefore no doubt what the best (or worst) type of attack is: one that stops that particular service from […]

Enterprise Evolution Requires an Updated Corporate WAN

Corporate WAN

As data storage and processing move into the cloud and employees work remotely, the ability to connect to the corporate network via high-performance, secure links is vitally important to employee efficiency and productivity. Traditional solutions for building a corporate WAN, such as virtual private networks (VPNs), do not meet the needs of the modern business. […]

Best Big Bongs

Big Bongs

Whether you want to get blazed as quickly as possible or just make a statement when smoking with friends, a giant bong is a ton of fun to use. Just like your typical water bong, huge bongs come in all kinds of shapes and styles with different percolator setups for some sweet bubbling visuals. This […]

Online Slots – The Fastest Growing Industry?

Online Slots

The online slots industry seems to be growing impressively quickly and this has all been thanks to the internet.  This has helped the online casinos to develop and display new slots games online in so many different ways so that thousands of different players are able to participate every day – click to join.  But […]

How to Start a Successful Email Marketing Campaign in 6 Steps

Emails list on a laptop screen, office background

Marketing emails remain a tried, true, and effective way to reach a targeted audience. It has a high return on investment and is open to businesses large and small. The hard part is getting your potential customers to share their email address. However, creating successful campaigns that get even 25% of your email recipients to […]

How Business Owners Can Overcome Common Tech Challenges

Modern businesswoman communicating with employees during video conference

Although technology can change the way businesses operate for the better, the introduction and development of new workplace technologies can also present a number of difficulties that business owners need to overcome. If you are struggling with the tech in your workplace, here are some of the best solutions to the most common tech challenges.

E-commerce 101: Choosing The Best Website Host

Website Host

The prevalence of online shopping has increased dramatically in recent years. As technology has evolved, the ease of access to e-commerce for businesses has also improved. This evolution has created new and exciting opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs and would-be business owners.

How Healthcare Chatbots Improve Patient Experience

Healthcare Chatbots

Chatbots are an important part of the service experience in several industries these days. You may have noticed how ubiquitous they’ve become recently. Bots are an important part of managing the recent COVID-19 healthcare crisis in many ways. Right now, chatbots are answering questions on many state unemployment agency websites. They also help process questions […]

Don’t Get Scammed: Online CBD Oil Shopping Guide

Dropper of CBD Oil

Buying CBD oil online is riskier than you may realize. The market is growing fast, and regulations are slow to keep up. Combine that with a general like of information among customers, and the result is a market that is ripe with scammers trying to make a quick buck at your expense. Some of them […]