Work At Home Forever says Twitter

They are working from home for two months now, will become permanent for some at Twitter. Some employees will not be returning to their office at Twitter. On Tuesday, the CEO of Twitter, Mr. Jack Dorsey, dropped an email to the employees of the company that they would be permitted to work from home permanently, […]

Uber Technologies Inc. offers to acquire food-delivery startup Grubhub Inc.

Uber Technologies Inc. has proposed to obtain Grubhub Inc., in a move that would build out its food-delivery platform even as it screens parts of its service abroad, according to people known to this matter. The companies are in discussion about a deal and could reach an agreement as soon as this month, said the […]

Spotify officially launches Group Session

Spotify launches a few feature called Group Session, that allows two or more of its Premium users to share control over the music being played in the same space. The power of what’s playing in real-time as well as contribute to a collaborative playlist for the group can primarily be on a ‘’party mode’’ for […]

Eric Schmidt has left the company Google

Schmidt departs from Google, Parent Alphabet as a technical advisor in February. Eric Schmidt is no longer associated with Google, Parent Alphabet as a technical advisor. Eric was Google’s former CEO who drove the transformation starting from Silicon Valley start-up to global titan. This marks to start of a new chapter that has seen the […]

Internet Utility : Don’t shy away to Discuss with Child

Internet usage must be promoted as children are increasingly using the world of digital media. With technology continually changing, it can be hard knowing how to keep your children safe and healthy online. What you can do is help minimize the negative impact on your child, while encouraging good internet use to maximize the benefits. […]

5 Unique Gifts for Co-workers

Are you looking for a unique gift for a co-worker? There can be pressure when it comes to giving gifts to co-workers and workplace gift-giving, but if the office is on the same page about price limits, etc.

Download Speed: 5 Ways to Increase Your Internet Speed

5G High speed network connection. Reaching 5g, speedometer closeup view. 3d illustration

Slow internet speeds are frustrating for plenty of reasons. They can make your favorite movie and show stream skip, cause lag in online games, and significantly increase your download times. Dropping speeds can even affect your job, especially if you work remotely. Slow download speeds aren’t an uncommon problem either.

How Do You Resell White Label SEO?

Concentrated young SEO expert with stubble

If you’re entering the digital marketing industry, there are a few key questions you need to ask before you begin. One of the first questions? Whether you want to sell directly to clients or to other digital marketing companies.

How to Use Instagram to Gain New Health & Wellness Clients

Girl is taking photos of breakfast, chia pudding with berries to mobile phone. Social media

Instagram has a staggering number of users across the world, making the social media platform the frontrunner of digital marketing. A strong social media presence is essential to brand awareness and takes a few best practices for success. This is how to use Instagram to gain new health and wellness clients.

Creative Marketing Ideas That Actually Work

Business Startup Plan Marketing Ideas

Running a business is hard enough, but when it comes to marketing your products or services, things can get even trickier. It seems like businesses of all sizes are working hard in order to capture consumers’ attention, and in increasingly competitive industries, it can be even harder to ensure that your message resonates with customers. […]