Gaming on the Go:  What Types of Mobile Games are a Great Choice for Your Gaming Style?


Regardless of which mobile platform you have, there are thousands of games to go through in all types of genres. It takes a massive amount of effort to find something that you’ll like. Here are a few games in the most popular genres to help get you started so that you can have fun regardless of your gaming style.



Everyone loves a good RPG. You get to level up your characters, learn new skills and magic, have a fantasy adventure and take on imposing bosses. The Final Fantasy XV mobile exclusive game is the best place to start if you want all of these elements and more.

You get all of the great Final Fantasy characters and skills, along with some city-building elements so that you can build up your kingdom. Have fun making alliances, taking down nearby kingdoms and striving to be the biggest and strongest in the realm.



Platformers are difficult to get right on mobile platforms. It involves jumping from one platform to another, so you need good controls and the ability to regulate movement. The problem is that virtual buttons don’t give the same feedback as a real controller, so you need something simple that’s easy to use.

Dan the Man has been considered one of the best platformer games because it mixes platforming and action with easy controls that even beginners can grasp. There are multiple costumes to choose from, various attacks that you can learn and unique bosses that you’ll love battling.



Mobile adventure games are all about getting deep within a story and interacting with it by making choices that could help or harm you down the road. The masters of this genre would be Telltale Games with their latest Batman: The Enemy Within line of games.

Here you play as Batman as he gets deeper into a string of murders. Help him solve the riddles and decide how deep his true identity, Bruce Wayne, gets involved in the case. You will be asked to make many decisions and each one counts. This is great for anyone who loves detailed stories and a game that really takes your input into account.



Puzzles are meant to test your brain, and this is one area where mobile platforms excel. The touch-based controls on a smartphone or tablet make it much easier to create 3D puzzles and those with unique mechanics that you won’t find on a console.

Did you play the Portal series of puzzles before? This was a physics-based series of puzzle games made for computers and consoles. They have recently opened to the mobile market with Bridge Constructor Portal. The premise is simple. You have to build a bridge to get employees from the beginning to the end.

Things get harder when multiple portals, acid and sentries are introduced. With 60 different levels, you’ll spend hours trying to get through the whole game.



Racing games give you the opportunity to put the pedal to the metal as you try to win the race. In Asphalt Xtreme: Rally Racing, you get to pick from over 50 different monster trucks and race against either real or computer-controlled players. There are over 500 events to participate in, so you’ll never get bored.

If you want to race some big vehicles and always have something new to try, then this game is definitely worth a try.



There are thousands of games available on the mobile marketplace and it’s easy to get lost trying to find a good one. These are the most popular games in the biggest genres, so you’re sure to find something you like.

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