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These days, people have access to all sorts of technologies and gadgets that can really encourage creativity. With just a smartphone, you can take gorgeous photos, record and edit videos, and even write blog posts to promote you, your interests, your business, or all of the above.

But how do you make a blog that stands out in a world where anyone has access to a digital platform? In the age of social media, everyone can find an audience of some sort, which means that there’s a lot of content out there. Still, keeping a blog and regularly publishing content can be an enriching way to express yourself and connect with others. Looking for ways to create a blog that will speak to an audience but also reflect who you really are? Read on.

Find Your Niche

What’s going to define your blog? Are you going to write about recipes? Will you be documenting the progress of the begonias you planted last year? Are you a film and tv nerd who wants a space to rant about everything they love and hate in the media today? For an example of what an online source can look like, just click here and take a look at the products, information, and community generated on an online store and educational resource dedicated entirely to yarn and crafting.

You should have some sort of specialty that will be used to set your blog apart from the rest. Maybe you don’t have to have it nailed down perfectly before you sit down to compose your very first post, and that’s okay. You will end up finding your voice along the way, but keep things too general and you might lose motivation before things pick up steam. Think about the things you are passionate about and the things that you want to learn about. Start there.

Pick a Platform

Your blog is going to need a place to live, so you’ll have to find an online platform that you find easy to use and that you can use to connect with other blogs. Choosing where you are going to publish your posts and build your blog is an important step, so give it some consideration.

For your consideration, here are three of the biggest and most popular blogging platforms:

Find Some People to Follow

The beauty of blogs is how interactive they can be. We share, comment on, and hit the like button for countless articles and posts every day. Connecting with others is one of the best parts of blogging, so as you start to build your brand, look to other bloggers in your community that you admire and respect.

Follow what they’re doing and engage with their content in order to increase the awareness of your blog. By following the work of other major bloggers, you can learn some things you wouldn’t have learned through simply publishing your content and waiting for the likes to roll in. You can learn about conferences, gatherings, and real-world places to promote and further your blog. Who knows, you might even make a friend or two!

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