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Security remains to be a key concern for people. It is one of the aspects which means a lot for most of the people especially those with children. There are various options to enhance the security of our home. Among them are night vision spy cameras. But why should one go with these cameras? Well, to point out the obvious fact that they are able to make video footage at night along with having great battery life. If you are thinking why having a great battery has to do with night-vision mode, then you need to know that these cameras only work when something is going on in the room they monitor.

Another great aspect about these kinds of nanny cams is that they are almost impossible to spot. Even though they are capable of making night footage, these cameras don’t emit any light. This actually means that the burglar doesn’t even know that he is being filmed. Since these cameras don’t produce any type of light as well as sound, this means that there is absolutely no requirement for these cameras to be super tiny or even being hidden inside any other device. Because of this reason, most of these night vision spy cameras are quite affordable.

Also, the most significant factor is that you choose the spy camera which is of superb quality. This is where we would like to help you out. When it comes to finding the best night vision spy camera, it can be quite a tedious task, and you will certainly require some help. At present, the market is filled with thousands of these cameras, so in order to find the right spy cam that will fit your requirement is not that easy. The good thing is that we have done all the necessary part to find out best of such cams. We have managed to search and compile a list of top 5 spy cams where each one deserves to be termed as best night vision spy camera. Now, it is up to you in order to decide which one you like to purchase which fits your requirement. Let’s look at this list. 

1. Conbrov® DV9 720P Portable Night vision Hidden Spy Camera Book

Conbrov book camera

This camera is smartly hidden inside a book such that you can place this camera on your shelf without causing any suspicions. Even in daylight, people will find it quite hard to spot this camera as there is very high chance that they don’t notice that something is wrong with the book. When it comes to noticing this spy cam at night, it is practically impossible. Most of the people who purchase this camera use it as night surveillance camera.


Apart from being one of the best cameras which is almost impossible to be noticed, this particular camera is the perfect choice for different other reasons. The first thing that we would like to mention that it has superb batter. In fact, it has a 10,000mAh battery which is quite capable of offering the energy which is enough to record more than 30 hours of footage in daytime or 10 hours in pitch dark environment.

When it comes to night-vision recording, this camera is quite capable of capturing any movement from the distance of nearly 25 feet. The video quality made with this camera is great with the resolution being 1280x720P.

However, we did notice that only flaw in this spy cam is that it doesn’t have its own memory storage. But, this cam does feature a slot for SD card which can be of up to 35 GB in capacity.


  1. It shoots video of superb quality at night.
  2. It has great battery life.
  3. It is almost impossible for anyone to notice, especially at night.
  4. It is available at quite an affordable price.


  1. It doesn’t have its own memory.


In case you are looking for a spy cam which can make footage at night then this camera is certainly a wise choice. Its great battery allows this camera to run continuously for a long time while considering its design, it is quite difficult to spot. The best thing is that this camera is quite affordable, so it is definitely worth looking like a great option. 

Buy on Amazon: (starts at $69)

2. Conbrov T10 Photo Frame HD night vision Hidden Spy Camera

Conbrov® DV9 720P Portable Night vision Hidden Spy Camera

This is another offering from Conbrov which has made it to our list. Conbrov is an American brand of spying equipment that has been around for quite some time, nearly over a decade. This company is trying to take over the market which is the reason why all of its products are made of durable and high-quality material as well as designed to work quite well. However, this doesn’t mean that they are quite expensive. They are rather quite affordable cameras, and Conbrov T10 photo frame hidden cam is among them.

This particular camera is hidden inside a photo frame that you can easily use for any photograph that you wish. By putting a personal photo is a great way to take away any suspicions. It will look like just a regular photo frame while a tiny camera will record each thing that is happening in the room both during the day as well as at night.


The best appealing feature about this particular camera is that it is impossible to spot. Even if you are examining the photo frame quite closely, you won’t be able to spot exactly where the camera is located. It is quite tiny and very nicely concealed, and along with this, the spy cam is quite while it is working.

You can easily use it for recording in both daylight as well as at night. In fact, this camera is perfect for night-vision mode since it comes with a black LED which doesn’t even emit any light. It actually means that when there is no light in your room, there is certainly no way the burglars will even be able to see the photo frame, forget even the camera. When it comes to night-vision recording, this camera comes with a visual range of 25 feet in pitch darkness.

Another significant and salient feature of this camera is that it has a superb battery. It comes with 10,000 mAh capacity which is quite enough to provide energy to make nearly 30 hours of footage in daylight. Talking about night-vision recording, the battery can supply the energy required for 10 hours of recording.


  1. It is impossible to spot since the camera is hidden inside the photo frame.
  2. It doesn’t emit any light or even sound when it is recording.
  3. It has amazing battery life.
  4. It is quite affordable.


  1. It doesn’t come with any SD memory card.


This night vision spy camera is perfect for a plethora of different reasons. The first thing is that it is perfectly concealed inside a picture frame. Along with this, the camera doesn’t even produce any sound or even light while it is working which remains to be few of the most important traits of spy cameras. Another appealing thing about this camera is that it has great battery life. The final reason for considering this camera to purchase is that it doesn’t cost too much.

Buy on Amazon: (starts at $99.98)

3. Toughsty 8GB Hidden Camera LED Bulb

Toughsty 8GB Hidden Camera LED Bulb

The best feature of this intelligently designed motion activated night vision spy camera is superb along with being literally impossible to get noticed. This camera is hidden inside a light bulb, that you can screw in directly to any AC power unit. It will seem like an actual bulb that is working, but the camera inside it will be recording everything. Since the bulb is plugged in with the AC power output, it utilizes the electricity to power the camera. But in case, there is power outage, the camera keeps on the recording. It is due to the fact that it has its own battery too.


This night vision spy cam is quite easy to use. To install it, all you have to do is screw it in the power input, just the same way you would do with any regular light bulb. The camera is of superb quality and is quite capable of making great videos, both during the daylight as well as at night. As we have mentioned it earlier, this device can also use the power from the AC input, it does come with a battery which is capable of supplying it the energy required for 3 hours of recording.

Three hours seems to be quite enough, especially when this night vision spy camera comes with motion sensors. It basically means that the camera will work only when there is a detection of any motion in the room.

Talking about the memory storage of this camera, it comes with 8 GB Micro SD Card. Its capacity is enough, but in case you require more, then you can replace this card with a card up to 32 GB of storage capacity.


  1. It has an intelligent bulb design which won’t raise any type of suspicions.
  2. It produces great quality footage.
  3. It comes with motion sensors.
  4. It has 8 GB storage.


  1. It is not the cheapest one in this list.


In case you wish to set up a home surveillance system, then this light bulb spy camera is a great choice. It is certainly quite simple to install, and you can it turn it on each time you leave your house. Since this camera features motion sensors, it will only work whenever there is any motion inside the room. This actually means that its battery, as well as memory storage, is quite enough to work for weeks. In fact, it is one of the reasons why a lot of people decide to put a bulb in a lamp when they are not using it.

Buy on Amazon: (starts at $40)

4. UOKOO 960P IP Security night vision spy Camera Wifi

UOKOO 960P IP Camera

When it comes to the most affordable night vision spy cameras on our list, this is the one. In fact, you can certainly choose a package consisting of one to three cameras, depending on your requirement and how much amount of money you are willing to spend. No matter what you choose, this camera will certainly offer you with high-quality footage which is filmed at a 360-degree angle. This camera is quite easy to set up and use while there is a number of useful options which it features. You can easily control it through a wireless connection with your computer or smartphone.


In case you are installing this camera on the ceiling of your house, then it will certainly cover every corner of your room since it has a 360-degree lens. This camera is quite small when it comes to size and looks like a fire detector so one won’t be able to recognize it and there will be no suspicion. Along with this, this camera is also meant to be utilized at night, so there is absolutely no way the burglar will ever notice it. It is not just because of its intelligent design but also due to the fact that this camera doesn’t emit any light or make any noise while it is working.

This camera is quite easy to control with the smartphone. You can easily set it to notify you on your smartphone every time when it comes motion sensors detect any movement in the room. Another salient feature of this camera is the loop recording, which is, the camera will automatically delete old files whenever its memory goes too low.


  1. It provides great and high-quality footage at night.
  2. It is quite cheap and affordable.
  3. It is very easy to control through the smartphone.
  4. It comes with motion sensors.


  1. It requires being plugged into a power source at all the time in order for it to work.


In case you are in search for a cheap and affordable spy camera which takes care of all of your home surveillance requirements, then this camera is a perfect choice. Even though this camera is cheap, it is capable of producing high-quality videos even during the night.

Buy on Amazon: (starts at $60)

5. HD 720P Night Vision Spy Camera Clock

hd night vision 720p camera

The camera is hidden inside a table clock which appears like a regular one. This essentially means that no person will suspect that there is something which is going on with the device even when this camera is still working. Apart from being able to record high-resolution videos, this camera features a microphone which can also record the sounds.


After it is plugged in, the clock, as well as the camera, will be able to work without any stop. The camera also features motion sensors which will switch one only when there is any movement inside the room which is detected by them. This essentially means that the camera won’t be using all the memory storage on the video footage that doesn’t matter to you. When it comes to storage, it doesn’t come with an SD card, but it does have a slot where you can easily insert one.

When it comes to installing this camera, it is quite an easy task as it can easily be done through a mobile app. All that you require is to connect the camera to the smartphone. When it is connected, you can easily set the camera in order to notify you each time it detects any movement in the room. Along with this, this camera even enables you to watch a live video stream of what exactly is going on in the room on a real-time basis.


  1. It is properly concealed inside a table clock.
  2. It is quite easy to install.
  3. It comes with motion sensors.


  1. It doesn’t come with any SD memory card however it does have a slot for it.


In case you require a surveillance camera which no one will be able to notice then this camera is a great choice. It not only looks like a real table clock but it does behave like one. In fact, this device can display time in a 24-hour format which is same as the regular table clock working. It does have a camera inside it which is quite capable to capture high-quality audio as well as video recording when someone is in your room.

Buy on Amazon: (starts at $32)


Most of us are duly concerned about our security, and we wish to be reassured that no one is breaching our privacy. We also like to be capable to monitor our homes and prevent any burglary or even able to record it. When it comes to affordable home surveillance systems, night vision spy cameras are a great thing. They are not only easy to install, but they come with a plethora of features. Some of them have motion sensors which detect any movement in the room and records it. These cameras can work in daylight as well as at night. They have decent memory and battery. They record high-quality videos that you expect from any spy camera.

So, with this, we wrap up our list of best night vision spy cameras. Let us know which spy camera suits you the best or which one you purchase and share your experience. Also, mention your valuable views in the comment section below.

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