SEO Best Practices for Construction Companies: Building a Reputation Brick by Brick

Construction Companies

For your construction company, business leads and the revenue they generate are akin to fresh water and oxygen. You can’t do without them. When people in your town want construction services, they’ll probably Google a search on their mobiles and pour through the search results to select a company near them. If you want your business to top the Google search results, marketing and SEO for construction companies will get you there.

In this article, we’ll explain the top benefits that SEO bestows on the construction industry, and we’ll get you going with simple tips that you can work on right this instant. When you’re finished reading our guidelines, you’ll realize how important SEO is for your construction company.

Let’s Get Started by Understanding SEO

SEO is an umbrella term that covers all the strategies that propel your unique website higher up the search rankings. Search rankings are the way companies are listed (or ranked) in Google search results when consumers type search words describing your business. These keywords and phrases are very important as they make your services unique compared to others that are offering similar services.

The keywords that lure customers to your site can be included as little tags in your programming code, in article headings and subheads, and within your website content. By content, we mean the scores of web articles, write-ups, and interesting discussions that inform and educate consumers.

Consumers will be coming with plenty of queries, so you’ll be designing the web pages in such a way that these queries are satisfied, and consumers find the answers they’re seeking. You can provide a contact form so visitors can engage you directly.

If you do these things properly, you’ll boost your Google search ranking. You’d have ensured that customers find it easy to locate your construction company in the web search results. More people will find out who you are and what you can do for them.

3 Ways That SEO Benefits a Construction Company

SEO is a result-oriented strategy; a focused campaign which is undertaken by SEO experts such as SERPninja. SEO propels your company higher in Google search results that consumers read when they need construction assistance. Here are three ways SEO does that for you and benefits your business:

Consumers Have a Better Chance of Finding You

SEO gives prominence to the keywords and phrases that consumers frequently use when they search for the kind of services you provide. There’ll be a lot of inbound traffic riding on certain keywords. SEO will identify these keywords and position them correctly so that you get noticed by searchers.

The strategy of moving you higher in search rankings is vital because searchers usually go through Google’s top ten listed companies to answer their queries. The top-ranked companies enjoy the highest credibility (whether they deserve it or not). As a skilled businessman with an impeccable reputation in your locality, you need to figure in that list, and SEO helps you do that.

You Build Brand Awareness; You Create a Fan Following

Once you’re a Google top-ranking company, you’re automatically exposed to an audience that goes beyond local boundaries. In reality, you transition from local to global. Once people start reading about you and assess what you offer, they’ll be sharing that info with a wider circle of acquaintances and contacts.

What people speak and share about you and your services will travel faster than any PR campaign that you do locally. Did you know that over 80 percent of Americans seek recommendations before deciding deals? SEO has the potential to create a windfall in revenues riding on higher search results, business leads, and queries.

You Attract People Who’re Good for Your Business

SEO ensures that the right people that are best qualified to receive your skilled services get to contact you. There are tons of people searching for the exact service that you provide. When they see your company and engage you, you get an opportunity to drive more click-through conversions that end in sales.

SEO helps you weed out consumers that are trawling the net simply for information, as these searches are unlikely to convert as business deals. SEO ensures you don’t waste your time and money on people who aren’t interested in what you have to offer. By generating stronger leads, SEO becomes a revenue earner from day one.

5 SEO Tips That Build Your Construction Business Reputation

Being in the construction business, you’re laying the infrastructural foundations for the coming generations. But who’ll strengthen your foundations and that of the company that you built from scratch? Who’ll ensure that your company and your name is emblazoned in royal blue at the top of a Google Search Engine Results Page? The short answer is SEO. Just follow these tips and you’ll be up and going like there’s no tomorrow:

Select Keywords Smartly: Keywords Signal the Beginning of an SEO Campaign

You can use keyword search tools or consult a professional. Your first priority will be to research market trends, sifting through actual industry-specific data. Soon you’ll uncover the keywords that consumers use the most in searching for your services. Then you make sure that the keyword figures in important places within your website.

You need to optimize content around specific keywords and key phrases. The keyword is like calling card making visitors remember you when they’re searching for construction solutions. Latch on to the right keywords, and you’ll be scoring over the competition.

Customize Content Creatively: Build Your Content Around the Keywords

Find the keywords that grab the attention of customers you prefer. The keyword, sparingly and correctly used will get you the traffic. But what makes the visitor linger on your site and dwell on the products and services? The content.

The content has to be unique, fresh, and helpful to the visitor. Remember that the visitor is coming with an intent. He stays with you only if you satisfy the intent. The best way to do that is to mold the content to suit the keywords that you know customers use.

Write informative articles that answer a wide spectrum of customer queries. Create an FAQ. Post informative images, infographics, videos, and podcasts that establish you as a leader in your chosen field. Get industry heavies to write authoritative posts that show you as being trendy and smart.

Add a blog and keep posting interesting content on a regular basis. Not fluff but seriously high-quality stuff. Introduce anything and everything that may interest a visitor and make him stay longer, assessing your services.

Find ways to directly engage viewers. The best way to do that is through high definition images and videos that walk your visitor through your construction business and the services you provide.

Make Navigation Smoother: Customers Must Quickly Reach the Information They Need

Top priority is getting the page to load faster within 3 seconds. Waste a second more and you lose a potentially valuable customer. Customers won’t stay with you unless they find what they’re looking for, and it’s right in front of them. So reorganize your pages, outline articles with neat headings and subheadings. If the customer finds your site appealing and can navigate your pages and links easily, he’ll probably bookmark you and select you above others to clinch a deal.

Optimize Local Searches: Increase Visibility Within Your Community

When it comes to finding something within the locality, local searchers invariably begin their searches with something like “Top construction company near me.” Do a similar search on your mobile right now. You land on a Google box listing (and mapping) at least four companies, followed by property developers’ directories suggesting top companies. The words TOP, BEST, and LIST will figure prominently. Being in that search result page may do more for your business and your reputation than clicking a selfie with a Hollywood star.

Local SEO is a specialized subset of SEO that plugs you automatically into the best web directories, the social media, and various community forums where you’ll be noticed. Local SEO will drive a lot of traffic to your site.

Local SEO optimization will get you listed in Google My Business, Yelp, and Bing, and get your business location tagged in Google Maps. What’s more, it adds favorable customer reviews that encourage others to come knocking at your door.

Become Mobile Optimized: Open the Floodgates for Customer Queries

You may not be aware, but over 60 percent of web searches are routed through mobile handsets, and if your website isn’t optimized for a mobile screen, you’re losing a big market.

There’s a huge variety of portable devices like laptops, tablets, and smartphones that people carry wherever they go. If you optimize your web pages to load easily in handheld devices, you open your services to a huge and upwardly mobile audience. These are discerning customers. Give them what they want and your cash register won’t stop ringing.

Now That You Know What SEO Can Do, Do Something About It!

What we’ve shared with you are SEO best practices used successfully by the brightest digital marketing minds in the tech world. We’re only asking you to be mindful of how you use these strategies. Remember that customers are like royalty and their every wish is your command. Satisfy their intent in every possible way. Roll out the red carpet. Frequently update the site, adding a fresh perspective through outstanding articles. Engage the customer. Do things that’ll make the customer point to your site and proudly say, “That’s my construction company.”

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