Five Strategies To Nail the Top Games of India


Some people make it look absolutely effortless to win just about any game they start playing. The first spontaneous answer is, they have mastered the game. But what the best gamers have actually mastered is something else. There are some common traits that most of these gamers will have. You will find them to be likeable, helpful, intelligent and thoughtful about each and every action.

The successful players seek perfection in what they are doing and focus on achieving it. The first step is to learn the game whether it is how to play rummy, the tricks behind chess or building their knowledge for Kaun Banega Crorepati. They engage with the game and turn those fun moments into something more resourceful.

Want to be like them? Take a look at these five strategies that will help you become more effective gamer and master the game in no time.

1. Make the First Move Count

The first move that you make in the game is quite crucial. Yes, there are different types of games out there, but making a sloppy start never helps. Think about yourself as an energy magnet that is all set to attract the positive elements of the game. Practice this idea in your mind and then turn towards your game and give it a fresh look.

There are around 66% of players who prefer skill-based games as compared to fun and luck based games. The simple reason behind is, strategizing every move of the game. Right from the start of the game, the players can focus on the game by making the right move and yes, the first move is essential here.

2. Analyze about the moves

Every game will make you think. Whether you want to go to the next level swiping the candies up in Candy Crush or you want to battle your enemies in an action game. Before you get excited or even nervous about the next move, think about the possible counter move by your opponent. If you want to win the game, you not only have to analyze your moves but also the moves of your opponent. This of course, takes you closer to winning the game, but also improves your strategizing skills. You think in a very clear and planned manner, become more observant about the things around you and take the right action at the right time.

3. Deliver in the given time

How many times you have played a game and before you made a move, you ran out of time? It happens to all of us and the core reason is that we play the game in a casual mindset. We get easily distracted, or give up too soon. In both the situations, we just don’t stick around. To deliver and close the game in the given time, you need speed and focus. Take the game as a target and work towards delivering it at a speed. If there is a time for a level, it will be prominently displayed at the start of the game.  As you focus on each move that you make, you’ll be able to master the game in no time.

4. Be present and avoid multi-tasking

Yes, it is the era of multi-tasking and even swiping your screens on your smartphone. Ironically, it is the same technology that is asking for undivided attention from you. The games of today are intense and when you focus on winning, you need to focus on the game. Being present in the moment is one of the key things to do, to move towards that victorious win. The games are quick, are accessed over apps and you should only pick them up, when you can give it those minutes it deserves. Trying to juggle in between of other tasks will not take you towards a winning strategy.

5. Quality over quantity

Gaming is something that can get us carried away quite easily. When you play popular rummy card game, a challenging temple run or even something addictive like Pokémon Go, it is easy to go on and on. The cool interface, smart gameplay and attractive visuals can keep you glued for hours. But it is not how many hours you are playing the game, but how you are playing it. If you are picking games, when your mind is somewhere else then the number of games you play doesn’t give you the required practice to master the gameplay. However, just playing a few rounds of a particular game but with complete focus will help improve your gameplay significantly.


Strategizing and improving on your gameplay are the key to master any game you play. With over 2 million mobile games out there, it is easy to download and get started with a game. But when you talk about the top games, it is consistent and focused play that would help you nail it.

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