Technology that Makes Senior Living Safer and Easier

Senior Living

Seniors want independent living. It is by far the most popular option for retirees when they’re looking at housing options for seniors, because it means maintaining a level of freedom and enjoying a lifestyle that they’ve grown accustomed to.

But independent living can leave the adult children of older seniors worried about their parents’ health and safety. There are several options for families worried about older relatives and how their housing affects their health. One is opting for senior apartments in a building that can also offer independent assisted living.

Independent Living Senior Apartments

River Ridge, a Retirement Residence located in Winnipeg, is one example of a senior living community that allows seniors to transition from independent living to assisted independent living. When it comes to housing options for seniors in Winnipeg, it strikes a great balance for providing care and maintaining seniors’ freedom, and more options like it are opening around the world.

Beyond the housing type itself, technology is also making big improvements to the health, safety, and independence of seniors today. Check out some of the technologies and devices that are improving senior living.

#1 Medical Management Technologies

It can seem like a small thing, but for seniors living with cognitive decline and health issues that affect their memory, medication reminders are an essential technology. For smartphone-savvy seniors, apps may be useful, but there are also medication reminder clocks designed specifically for senior use. They can be programmed using a loved one’s voice to combat the impersonal feel of some medical technologies.

#2 Social AI

Loneliness is a major issue for seniors who live on their own. Just like listening to the radio or leaving the TV on can help an empty house feel more alive, robots like ElliQ from Intuition Robotics initiate conversations, help seniors stay in touch with family and friends, and generally stay connected.

Medication reminders have also been wrapped into AI technology designed to combat loneliness. The ElliQ robot incorporates friendly nudges to take medication.

#3 Grocery & Food Delivery

As seniors get older, mobility, vision, and coordination decline can make it harder and harder to get out into the world. That can spiral into bigger health issues if they begin to neglect their nutrition because of obstacles getting to the grocery store.

New home delivery options can help overcome mobility obstacles to grocery shopping. From smart refrigerators to smart living environments connected to delivery apps like GrubHub, technology can simplify food access.

#4 Emergency Call Systems

Falls are the leading cause of injury among seniors and one of things children of older adults worry about the most. Fall management solutions alert caregivers, family, or emergency services when a fall happens.

It is important to find a system that will cut down on false alarms and eliminate an alarm if the senior can recover on their own.

#5 Active Video Games

Staying active is an essential part of senior health, but it’s not always feasible to join an exercise class or even go for a walk outside if the weather is bad. An increasing number of video games involve active exercise and are a great way for seniors to stay moving.

Technology is making independent living safer and more convenient for older seniors. There are plenty more solutions coming out that are worth researching.

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