The Advantages of Account Based Marketing


Account based marketing (ABM) is making a comeback. Because of its attention to detail and personalized approached, consumers benefit from content that is tailored just for them, and more and more marketers are applying it to their marketing strategies and business models.

Instead of casting a wide net with lead-generation efforts, marketing professionals using ABM work closely with sales teams to identify key prospects and then customize messages and programs to the buying team within accounts that are targeted.

A critical component to ABM is identifying who your potential audience is. Did you know that nearly 98% of website visitors leave your company’s site without converting? You’ll want to find out who these individuals are with an anonymous website visitor identification company such as Visitor Queue — a company that uses Google Analytics and ABM to help you track leads.

They are a company who help businesses identify anonymous website visitors by finding important details such as the company name, contact information, and user data so you can get in contact with them.

Consider the advantages of including ABM to your marketing strategy, and why partnering with the right anonymous website visitor identification company will benefit your business and allow it to grow.

What Exactly is Account Based Marketing?

In simple terms, ABM is a highly focused strategy in which marketing teams treat an individual customer like its very own market. The team can create events, content, and entire campaigns dedicated to only the people associated with that account, as opposed to the industry as a whole.

It’s marketing that’s based on a specific customer, and that customer can be existing or prospective. It’s most beneficial to B2B efforts because part of its goal is to address the needs of an organization by connecting with all of the stakeholders involved.

It’s Customized to Your Audience

ABM is devoted to reaching out to decision-makers all within the same organization. This practice ensures that your marketing campaigns are designed to resonate with these particular individuals.

With the right anonymous website visitor identification software you’ll be able to establish which companies are looking at your site. This critical information will allow you to generate specific content that speaks to these visitors’ needs.

You’ll Spend Less Time on Marketing Campaigns that Don’t Matter

When you utilize ABM you won’t waste any time investing in projects that have no clear business value. With the right ABM strategy you’ll stabilize your entire department in case you have a slow quarter or seasonal decline in engagement from your wider customer base.

You’ll be able to craft tailored pitches to prospective leads because you’ll know who to direct your focus on as well as what their online presence consists of.

It Optimizes Teamwork  

ABM is all about collaboration and it will easily strengthen your sales and marketing teams. Sales teams want stronger leads, and those in marketing want more visibility to the customer so they can improve strategy.

When you use ABM both marketing and sales are fundamentally aligned. Marketing knows exactly whom they’re targeting, and sales receive the leads they hope for.

Account Based Marketing will help bring your business to the next level. It’s easy to integrate into any marketing plan, and it will help you to identify red-hot sales leads you didn’t even know you had.

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