The best smart helmets 2020

Safety guards walk with smart helmets that can detect people's temperature from 5 meters away on Chunxi Road in Chengdu city, southwest China's Sichuan province, 10 March 2020.

One word of a helmet and if you are young or in the age volume of 25 to 35, you will certainly comb your hair. But you have to have your head in a fit disorder to outing a bike. And whether a bike or a motorbike or motorcycle, a helmet is a necessity. Exhausting helmets is a must in all republics. Though, in this era of fast-improving skill, helmets have also gone through a whole remodeling. It was careful unadulterated literature when a car can come to your wanted location deprived of a driver. And yes, it ensued in James Bond films. Now, the similar technology is likely with mock intellect. In this article, we aim at smart helmets in 2020.

Smart Helmets

Okay, so what does a smart helmet comprise of? You can make an estimate. It entails of built-in rear-facing cameras, speakers, microphones and other features. These headdresses syndicate numerous features to make the equestrian passion pleasant.

Yes, helmets can interrupt your hair, but they are, certainly, an essential part amongst the rider wardrobes. We have gone to prodigious distances to give you info on the cool helmets and fixtures.

#1. Sena Momentum INC Pro

Composite fiberglass shell
Two shell sizes: XS-LG and XL-2XL
Multi density EPS liner
Pinlock face shield (Pinlock lens included)
Removable, washable, quick dry liner
Top and chin vents
Rear exhaust port
Double D-ring closure
Includes breath guard and chin curtain
Electronics: CE, FCC, IC
DOT Certified
Weight : 7.5 Pound
Bluetooth 4.1 (Talk time 20h, Working distance up to 1600 meters)
QHD action camera (1440p,30fps) & (135 degree field of view and video recording time 2 hours)

This helmet is higher form of Sena Momentum. This model has a very good-looking exterior that is made available in multi-color. So, you have the mic, FM radio, speakers, Bluetooth, intercom and even the voice commands. Not only so, they attached a QHD action camera on the upper of the helmet. Do you know, that this company which has been part of the motorcycle manufacturing for years have joined up with Digilens (increased lens company) to give the best quality?

This helmet model has the mechanisms pulled in the right place. So, you do not have to regulate the utterers, wad the wires or have to fiddle for the other parts in place when you do the ride. You also have extremely adapted sound process utterers to keep the audio signs clearly audible. You can attend to music while riding the bike. This is one of the top Smart helmets in 2020.

#2. Skully Fenix AR

This model first seemed in the market (July 2016). Now it has looked in another form due to a modification in possession. It is recognized as the Skully Fenix AR. Some structures are the heads-up display, smartphone integration rearview camera and navigation. Other features are Anti-fog Pinlock lens, and pin lock visor Premium Carbon Fiber shell and EQRS. By the way, the full form of EQRS is Emergency Quick Release Straps.

 #3. LIVALL MT1 Smart Bike Helmet with Bluetooth Speakers

Livall is one of the world’s leading producers of smart sports-related gears and accessories. The Livall MT1 smart bike helmet is equipped with 8 LED lights that are full-colored. Aside from aesthetic purposes, these tail lights also function as turn indicators which will signal whether you are turning right or left. This is a pretty nifty feature especially if your turn lights are broken or you’re having issues with them. It is also equipped with Bluetooth speakers that enable the rider to listen to music or take calls while their hands are full on the navigation handles. And an extra safety feature about this helmet is that it has SOS warnings so that when it sensations that the helmet has hit at a big influence, it will send out SOS signs to your emergency contacts on your phone.

Finishing: From the characteristics discussed above, who would not want this kind of helmet, right? Particularly if you are a motorcycle fan or a cyclist. You would really want this when you are riding alone to safeguard your safety.


  • The helmet is armed with SOS signals
  • It ensures LED turning lights
  • It appears pretty cool


  • Bluetooth speakers can be a interruption when riding in traffic

#4. Coros OMNI Smart Cycling Helmet

A 340-gram premium polycarbonate shell built helmet with an EPS impression interior foam to deliver protection against larger influences and clashes. It is a bit heavy for its heaviness though prettily tough and dependable to be safe.

The helmet is matte-finished joining a variety of insignia from white, red, blue, and black correspondingly. It has an IPX5 rating which means that it is waterproof with rain, sweat, and water resilient competence. Devoted to the helmet, a firmly attuned leather band that curves well into your face safeguarding that it will not be detached during biking operation.

The helmet is authorized with willingly started LED lights that could be attuned upon diverse light conditions, deeply subtle even at night. It is combined with a bone-conducting audio system that brings great sounds without the operation of wires or buds as typically needed. Thus, you could listen to music or obtain calls obviously deprived of ending your bike.

OMNI smart helmet is motorized using a remote that leases you change music tracks, regulate volume, turn on/off LED lights, or response calls instinctively. Aside from that, you could use the Coros app to regulate these features as wanted. The app brings a postponement to these features by giving stats and past of your rides such as time, speed, distance, rhythm, and promotion. Though, few users felt like it gives few times imprecise interpretations with comparatively slow replying commands on it.

Finishing: In overall, the helmet is optional not just with bike fanatics but to everybody who wants to keep themselves safe during the complete operation. It has smart characteristics that are truly dependable. The audio feature should not be excessively done as to persuade interruptions, particularly during biking operation. Yet, it is optional to upsurge the illumination of LED lights as vital.


  • Strong Material of Building
  • Advanced Audio Know-how
  • LED lights capacity
  • Water Impervious


  • Poor App
  • Weighty Construction

#5. LIVALL Riding Smart Bike Helmet with Auto Sensor LED

For a contented cycling knowledge, the LIVALL Smart Bike Helmet is a must-needed product. This is intended to meet both the CE and CPSC values for safety. It is also obvious from a distance. And it potentials better discernibility to other bicyclists and vehicles. As it comes with wireless turn signs for left and right LED signals, you can ride in an augmented level of care without demanding accessories.

This bike helmet is encumbered with features of Bluetooth and numerous functions, allowing you to turn the signs, relish the music, take photos, and reply calls. Just attach it with the LIVALL Riding App. Turn on the backup indications as you want for a helmet. SOS indications will then be sent to your backup contacts right away.

The Bluetooth bike helmet’s speaker claims quality sound on the stereophonic. It arrogantly gifts good sound or quality tone effects. This is just so faultless when you want to appreciate your hands for riding music and free message.

It is so far wonderful and comfortable whereas it leftovers to be frivolous and publicized. No need to vacillate additional, but just acquisition for it is a good choice for you.

Finishing: This LIVALL Smart Bike Helmet is a one-of-a-kind for its imposing features that bring about outstanding ease. This is overwhelming to defend your head in style. Its size and ease are also praiseworthy. Its great design is sufficient to reflect it as your best selection.


  • Cool and Excessive lights
  • Features Keep you Harmless While Riding
  • Contented to Use


  • Distant Control Loses its Connection

#6. Coros LINX Smart Cycling Helmet with SOS Alert

This smart helmet has an exposed ear structure which is a plus point as it makes the readers contented with their helmets. Although it has an exposed ear structure, you could still enjoy to some music from Bluetooth connectivity with its Bone Conduction skill that brings music to your ears. It comes with a smartphone app that is actually obliging to riders.

The app helps with GPS functions to help you control where you are going. It also has an SOS access in where it directs SOS signs to your spare contacts upon feeling that your helmet has had an influence with a solid surface. This is a very valuable tool since it makes sure that you are benign even when you are riding alone.

Finishing: The smart cycling helmet from Coros is additional great find for cyclists out there. The utmost thing about this one is that it has an SOS access. You would most certainly need this when you are riding alone to safeguard you would be originate by the right people directly in case of inevitable chances.


  • This smart helmet has SOS access to make sure you are saved in case of accidents
  • It has open ear construction but still brings music to ears
  • It also has a smartphone app that is very valuable when you want GPS in your travels


  • Does not have LED lights accessibility

#7. Lumos Smart Bike Helmet with Wireless Turn Signal

The Lumos Smart Bike Helmet will certainly get you saw on the road because of its 10 White LED lights attached on the front, 38 minor red LED lights on the back and 11 orange LED lights on apiece side. You would certainly look attractive bright and tanned with this one.

When you think about it, the placement of the lights seems to be compared to that of a car. White decorations on the front, red lights as taillights, and orange lights as rotating signal lights. And the neatest part of this all is that the orange lights certainly purpose as turn signal lights to help those behindhand you classify where you are going next. And when you press on the footbrake, the red lights at the back will turn on too!

Finishing: This is a great second selection for a smart bike helmet. With the nonappearance of Bluetooth speakers, the purposes of this one are really valuable. White illuminations on the front as headlights, red lights at the spinal as taillights, and orange lights on the side as turn signal lights. For sure, this helmet is both cool by its look and useful.


  • Excessive functionality
  • Looks amazing
  • Has total 6 hours battery life


  • Can be off-putting to others
  • Other lights do not turn on sometimes

#8. Magicshine MJ-898 Commuter Bike Helmet

Commuters who use bikes as a mode of transport must be geared with the good helmet to be able to protect themselves from imminent danger. Aside from defensive your head from likely bangs, it is also feasible to have a helmet that can help you see over the darkness of the night like what Magicshine MJ-898 is made for. This bike helmet can give adequate lighting when fleeting through dark passages or streets.

The Magicshine MJ-898 Commuter Bike Helmet gives high-powered light on its front side, schemes turning arrow signs, and a rear speed devices for safe pedaling. The front light can shine at 350 lumens while the arrow signs light a yellow glow on the side where you need to turn.

This helmet uses a solitary cell battery for lengthier life and diminishes the bother of constant recharging. You can switch the illuminations finished a distant control that you can install on the handlebars of your bicycle. Aside from these care features for cyclists, the entire helmet is complete from tough materials like EPS foam and dissimilar types of arc solution outlines.

Finishing: Cycling at night is a bit of a bother most particularly if there is no passable lighting on the road. This is why having a security helmet that can help you light up your way, signal other travelers on what direction you will be turning, and a tail bright that helps to control your distance from other drivers is helpful to you and other people. The only disadvantage is it can’t fit people with large heads.


  • High light strength
  • Long durable battery life
  • Yellow signal lights and red back light
  • Very sturdy


  • It only comes in single size
  • It is not appropriate for people with large heads

#9. LifeBEAM  Smart Helmet

Your head requires the greatest defense that it can get when you go for a ride whether for unpremeditated cycling or in a race. The best thing to do is to take a helmet that will defend one of the most energetic parts of your body which is your head. This is what LifeBEAM Smart Helmet pursues to offer its customers.

In some cases, a cyclist will try to get a helmet that does not only provide guard but also gives out numerous helpful features. The LifeBEAM Smart Helmet usages a skill that can willingly notice the rise in your heart rate. This helmet is known to be the first-ever headdress that has this competence of checking how fast your heart goes when you cycle.

Sideways from that, it can also compute the number of calories and your overall pedaling performance as you go through your ride. It has a double connectivity system via Bluetooth 4.0 and ANT+ which is a heart rate controlling wireless sensor. You can use requests on your phone to help you with nursing your heart rate all throughout your run.

It is a significant thing to check up on the heart rate as it can stop other unfortunate health issues that might rise from neglect.

Finishing: This helmet fits best those who are not followers of the characteristic chest strap that measures the heart rate. It can be effortlessly set up and is well-matched with ANT+ which is used in check on heart rates and other health lines.


  • Bluetooth and ANT+ compatibility
  • Extended battery life
  • Endures any weather conditions
  • Humble to use
  • Captures heart rate without the use of a band on the chest


  • The apps that it practices needs a “Pro” subscription
  • Greeneries an indention on the forehead
  • Only comes in single color
  • Recharging it from time-to-time is a kind of a bother

#10. KSCAT Adult Bluetooth Smart Helmet with Mircophone

This smart helmet is prepared by KSCAT and is also decent for cycling. Like other ones stated on this list, it is armed with Bone Conduction technology that allows the rider to listen to music brought to their ears even with the open ear helmet structure. Sideways from music, Bone Conduction technology also aids with taking hands-free calls as the helmet itself is also armed with a wireless microphone so you will not need to wear any outside Bluetooth headsets while riding.

Contrasting the others, this one comes with built-in goggles that can be cast-off mainly if you are riding in blustery or dirty circumstances and you do not want whatever getting into your eyes. But if you are not in the attitude to use the built-in goggles, you have the choice to put it away by using the clasp switch on top of the helmet.

Finishing: This is a good smart helmet to purchase as it comes with plain smart functions you will need as a cyclist, particularly the hands-free calling. And the built-in goggles also aids its case meanwhile goggles are very valuable when riding bikes. This way you will not have to recall carrying lots of things with you when you choose to go cycling outside. You have all you essential with the helmet. The helmet that one, a without wire mic, and utterers for calls and goggles, all built into one.


  • Has constructed in goggles
  • Has wireless Bluetooth and mic accessibility


  • Does not have LED pointer lights
  • Does not have SOS accessibility
  • Does not contain of GPS

#11. Generic Smart Bike Helmet with LED Flashing Left & Right

Astonishingly, this is a general bike helmet that made it to our list of 8 best smart helmets. This one made it to the list for good motive, it is a decent smart helmet. One of the main topographies of this generic smart helmet is that it can do hands-free phone calls since it is constructed with wireless speakers and microphones.

And through the wireless utterers, you could also attend to some melody while riding without the need to bring any headsets or earphones along. You could even alter songs, play, and pause and regulate the music volume through the helmet balancing with its remote control devoted to the bike handles. It is also connected with LED lights that designate your way before rotating left or right.

Finishing: For a general smart helmet, this one is certainly going to be an amazing buy. It has all the overwhelming functionalities of its proprietary counterparts and functions even better than others. It is made with a robust and durable polycarbonate material so you will not have to concern about its build quality either.


  • Noble build quality
  • Has LED pointers
  • Has hands free vocation and wireless music listening


  • No GPS
  • No SOS accessibility

#12. Livall BH60 Bike and Motorcycle Smart Safety Helmet

Here is one more security helmet from LIVALL. This one is decent for both pedaling and for use with motorcycles. Like the first one from Livall on this list, this also has smart LED illumination poised of 6 rear LED lights to confirm visibility by others on the road and 8 LED back light to designate the way you are going.

This one is also constructed with wireless Bluetooth speakers that brings music to your ears without the need for wireless headphones and earphones. Plus it has a built-in microphone so you can respond calls hands-free and without the essential for Bluetooth headsets though riding on the road. This also comes with the SOS accessibility as well. And sideways from the SOS functionality, it comes installed with a Walkie-Talkie work so that you can connect with others on your riding team, providing that they have the same helmet or carried a Walkie-Talkie with them.

Finishing: This is another great product fashioned by Livall. Aside from its fair aesthetics, it also has excessive built-in functionality that each rider would essential. These comprise of LED indicator lights, SOS function, Walkie-Talkie function, and wireless Bluetooth headset accessibility.


  • Has SOS function for crises
  • This has a built in microphone and speakers for hands free calling and wireless music heeding
  • It has Walkie-Talkie function for interactive with your riding team


  • Does not come with a GPS purpose
  • No LED lights at the face

#13.  Airwheel C5 Intelligent Helmet with Front Camera and Bluetooth Speaker

From its name alone, you would be awestruck as to what this smart helmet from Airwheel can do. First of all, it comes with a free mobile app that aids you with all your helmet’s functionality. The most overwhelming feature of this helmet is that it has a front camera.

Consequently, you would not requisite any external helmet cameras and the extra gear wanted to ascribe them when you select to buy the smart helmet from Airwheel. The mobile app benefits you in taking photos and shooting videos although riding on your bike on the go. The camera has a 2K perseverance video which isn’t that bad seeing it’s a built-in helmet camera. Plus, it has a wireless call replying facility that lets the cyclist to response calls hands-free without taking their hands off the bike handles.

It is finished with high quality and solid material which safeguards its toughness particularly when you get into some kind of inevitable accidents. And it is pretty lightweight seeing that it is dragging around a camera of its own all the time.

Finishing: This can be careful as one greater buy when you decide to go with this smart helmet from Airwheel. This is a pretty countless smart helmet if you are into shooting videos or taking pictures while riding on your bicycle. This way you will not have to buy a distinct external camera since you have one built-in on your helmet by now.


  • Has a built in front camera for captivating photos and shooting videos
  • Has wireless calling availibility
  • You can also attend to music with Bluetooth speakers on the go


  • Does not have LED light turn signs
  • Does not comprise of GPS
  • Does not contain of SOS system
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