The Magic of the World Cup Tournament


It is that time of the year again when people all over the world forget their nationality and unite for the love of the game. Football, as it is known in most parts in the world – soccer to Americans – is a well-loved sport that is solely responsible for world peace. Well, at least in countries where it is watched.

People will put their fights on hold to watch a match and within those 90 minutes, they will forget they were ever feuding.

So, does soccer enhance peace and bring people together?

Naturally, there are mixed reactions on whether the game really does inspire togetherness. The thing about the game is that it inspires so much passion among its fans that you can’t help but join in the celebration.

Football, like most sports, is apolitical. It transcends race, gender, geographical boundaries, and even language barrier. You don’t need words when you can see what’s happening on the pitch, and you don’t need to know your neighbor personally to celebrate with them when your team scores. It gets even better when the both of you support the same team!

Unlike rugby – which I also love – foot ball is not so physical that an injury could leave a player with long term disability lawyer fees to worry about. It not only engages the body, but the mind as well and anyone with a flair for artful tackles will enjoy Christiano Ronaldo’s skills.

These are just a few ways that the sport unites people all over the world.

Neighboring Countries improving their Relationships

In the ongoing tournament, South Korea played Germany and seeing as the Germans were defending champions with some of the best players from various leagues, they were the favorites. Well, one thing led to the other and Germany lost to SC 2-0 and these results had Mexico and Korean fans high-fiving each other on the streets.

See, Mexico had just lost to Sweden and so their hopes for advancing to the round of 16 was in Germany losing to South Korea. When that happened, Mexicans could be seen showing gratitude to Koreans for that lifeline. Interesting, isn’t it? If this could be extended after world cups, maybe we would finally achieve world peace.

A Sense of Understanding

When fans are watching a match, both sides are anxious as no one knows the outcome. As this world cup tournament has proven, football can at times be pretty unpredictable.  While going through this mental torment, fans get to bond over their shared passion and will even empathize with the losing side. Of course the opposite is true. Hooligan fanatics will taunt the losing side to the point of tears. They will sometimes try to ease the anxiety with a vaporizer, especially the revenger x kit by Vaporesso.

Those in the Diaspora get Together

Those in the diaspora hardly get the chance to be together and this sort of event brings them together for good. Africans, for example, will most probably support any African team even if it is not their country, and in so doing get to know of their fellow countrymen in foreign land.

And lest you forgot, the event highlights the host, creates jobs for its people, and improves its infrastructure. The jury is still out on whether the economy of a host country is better off or worse at the end of the event.

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