Top Office Use Products You Can Print Using A 3D Printer

3D Printer

Ever wondered how much time of your waking life you spend inside your office? What if you could make your workplace neater, cooler, and more organized than ever, without ever worrying about purchasing office organizer products? 3D printers make that possible. The coolest offices already have their 3D printers working overtime to produce quick use products that make everyone’s workday quicker, easier, and more enjoyable. Let’s tell you more about some cool products you can simply print using your 3D printer.

Headphone Holders

Face it – too often, the chatter of your colleagues becomes too much to ignore. That’s the perfect moment to put on your headphones and do some deep work. Keep them within reach using a clip on headphones holder that you can attach to your desk’s divider screen. Download a model, customize it, and push the print command on your office 3D printer. A headphone is just one of the many things you can hang on your holder. The convenience of having your stuff within eye’s view field, within arm’s length, and safely secured on a holder as quirky and colorful as your personality – that’s the wonder of a 3D printer.

Cable Organizers

The thing with cable organizers is that they will never match the speed at which our cables grow. And you’ll never get the same cable organizers as the one you love when you revisit the neighbourhood store. Why add to the visual chaos, when all you need is a 3D printer and a CAD model of your favourite cable organizer design to print as many as you want. Say hello to a neat office, the 3D printer way.

Office Supplies Holders

Ask around for a stapler and you’ll how disorganized the ordinary office is when it comes to office supplies. From stuff as small as paper pins to more conspicuous items such as tape dispensers (which you can 3D print too, by the way), everything is out of place, generally speaking. Not anymore, though. That’s because you can easily print containers of all sizes and shapes using their CAD designs. Fight office mess the cool way, all you need is to keep stock of 3D printer filaments in your arsenal.

Cable Corners

From a tripping hazard to an eyesore, there’s no end to the troubles caused by messy cables slithering across the floor of your office. Thankfully, you can easily get a prototype model for cable corners. These plastic holders can be easily fixed at corners and can secure cables. These holders make sure there are no sharp twists in wires, can hold more than one wire, and come with grooves to support thick wires. Your office equipment’s wiring will remain healthy and tangle free longer with these cable corners available with the convenience of a quick print command.

Concluding Remarks

As soon as you bring a 3D printer in your office, you get the power of creation! From pen holders to cable holders, stackable containers to designer paper clips – the catalogue of amazing office products you can create using 3D printers is only limited by your imagination.

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