Tracking of mobile phones restricted only to special cases: Israel Cabinet

The Knesset Building. The Knesset is the legislative branch of the Israeli government.

Tracking mobile phones of the corona virus infected people could be the last measure taken by the Israel government confirmed by the Israeli Cabinet limited on Sunday if the epidemiological testing is inadequate.
The Covid-19 outbreak has made Israel government use this technology which is generally used in case of anti-terrorism though the action plan was dodged in the Parliament in March. The same has been challenged by the Privacy watchdog groups in the court.
Though the lease number of cases in Israel has made Government to amend the guidelines to tracking phones in specific and special cases only, where location cannot be tracked with the usual investigation.
With 9 million population, Israel has reported 16,712 Covid-19 cases and 279 deaths. The country has reopened amid the outbreak with necessary cautions related to health policies.
A parliamentary oversight panel along with Cabinet has been in discussion on legislation that would require Shin Bet, security service to monitor the mobile phones of the infected people. However, the involvement of the security service can be approved if the cases are multiplied, a statement by a cabinet.

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