Ways to get your YouTube Channel started

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If you haven’t caught on with the recent YouTube marketing technique, fret not. It isn’t too late to explore it and use YouTube as one of your prime marketing tools. If you are planning to start a YouTube Channel for your business or personal promotion, let’s start with the different steps that will go into having it all set up.

1. The Basics

The first step to setting up your YouTube channel is….you guessed it, creating it! All you need to do to create the channel is to log into YouTube, click on the gear icon and select the “Create a new Channel” option. Once you update your channel name and click “Create”, your YouTube profile will be created.

2. About Section

Once you create your Channel, it is necessary to update the About section with pertinent details about yourself. This also includes what you hope to publish for your viewers on your channel. You can update your website details and any other important information here as well.

3. Channel Your Art

Along with your About section, another aspect that gets maximum attention is your banner. Your banner will be featured prominently in your channel which is why you should give maximum attention to designing a banner that focuses on your brand.

4. Content type

Depending upon your business and the target audience, you can determine the content you would like to feature on your YouTube channel. You can choose to have tutorials, unboxing videos, or testimonials as well. Besides, if you are struggling to convert WMV to MP4format then you can use tools like VC.

5. Trailer

Once you have your channel ready, you need to prepare the trailer which is the introduction video. It will create your viewers’ first impression. You can use this trailer to explain what your business will do for them.

6. First official video

Once you finish recording your first video, you can post it on YouTube. You can use one of the many online tools to convert WMV to MP4 like VC for example before posting the video online.

7. Search optimization

Once you have uploaded the video to your channel, you need to work on ensuring that it comes up when relevant search words are used. When you are uploading the file, you would be required to add tags, title, and description so that YouTube SEO optimization parameters are met.

8. Stay consistent

You need to be consistent and post frequently to ensure that your channel gets maximum attention. A YouTube channel becomes a success not just because of the content but the consistency with which the videos are posted.

9. Integrate your channel

You also need to ensure your YouTube channel gets the desired attention through your various social media accounts

10. Engage with people

As a potential influencer, you would have to engage with your viewers and provide responses to their queries. Engaged viewers will keep coming back to your page.

11. Youtube Ads

If you want to turn your channel into a money-making scheme, then you can even choose to invest in YouTube Ads. To do so, all you would need is to connect our channel with Google Adword.

12. Analyze and repeat

You can use YouTube Analytics to understand your videos’ performance and understand how to optimize your content to get the maximum coverage.

If you cover the steps above without fail, you are well on your way to becoming the next YouTube success story!

Image Credits: YouTube Channel from Mar1kOFF/Shutterstock

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