What does BM mean in Gaming


You may have cracked a witty one-liner in a game or boasted about your godlike match performance only to be hit with the “BM” bomb. So, in terms of Gaming, what does BM stand for? It stands for “Bad Manner” and is a gaming acronym.

BM is a term that refers to unpleasant conduct or activities taken by some players to annoy or frustrate others.

It could range from time-wasting, and emotional spamming to more exacerbated behaviours like posting nasty comments in-game chat or engaging in other dangerous activities.

If someone answered with BM in a game, they were merely expressing their displeasure with your behavior or implying that you were acting in an unsportsmanlike manner. Alternatively, you could be playing an MMORPG, and someone refers to a “Black Mage,” which is another possible definition of BM in Gaming. Not to mention Dota 2’s Broodmother hero.

Why do people BM in Gaming?

It comes down to the individual using BM’s mentality and attitude in Gaming. BM does not have to be a negative experience. For example, suppose a player uses BM to offer friendly humour in a reasonable amount of time. It is, however, inappropriate for a player to go beyond poor manners and harass other players.

Some Common Ways to BMing in Gaming?

In games, there are numerous ways to BM. These are, nevertheless, the most popular.

Inappropriate comment on the Voice  

This includes yelling at other players, making obscene or insulting remarks, or using any different sort of foul language.


Emotes are frequently used in games to add cosmetic touches and are often part of the prizes for completing certain events or objectives. Unfortunately, while emotes are appealing and can flex opponents, some players abuse them by spitting them upon other players.

A few aspects, such as crying or laughing emotes, can be irritating or mocked. However, if they lose to them or in other scenarios, these emote are frequently employed to spam their opponents.

Distressing your squad

Although this is not a typical practice, it is one that some people appreciate.


“I believe it is BM when a player does not wish the other player good luck at the start of a game.”

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