What Is a Voice Drop?

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Voice drops help businesses reach customers efficiently by placing pre-recorded voice messages in an inbox without causing the phone to ring. Voice drops eliminate the need for traditional phone calls and create a non-intrusive method for delivering messages.

More and more businesses have turned to voice drop campaigns to drive business and increase sales. Investing in voice drops can help your business expand and gain an edge over competition while saving money and boosting productivity. So how do voice drops work, and how can they benefit your business?

How do voice drops work?

A voice drop, also referred to as “ringless voicemail”, delivers pre-recorded voice messages into voicemail inboxes without requiring the other party to pick up the phone. In place of going through the normal call process, i.e, dialing, ringing, and then being sent to a voicemail system, ringless voicemail directly inputs messages into a customer’s inbox.

Ringless voicemail has benefits for both businesses and customers. In addition to eliminating the need for sales agents to make monotonous calls, they won’t have to waste time dialing numbers and waiting for answers. On the customer’s side, receiving a ringless voicemail is a minimally intrusive way of interacting with a business.

Is ringless voicemail legal?

Ringless voicemail is legal, as there is no legislation prohibiting ringless voicemail marketing strategies. Although businesses are not required to remove customers on the National Do Not Call Registry, respecting customers who do not want to be called can reduce the risk of angering a customer.

While using voice drops is legal, it’s important to keep in mind that the law is constantly evolving. Therefore, make sure to stay up-to-date with laws and regulations in order to protect your business.

Recording a voice drop

Customers who receive ringless voicemail messages often believe that they just missed a call, and are likely to listen to the message to find out what it’s about. Since customers are likely to listen to messages that sound personable and authentic, using the right tone can help raise awareness of your business while getting your point across.

In order to increase sales, pre-record a message that sounds genuine and natural. Although the message should be mostly scripted, it should not sound robotic. Recording the message yourself and improvising little parts your script can make your message sound more believable. When leaving a message, always include a call-back phone number and address so interested customers will know how to reach you.

If you’re not sure what your customers will respond to, try recording two messages. If you have 50 customers to call, split them into two groups of 25 and send each a different message (this is called A/B testing). Measuring your return call rates can help you determine what kinds of messages work best for your customer base.

Sending your message

Now that you have a pre-recorded voice message, it’s time to form a list of call groups. If you’re not sure how to find potential customers, data companies (like Oracle) sell demographic information to businesses. Forming an effective ringless voicemail campaign requires proper research and preparation, so consider looking into other business’ loyalty campaigns.

Typically, loyalty campaigns integrate the “drip” method. The drip method consists of calling a customer once per week over a span of six months. Incorporating this method can benefit businesses in the long run by helping them avoid too many return calls at once.

When sending your message, make sure to contact loyal customers. Contacting past customers reduces the risk of angering a customer who has no interest in purchasing your products or services. Calling past customers and offering discounts for their next visit can help drive more business and help build a steady stream of customers.

All in all, utilizing a ringless voicemail marketing strategy can help your business expand its customer base by increasing sales and raising awareness of your business.

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