Exclusive List Of Best Work From Home Accessories

work from home accessories

Working from home? Though it has a lot of benefits it is a challenging task too. Suddenly with the outburst of the pandemic nearly every country made its employees work from home. With no vaccine coming up then the end of work from home seems to be far away. So what? How to maintain a proper working place? How to make a dedicated corner for work at your home? 

With so many questions bombarding your mind, there are many solutions available too. All you need to do is to shop for the best work from home accessories and you can turn your home into a workplace. 

For instance, you just cannot be a part of an official meeting in your shorts or you just cannot prepare a presentation lying on your couch. Thus you must ensure that you have the proper work from home accessories that will help you remain productive to the best of your capabilities. 

There is no need to transform your home entirely just to get the feel of being at the office, you just need a corner that can be modified and give you the work vibes. Worried about the budget? No, you do not have to as these best work from accessories are not going to make a hole in your pocket.

List Of Best Work From Home Accessories You Must Possess

If you are working from home, here we are going to share the list of must-have items.

1. A Work Table

Let us start with the furniture. All you need to do is to decide a corner where you want to set up your workplace. Shop for a good looking wooden table that has an ample amount of drawers to stuff your important papers and files. Wood is durable and has a good life. It will not rust away and will stay with you forever. The best part of a wooden table is that you can utilize it as something else when your office resumes.

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2. A Comfortable Chair makes the best work from home accessories

Now, when you have done shopping for a table the next most important thing that you have to buy is a comfortable chair. Do not buy any chair but keep comfort in mind. Opt for a good looking revolving chair with a push back. Also, keep in mind the sitting area should have a good sitting space. You will be sitting on the chair for around 5 hours so make sure you do not sweat on it.

Also, check that your chair should be adjustable and has armrests. A leather chair is always a better option and if you get footrest along with it then it will add brownie points.

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3. Proper Lighting

The desk has been set and you are all set to hit the floor but what about lighting. Yes, you must select a place that has lighting, and if that if not possible then a good table lamp will be your best companion. Yes, you need a table lamp as an essential accessory because work has no time limits and if you have to prepare a presentation at night then you would certainly not want your loved ones to get disturbed with a tube light on the whole night. You can shop for a battery operated table lamp or lookout for a stylish piece that will look amazing on your table.

You get a lot of options to buy in the table lamps ranging from ones that come in different colors to the ones that look like a classy piece of décor.

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4. Weekly calendar | Organize Your Work!

Yes, work from home comes with a lot of good things but it also makes you so easy go lucky person that you tend to forget things. Just to make sure that you stay in touch with everything going on you must have a table weekly calendar. Whatever comes in your mind or whichever meeting you have lined up must be recorded so that you do not miss out on anything important.

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5. A clock

Yes, it might sound absurd as you have a clock in your mobile as well as in the laptop but a wall clock just adds to the décor. You might feel the urge to look at the time again and again and a big clock just on the wall will solve the purpose. Plus the best thing about the clock is that it will keep you away from mobile for a longer period.

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6. Pen Holder

The best thing about having a pen holder is that your stationery stays in one place. Yes, you do not have to run around in every room and look for a pen or a pencil to write down important points. Just sit and grab a pen while talking to your boss and jot down all essential points without any hassles.

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13. Wi-Fi Connection

How can you forget that!! Till now you were able to manage things with your mobile hotspot but now once your entire office has shifted to the home you have to buy a good Wi-Fi connection. An uninterrupted internet connection will keep you on the go and will also keep all the frustration away that a connection that hangs can offer.

A slow internet connection can also be an embarrassment when you are in the middle of a conference and start getting or hazy or stuck. This will not only make you miss out on important topics but will also make others get irritated. Go ahead and shop for a good wireless internet connection and enjoy your life at a calm pace.

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14. Extension Cord

With mobile charges, laptop chargers, and a lot of many wires you will find yourself entangled badly. Just shop for a good extension cord and properly manage all your wires. Just do not get stuck in the wires and get hurt. This extension cord board will also help your workplace look well settled and clean. Hide the board under your table and no one will notice the clutter of wires.

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15. Headphones | Best work from home accessories

Yes, not just for listening to music when you feel overburdened but these headphones will also be of great help when you have a conference, a presentation, or a seminar to attend. Go for the noise-cancelling headphones and you will enjoy your meetings without any extra disturbance. Also, these headphones will cover up the sounds of your surroundings like that of a cooker blowing the whistle or kids running around your home.

If you do not want to spend a lot on your headphones then you can look out for brands that offer them at a much lower price.

Buy From – Amazon

16. Water bottle

Working from home is a challenge. Trust me there are a lot of things that can distract you from working calmly. You might feel like drinking water and then once the flow of work breaks it will take another hour to come back to the same flow. Thus it is better to keep all your stuff on your working table. Your bottle if it is there available handy then it won’t take much time to sip water and join back again.

Shop from: Amazon

17. Blue Light Glasses

It is not always possible that you have proper lights or it might also be the case that you get to work for long hours this might cause a lot of strain on your eyes. It is recommended that you buy good blue light glasses to keep yourself away from strain and headaches. Also, these glasses will protect the eyes from other issues.

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18. Stress balls

Though they do not form a part of work from home accessories they do play a very crucial role. These stress balls can save you from getting angry with your family members. Also if you feel the pressure of work then these stress balls can be used to calm down your mind.

Shop for these balls in different colors and you can place them on your work table and it will look colorful.

Shop from: Amazon

19. Laptop screen guard | Protect your laptop

Looking at your laptop’s screen for a long time will hamper your eyesight. This will also lead to a lot of issues like headaches and migraines. Thus you should shop for a good laptop screen guard. This guard will protect your eyes from harmful rays and keep you safe and in working order to be productive to the best.

Shop from: Amazon

20. A new monitor

If you feel that the screen of your laptop is small or is causing a lot of stress on your eyes then it is high time that you shop for a good and bigger monitor. You might find a lot of options available online to offer you help in this case. A bigger screen will also make your work look more manged and you can create spreadsheets and presentations with ease without putting much load on your eyes.

Shop from: Amazon

21. A coffee machine 

If you love to drink coffee to keep that stress away from your nerves then it is a great idea to shop for a good coffee machine. No, it is not necessary that you shop for the one that takes a lot of space and required a new cabinet to be installed but a small handy one can help you solve the purpose. Just keep a side table to your work area and place your coffee machine over it. Keep all the essentials ready and enjoy a hot cup of coffee whenever you feel the urge to do so.

Shop from: Amazon

22. Webcam (Work from accessories)

Work from home does not mean that you restrict yourself from the world. You will have to attend meetings, give presentations, address your colleagues, and also be a part of each and everything. For this, it is very important to have a good webcam. All these formal works cannot be accomplished with the help of a simple mobile camera. A webcam will give you a clear picture quality and will also keep your employees or employers connected to you.

Hazy picture quality will only land you in embarrassment and you will have to discontinue the virtual meeting.

Shop from: Amazon

23. Mic

If you belong to the industry where you need to speak and record things then believe me that only thing that is going to be your best friend is a good quality mic. Though there are a lot of options available in the market at a good price range you can also look for options available within budget.

You can also shop for wireless mics or can get one installed at your workplace from an expert.

Shop from: Amazon

24. Reading lamp | Must have work from home accessories

If you are one of those who do not have a big house and have a small workplace made in the corner of your bedroom then it is going to be a struggle for you. There might be a time when you have to work till late and prepare for presentations. For this, you would be needing lights or lamps that offer you the perfect thing. It should not be the case that your entire family has to sleep with tube lights on shining brightly on their head as you have to work.

Shop from: Amazon

25. Art pieces make your home work-worthy

Work from home does not mean that you only have to think about work and keep it as boring as possible but it means to bring out your creativity and decorate your workplace with the best work from home accessories and make it look lively.

Shop for beautiful art pieces for your workplace. Also if you have a separate room allotted for work then it is a great idea to shop for quotes from famous personalities or you can also add art that reflects your work or gives you a positive feel. The art pieces in your room work wonders and also keep you feel boosted to work more.

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26. Buddha 

This is my personal favorite. If you feel like adding colors and fusion to your workplace then you can also place a cute little buddha on your working table. His smile will make you forget all worries. Also as people believe he brings in a good lock and there is no harm in trying it. What if it works for you.

Buy from: Amazon

27. Wireless keyboards

Yes, we do understand that it is not always possible to sit and work on the keyboard as it leads to your elbows getting hurt. But you can instead shop for a Bluetooth enabled keyboard that works wonders. Many big brands offer Bluetooth keyboards online so it won’t be much of a problem to shop for one that suits and fits your budget.

Shop from: Amazon

28. Cushions for comfortable work from home experience

No by cushions I do not mean funky and colorful cushions that will make your workplace look as it is your living room. But with a simple and subtle piece of cushion in the big size, you can add comfort to your sitting area.

Shop for big size cushions that offer you the best support for your back. These cushions can be your best companion and will help you stay alert without putting much pressure on your back.

Shop from: Amazon

29. Bean bag

How can we forget this one? Working does not mean that you forget about comfort and throw it in a bin instead if you get tired and bored of sitting on a chair and your back starts to ache then a bean bag is a great option to sit on and relax. Also, you can take your cushion along and work on your bean bag too.

There are a lot of bean bags available in the market but you should shop for a one that comes in a big size to accommodate you properly.

Shop from: Amazon

30. A laptop stand makes in the list of best work from home accessories

Shopping for a laptop stand is also a good idea. This will help you keep a balance between your neck and eyes. It will help you maintain a proper posture and work comfortably. Your body should not feel the pressure and your back must stay stress-free else sitting for a long time can cause a lot of damage to your spine.

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31. A cord manager

With a lot of wires, your USB cords can get entangled and henceforth break into two pieces. If you do not want to land in this awkward situation then shop for a good cord manager. This will help you keep your wires free from getting stuck with each other. Also, it will make your workplace look clutter-free.

Shop from: Amazon

32. Printer

Yes, a printer is a work from an accessory that you must not forget. Your important presentation documents or fax will not wait for your office to resume thus it is very important to have all the gadgets ready. A printer will not only help you print out important things but the latest ones that come with scanners and fax options can also be of huge help.

There are endless versions of printers available in the market. the best ones are the portable printers that can be kept on your table and also do not occupy a lot of space.

Shop from: Amazon

33. Display board

No by this I do not mean a huge board with a lot of pins but a small and compact one just on your sidewall so that you can pin out important things. This will help you keep all the points in mind. It will also keep you managed and sorted. You will never miss out on the minutest details. All you need to do is to just jot them down and pin them up. These pins will stay in front of your eyes and will keep you updated.

Shop from: Amazon

34. A desk phone | Stay Connected!

Yes, I am serious!! I agree that it is the era of smartphones but who knows you might miss out on an important phone call just because of a poor network. It is always a great option to keep a spare landline phone on your table so that you do not end up on anything important. The best thing about these phones is that they do not work or depend on batteries and if by chance you face electricity issues and your batteries of mobile run down you always have another option ready.

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Things To Keep In Mind When Shopping For Work from home accessories

Now that you are aware of the best work from home accessories that you must have at your place to enjoy a healthy working environment, let us have a look at some points that might help you in landing with the best ones.


When shopping for work from home accessories you must keep your budget in mind. Do not just go crazy over everything available. Else you will land up in buying useless things that might be of no use after a couple of days.


Instead of shopping for cheap work from home accessories, it is always recommended that you shop for accessories that are from a well-known brand. The products from reliable brands will last for a good amount of time and will give you full value for money.


Do not just keep the décor of your workplace in mind. It is always important to think of the work from home accessories that are of use. If you focus too much on the décor then the sky is your limit and your workplace will turn out to be a bin or scrap. Keep it simple, sober, and spacious.


This is one of the major things that you must keep in mind when shopping for work from home accessories. If you do not have a lot of space at your home then you must shop for things according to that. Your workplace should be simple and spacious. It must not be full of colors to give you a headache.


Work from home has a lot of perks and gives you endless facilities but it is also important to value freedom. If you want to enjoy working at home then you must also keep it in mind that your quality does not get hampered. For this, you must have a proper working environment. Here were some of the best work from home accessories that you might find helpful in organizing your working area at home.


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