Best Books To Add To Your July Must-Read List

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Books are man’s best friend. When I was young my mom used to say that there is a book made for everyone. It is just like finding the right person in your life and be with him for a lifetime. Once you find the book that is for you just cannot stop reading it and can also read it as many times as possible. 

With life come to a pause this is a great time to read and utilise your time. Reading will help you understand things and have a better perspective. With a lot of free time in your hand, you can utilise it to read good books and improve your vocabulary. Also, reading can help you stay productive as you get to learn new things.

This month, immerse yourself in a smart novel about royal romance; experience a writer remembering a family broken apart; expose the secrets of one of America’s most elite private schools; devour momentary essays from one of our brightest minds; seek a debut novel from one of Hollywood’s most respected screenwriters; go behind the scenes of the world’s most-watched marriage.

Books have played a vital role in the evolution of man, otherwise, the growth of science and technology would never have been impossible. Books outgrow our personality and outlook.

The treasure of books is unlimited in this world but some of the interesting books that are a must-read are Palace of illusions, alchemist, to kill a mocking bird, Hamlet, Bhagavad Gita etc.

Let us have a look at the best books that you can read in July:

Best Books That You Can Read In July

There are a lot of books that you can read but we have selected the best ones for you that you can read in July and enjoy them:

The Heir Affair (Best Books)

Although The Royal We mastered the dishy, royalty-inspired book, The Heir Affair doubles on the royal romance and suspense. After their fairy-tale wedding implosion at the end of the preceding book, American Bex and Prince of Wales Nick have no choice but to separate themselves as a last-ditch effort to preserve their fragile romance. Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan offer up their widely awaited sequel with all the pomp, circumstance (and gossip!) of a royal wedding, with an unintended knack to mirror the lives of the actual British royal family.



Rest assured, the Oscar-winning screenwriter’s debut novel behind Being John Malkovich and Anomalisa sounds right inside his wheelhouse. It revolves around a mediocre film critic named B. Rosenberg who stumbles on what could be the greatest creative achievement in human history: a 3-month long film, complete with scheduled breaks in sleep, eating, and bathroom, which took 90 years to complete its reclusive author.


The party upstairs

A new (and quite New Yorkian) twist on the Upstairs, narrative device downstairs, Conell ‘s novel compares the penthouse apartment of a Manhattan building’s denizens with the live-in super and his family. The two parties’ daughters were childhood best friends whose social rifts endanger their lifelong relationship over a single day in the building’s history.


Memorial drive (Best Books)

Natasha Trethewey (who would go on to become a U.S. poet laureate and recipient of the Pulitzer Prize) was 19 years old when her mother, Gwendolyn, was murdered by her former stepfather, Trethewey’s ex-husband. A tragic yet ultimately victorious autobiography examines Trethewey’s long-buried history battling for oblivion and the vicious, oppressive forces of domestic violence and prejudice.


Notes On A Silencing

In this account of her time at St. Paul’s boarding school, where she was the victim of a long-ignored sexual attack, author Lacy Crawford plums her own life. As reports of other similar events begin to surface, Crawford is forced to revisit her own past and grapple honestly with the way abuse, honesty and shame are treated in the most exclusive institutions of our country.


Thank You for voting (Best Books)

Reading this book is this holiday weekend counted as a patriotic act. Journalist (and lawyer) Erin Geiger Smith takes a vibrant and enlightening look at why voting in the US — that democracy prize — is in danger and what we should do about it. What gave 40 percent of Americans the chance to vote in the last presidential election? Geiger Smith maps how we got here and provides basic (but not simplistic) resources that might help our republic return to full concession — and an enthusiastic electorate.


Meghan And Harry

The world was surprised this January when Prince Harry and Meghan Markle revealed that they plan to move back as senior royals. The media embraced what became known as “Megxit,” and while Harry and Meghan have now settled comfortably into their new life in Los Angeles, they will never be out of the spotlight. This insider look by the royal biographer Lady Colin Campbell (the bestselling author of Princess Diana ‘s books) goes behind the scenes, exposing why the royal structure failed to change for them, and why they built their own way forward.


The Bluest Eye

The first novel by Toni Morrison turns 50 this year, so what better time to revisit that enduring masterpiece? Pecola, an 11-year-old Black foster child who grew up in Ohio in the years following the Depression, has endured unimaginable abuse at the hands of her own father, and prays every day for blue eyes like the other children around her, hoping to be seen as beautiful. The novel was (and still is) exceptional for concentrating on a young Black girl’s life and their changing viewpoints—not to mention Morrison’s unprecedented use of the expression.


Intimations (Best Books)

There will be countless books coming up in the pandemic about life, but Zadie Smith is the one we want to read right now. Her latest essay collection, published in the early months of the Covid-19 lockout, discusses the concepts that our modern world has brought about: how we relate to other people in our loneliness, how we can equate our pain (and compassion) with others, the relationship between work and leisure and what time means now. This is going to be important reading for us now, even when we look back in coming years.



The second novel by Hold Still ‘s author follows Elizabeth, a woman from New York with big expectations, as her carefully crafted life starts to crumble. A reunion with a childhood friend gives a glimpse of what else could have been, but the novel eventually asks Elizabeth (and all of us) to face the choices we made and the person they made.


All Time Favourites That You Can Read In July 2020

I dont feel that there can be a season or a month to read books. you can read them whenever you feel the urge to. let us have a look at some all-time favourite books that you can read. 

Pride And Prejudice (Best Books)

It is a romantic novel, written by Jane Austen and was published in the year 1813. Jane Austen was an English writer who has also written some famous stories like Emma, sense and sensibility, pride and prejudice etc.

The story revolves around the life of 5 sisters. Mr Bennet of the Longbourn estate has five daughters, but his property is non-transferrable, meaning that none of the girls can inherit it. His wife has no property or money of her own, so it is very important that at least one of the girls should marry well in order to support the others after his death. 


Guide To Galaxy

The story revolves around Ford Perfect who is supposed to be an alien and had come to the Earth to do research for a book which contains knowledge about the universe and can also hold the key to the end of the World. He has to cross many hurdles and also had to take help of humans too. His journey leads to the introduction of many new aliens who are already living on Earth and trying to invade the planet.  This book shows Perfect’s journey from meeting new friends to going on different planets and unlocking different mysteries.


Da Vinci Code

The Da Vinci Code is a thriller novel written by Dan Brown in 2003. Dan Brown is known for his thriller novels especially with the Robert Langdon series. He has given us some really amazing novels like Angels and Demons, The Lost Symbol, Inferno and The Da Vinci Code. He has always been questioning the Church about its secrets. After facing so many critics the book still managed to grab readers and fans. The novel was also featured in a movie with the same name.


For A Few Demons More (Best Books)

The story is about Rachel Morgan who is a witch hunter based in the Hollows, the section of Cincinnati where supernatural beings live. She is here to protect an artefact from all sorts of creatures while trying to save her werewolf friend from the charge of serial murders that are being committed in the city. Rachel Morgan had to face a lot of problems for saving her friend, she had to fight a mentally unstable demon who breaks into her house to kill her, an unstable mentally disturbed serial killer trying to kill only the newly turned female brides turns out to be behind her as she is trying to save the females, and Trent Kalamack who wants to hire her as security for his wedding to save his bride from the killer. 

There is truly no rest for the wicked in The Hollows. The crime is growing day by day and the innocent people are being targeted. Morgan has to fight with the wicked to save the innocent. The journey shows her fight with her own community for the betterment of the people living in the Hollows.


Palace Of Illusions

The story revolves around a “Smart, intelligent, bold and courageous Panchaali, she was believed to be born from fire, who had married all five of the Pandava brothers, grew a secret love, was punished to live in long exile in the woods. She was believed to be the reason behind the start of a catastrophic war known as the yudh of Mahabharata. She learnt the truth about Krishna who turned out to be her mysterious friend and her biggest supporter.” Draupadi was a warrior princess who was married to Arjun but was ordered to serve all the 5 brothers as their wife by the mother of Pandavas. She was questioned on her character but she never broke. She was firm as a rock and did not let anyone raise a question on her self-esteem.


Hello Sunshine

Sunshine Mackenzie has it all – before her secrets show themselves. She’s a culinary sensation with millions of fans, a line of cookbooks bestselling, and a loyal husband happy to support her every effort. But then she gets hacked and it exposes both her technical and personal information, with disastrous consequences. She’s forced to go back to Montauk, the home of childhood — and the strangled sister — that she’s been trying hard to leave behind. Summer is the time for second chances and springs of hope, and no exception to this one. We wait anxiously for the sequel. 


Books For Digital Marketers To Read In July

Books are there for everyone and you can find them in abundance. There is a book made for everyone and under various niche. Why must the marketers be left behind then? Here is a list of best books for digital marketers to try out:

Digital Marketing For Dummies

If you are new to the field of digital marketing then this is just the right book for you. A great option for the ones trying hard to understand the concept of digital marketing. This is a complete guide that will help you understand the thick and thins and the concepts that you need to implement in real life. Beginning with the concept of basics covered in digital marketing it will help you sail with full confidence.


Google Adwords for beginners

Are you into websites and love to monetise using ads as a back-up then you have to be familiar with the Google Adwords concept? This book will help you understand the ABC of Google AdWords. It will not only help you grow your website but will also be of great help in deciding a lot of other factors in increasing your revenue. For many digital marketers out there Adwords is a mystery that you need to solve but it can be done only if you have the knowledge of the minutest things. 


SEO for beginners

The book starts with the history and basic concept of SEO. It is a great book if you want to understand the concepts of SEO in detail. SEO is not an easy process and requires a lot of research and study. A digital marketer has to have proper knowledge of SEO if wants to succeed in this field. You must shop for this book and read it to understand the working mechanism of SEO. 


The Effortless Experience

Brand loyalty isn’t motivated by brand satisfaction or pleasure or customer service experiences, according to the book. It depends on how convenient it is for clients to do business with you, instead. The book cites, Loyalty is motivated by how well a company performs on its simple commitments and solves everyday issues, not how impressive the service experience may be. Many consumers don’t want to be perfect they want to experience an effortless one. And they’re much more likely to punish you for poor service than for good service.


Advanced Web Metrics

Finally, this is one of the best books that you must read. If you want to understand or are planning to monetise your website with google then you must have knowledge about analytics. Google Analytics is a simple yet confusing tool that keeps digital marketers on their toes. If you are one of those who love to play with traffic then you must read this book as it will help you understand the working mechanism of analytics in counting the traffic on your website. 


Final verdict

Though there is not a month specified to read books but still if you are looking for the best books to read in the month of July then you must shop for these ones. Shop for these books and enjoy reading them while you slurp on to your coffee. If you feel that there is any good book we missed out on then do let us know about the same.

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