Best Bowling Shoes for Women

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It’s Friday night, so who doesn’t like to go bowling? Bowling is such a fun game, winning or losing, getting pinned your name to the top of the scoreboard or the feeling of despair to see yourself as the lowest scorer. But with all of this fun, there’s a great deal of caution taken care of by the bowling alleys. As you have noticed that the bowling alleys provide your shoes according to your size. So, for the fun to be continued with the better performance we have brought the list of best bowling shoes for women.

Bowling shoes are shoes that are especially worn while bowling. These shoes have soft soles so that it doesn’t damage the bowling surface, also it has hard heels that are made of hard rubber. Usually, bowling shoes are a combination of leather and rubber but probably not that attractive.

 Best Bowling Shoes Which Can Give You A Better Experience 

The slippery surface of these shoes serves the purpose of throwing the balls at ease as it makes it quite easier for you to slide over the polish surface and release the ball towards the pins. If you’re not provided with such a pair of shoes then there’s a chance of missing shots as well as accidents. Accidents can be falling head over heel just like you have been falling for him/her. Just kidding. But a little bit of carelessness can create huge damage.

 If you often prefer bowling then you may have your own customized shoes too. As in having a slippery sole for the sliding foot and rubber soles for the nonsliding foot.

 But, wait a minute what do you have in it? Well, don’t you want to scatter all the pins with just one aim? Sure you do. And that is why we are here to offer you the 10 best bowling shoes exclusively for women so that you can have the best shot at it with that flawless aim of yours.

 Dexter Women’s Ana (Best Bowling Shoes for Women)

These shoes are perfect for the casual bowlers or if you are trying to improve in your game then Dexter Women’s Ana is the right choice for you. The slippery soles of this pair of shoes give you the comfort you seeking for as well as it will bring you back in your game with an enormous improvement. It comes in stylish variant so that you are having a trio of comfort, look, and better performance in here.


·       The Dexter Women’s Ana is made of soft man-made and Suede leather

·       These shoes come with a U-Throat upper pattern

·       The pair of shoes show a touch of plaid upper graphics to make it more attractive

·        Dexter Women’s Ana is fully lined with fabric and has a padded Tongue and Collar.

·       The rubber used in these shoes are non-marking with a raised heel

·       The pair of shoes also come with Microfiber S8 slide soles on both the shoes

Product Advantages

·       The pair of shoes are really comfortable to wear

·       The pattern in the shoes are stylish and will give you an amazing look

·       This pair of shoes provide a grip over the slippery floor that prevents any accidental fall

·       The pair of shoes have great durability and is easy to handle

·       An improvement in the performance is guaranteed with these shoes

Product Limitations

·       These shoes are a bit out of range if you prefer price over quality.


 BSI Women’s 460 Bowling Shoe (Best Bowling Shoes for Women)

One of the best bowling shoes for women, BSI Women’s 460 Bowling Shoe is affordable as well as it provides comfort while you are thriving with your amazing throws. If you are a beginner then nothing can be a better choice than this pair of shoes with the best endurance it provides.


·       BSI Women’s 460 Bowling Shoe has a seeking durable rubber outsole which is really lightweight.

·       This pair of shoes is made of action leather

·       These shoes have microfiber sliding sole that makes it easier to slide over the floor

·       The pair of shoes have sock lining or extra-plush insole to make it comfortable to wear

·       The length mentioned on the chart is actually the size of the inside of the shoes

Product Advantages

·       This pair of shoes are really economical

·       The comfort provided by these shoes are really applaudable

·       The inside of the shoes feel really soft making it easier to wear for a longer period of time

·       The BSI Women’s 460 Bowling Shoes are really durable

·       These shoes are not bulky making it quite easier to handle

Product Limitations

·       The ordering size can be tricky since you have to be careful while ordering as it takes the size of the inside of the shoes.

·       These pair of shoes are not that attractive so it looks like normal bowling shoes


Dexter Dani Bowling Shoes (Best Bowling Shoes for Women)

If you put comfort above all then there can’t be a better option than Dexter Dani Bowling Shoes. Moreover, if you are more distracted in your game, then these shoes are exceptionally comfortable keeping you scoring the best without even noticing them. These shoes make it quite easier for a flexible move, as it is not at all stiff.


·   The Dexter Dani Bowling Shoes are made of soft man-made uppers which are durable

·   These pair of shoes have a U-throat upper pattern giving it a stylish look

·   The pair has a lightly cushioned tongue and collar to provide the commendable comfort

·   These shoes have soft mesh fabric linings that give it a finished look

·   For additional comfort, the shoes are provided with a lightly cushioned foam footbed

Product Advantages

·       These shoes provide enormous comfort while bowling without any distraction

·       The pair has an attractive touch that makes it stand out among the other bowling shoes

·       The durability of these shoes are admirable

·       Striking the best shot becomes so much easier with these shoes

Product Limitations

·       One with wide feet may find it a little tight to wear as its design is more like a sneaker


Dexter Women’s Raquel V Bowling Shoes

The search for a pair of shoes that makes you feel comfortable and confident is over. The Dexter Women’s Raquel V Bowling Shoes is the best bowling shoes for women that provide an optimal amount of comfort with an attractive look making you more focused on your game than your shoes.


·       The shoes have a seamless toe design made of soft man-made upper

·       The  Dexter Women’s Raquel V Bowling Shoes have a Dex-Lite EVA outsole

·       A touch of Blucher lace-to-toe pattern makes it sophisticated to look

· This pair has horseshoe heels made of rubber

·       The soles of the shoes are Slide-Rite microfiber soles making it quite easy to slide.

Product Advantages

·       The shoes look really classy making you feel more confident in your game

·       The slippery soles give you an opportunity to win the game situation

·       The durability of these shoes is unquestionable

·       You get better in your game and start having fun at the same time

·       The pair of shoes are affordable

Product Limitations

·       None, Its the best you can get at a reasonable price


Dexter Women’s Vicky Bowling Shoes

Wanna get better in your game with all in one offer then Dexter Women’s Vicky Bowling Shoes is the best you can have. These shoes are for anyone, be it if you are a noob or a seasoned roller but you are promised an improved game. 


·       The pair of shoes feature a sleek, metallic accent

·       It is constructed with a man-made, soft upper for better endurance

·       For better ankle mobility, it has a U-throat upper that will avoid sprints

·       The shoes are fully fabric lined with padded tongue and collar to offer you the best comfortable

·       The outsole is made of non-marking rubber for a better grip

·       With the slippery sole, there’s stability required to avoid accidents which are provided by defined horseshoe heel

Product Advantages

·       A better performance with a great amount of stability is promised

·       The comforts you deserve is guaranteed in these shoes

·       More focussed game can be played with the less bulky nature of it

·       There’s no need for a break-in period required as you can use it right after unboxing it

·       You will wear just the right amount of fancy for your game

Product Limitations

·       There’s no limitation to these shoes, it would be the best choice you will make in this range


KR Strikeforce Nova Lite Women’s Bowling Shoe

If the maintenance of your bowling shoes seems a very handy job to do then why not go for the easy to handle bowling shoes. KR Strikeforce Nova Lite Women’s Bowling Shoe has so much to offer with its easy to maintain as well as the comforts that you will be more focused on your game.


·       The shoes come with a padded tongue and collar with a smooth-silky interior to take care of your foot and uplift your concentration in the game

·       The shoe features KR Kanvas uppers that makes it quite easier to clean and maintain the shoe

·       The outsole is made of non-marking rubber to provide grip

·       The shoes have 8 Microfiber Slide Pad on both sides with Flex Slide Technology that provides you the slippery sole supporting your performance

Product Advantages

·       These are really comfortable to wear

·       The maintenance of these shoes is much easier compared to other shoes

·       The pair has a promised durability making it worth the money

·       The shoes increase the performance with the mobility it offers

Product Limitations

·       The price can be a problem if you prefer the price over the quality of the products


Storm Skye Bowling Shoes For Women

To all the seasoned players, this pair of shoes are brought for you. Storm Womens Skye Bowling Shoes are an athletic line of bowling shoes, beyond the basic bowling shoes. So as a professional this is the best you can have.


·       The shoes have a synthetic upper

·       This pair of shoes have a padded tongue and collar for comfort to keep you not distracted from the game

·       During the flexible moves, to avoid sprints it has a U-throat upper pattern

Product Advantages

·       It helps you score the best in your game with better support

·       The shoes are really comfortable that makes it really wearable for a longer period of time

·       It has an amusing durability

·       The pair comes in different colors making it really attractive to wear with your confidence

Product Limitations

·       None, these are recommended for all the seasoned players to level up their game


Women’s Path Sport by Pyramid

These shoes have an athlete touch and so much more to offer. It offers quality, performance along style making you well equipped for your game. Such an attractive offer at a reasonable price is never a bad deal.


·       The shoes have metal eyelets and heavy-duty stitching giving it a finished look

·       The shoes have a padded tongue and collar to avoid distraction

·       The arch support provides flexible movement during the game without any sprints

·       The upper design of these shoes make it more comfortable to wear

Product Advantages

·       These shoes are athletic especially made for those who are bowling for long

·       The comfort it provides is remarkable as it increases the focus

·       These shoes look really attractive unlike some hideous bowling shoes

·       Durability is always being the top priority is promised by this pair of shoes

·       It is available at a reasonable price

Product Limitations

·       None, it is a fantastic choice for anyone to have the best experience in bowling


 KR Strikeforce Kross Black Purple Women’s Bowling Shoe

The more you practice more you become better at your own game. Constant support is provided by KR Strikeforce Kross Black Purple Women’s Bowling Shoe to be the top scorer of your bowling game. The durability, comfort ness these pair of shoes have are something you should be looking for.


·       The shoes are of soft man-made upper leveling up your game

·       These shoes provide lightweight support and enough breathability to thrive in your game

·       These are fully textile lined shoes with padded tongue and collar to provide you comfort while you are focussed on your game

·       The outsole made of non-marking rubber with a raised heel providing a better grip over the smooth floor

·       The sliding pair of shoes are made of 8 white microfiber slide pad on both sides with Flexslide technology

Product Advantages

·       The pair of shoes is really economical

·       These shoes are really comfortable to wear and do wonders in your game

·       The shoes have the best durability that makes it worth the money

·       These shoes look really pretty making you feel more confident and comfortable

Product Limitations

·       None, at such a reasonable price, this can be a better option to improve your performance


 Hammer Women’s Vixen Black/Magenta Right Handed

Looking for the best bowling shoes for women? If yes, These shoes promise you high performance in your game. If you want a style that would perfectly fit your attractive look and make you flawless on the floor. Then these shoes will be best for you.


·       The sole of the shoes is made of white microfiber that is durable and is soft providing an enduring performance.

·       The pair of shoes have a CMEVA outsole for a light and comfortable fit

·       For breathability and cushion, the insole of the pair of shoes have Ortholite 3D Deluxe insole

·       The shoes are provided with STA-DRY Open Mesh tongue and collar for better ventilation

·       H-Bar heel locking system and interchangeable slide pads and heel on the left shoe only for the right-handed bowler

Product Advantages

·       These shoes are really comfortable to wear and a performance booster

·       The durability of these shoes are worth the money

·       Style is never to be compromised with these pair of shoes

·       It is really easy to handle and maintain due to its lightweight trait

Product Limitations

·       These shoes are a little more expensive if you are a person who is concerned about the price than the quality of the product.


 Buying Guide For The Best Bowling Shoes For Women

Think about yourself, whether you’re a casual bowler or you regularly go bowling. If you’re a casual bowler then maybe you’d like to buy some cheap bowling shoes. But if you want to regularly bowl then buying a decent pair of bowling shoes is like making an investment for you. And you’ll be greatly benefitted from this investment. So the main items to remember before you buy your very own pair of the best bowling shoes are:

Type Of The Bowling Shoe

Many people don’t know that there are different kinds of bowling shoes that suit different needs. There are bowling shoes to the left as well as bowling shoes to the right. If it’s a slipping bowling shoe or a braking bowling shoe, you have to look at that before you buy. So if you’re right-handed then your right foot shoe is your braking shoe and vice versa with the bowling shoes on the left. So when looking for the right bowling shoes, pay careful attention to the style so you can pick the perfect bowling shoes for yourself.


Sliding when choosing the right bowling shoes is very important. You should ask yourself just how far you want to fall before you buy it. If you want a little slip when releasing the bowling ball, choose a pair of flat-bottomed bowling shoes. If at the time you release the ball you want to slip a little, then the best bowling shoe for you will be the one with a raised heel. The elevated heel allows the forward movement or thrust induced by the tendency of the heel to slip a little more than the flat sole bowling shoe.


The first important thing that you need to look at when you buy a pair of bowling shoes is the insoles. During your play, the insoles should be secure enough to help you.

This is especially important if you’re a professional player and have to play for hours longer. In case you buy your bowling shoes online, you can find it difficult to determine whether or not the insoles are comfortable.


Perhaps size is the most important factor to look into before you purchase a pair of bowling shoes. If you don’t fit the right foot, your performance can be badly damaged. Bowling shoes are designed to give you the perfect slide and help throughout your game. But this will only be successful if you have the correct size of your foot.

Nearly all bowling shoes come in a wide range of sizes. You need to find out the correct size that’s real to you. But shoes too tight or too loose on the bowling lane will make you feel awkward and will certainly downgrade your bowling results.

Comfort and Support

Even a pair of quality bowling shoes require comfort and support. These are particularly more relevant if you choose to wear it for longer periods.

Breathable fabric and extra padded cushions are required to make a nice pair of bowling shoes. The material’s breathability guarantees constant freshness and dry feet. Although padded cushions are given to give you additional comfort.

You will need to ensure your bowling shoes will provide outstanding support for you. This is needed to enhance your performance while providing a smooth slide to release the ball.


The last question you need to ask yourself after finding an answer to the above-mentioned questions is whether you want athletic bowling shoes or performance bowling shoes. If you’re a casual bowler and want a comfortable pair of bowling shoes, then the best bowling shoes for you are the bowling shoes in athletic style. Bowling shoes in an athletic theme have the appearance and design of traditional athletic shoes. Typically this style of shoes has sliding soles on both feet, and a good choice for beginners too. But if you’re at least once a week a professional bowler and bowl then you will be the perfect bowling shoes for you.

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