Guide to 90 ball bingo

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It’s the game everyone wants to play and is the most-loved bingo variation in the UK, with thousands of players enjoying the game every single day, especially online bingo. It’s so easy to play 90-ball bingo online, all players need to do is purchase bingo tickets via the digital host online and get playing at Barbados Bingo!

What does 90-Ball Bingo look like?

The layout of the game is straightforward and resembles a traditional style of bingo card featuring a 3×9 grid of numbers and each of the 9 boxes on the bingo card features 4 empty spaces and 5 numbers, with numbers 1-9 in the first column, 10-19 in the second column, 20-29 in the third column, 30-39 in the fourth column, 40-49 in the fifth column, 50-59 in the sixth column, 60-69 in the seventh column, 70-79 in the eighth column and finally 80-90 in the ninth column and finally.

Players can purchase a strip of six bingo cards per game and the 90 numbers are spread throughout the six bingo cards among blank spaces so that every strip of 6 bingo cards will contain the numbers 1-90.

How do you play 90-Ball Bingo?

The reason why 90-ball bingo is so popular is that not only is the game extremely fun but it’s also very easy to play, even for players who are completely new to the game of bingo. The bingo machine will draw out numbers 1-90 which is an online bingo game will be generated by computer software and every number will only be selected once in each game. In an online bingo game, you will have the option to check off your numbers yourself or make use of a handy auto-dab feature, so that there’s no chance of you missing a number!

Is it easy to win?

Bingo is the ultimate game of chance, so there’s no skill involved whatsoever in 90-ball bingo and it’s all down to luck whether you win! There are three ways to win 90-ball bingo, players can either win one line, two lines or the full house. One line will be won if a player gets all of the number on a single row on their bingo card, a two-line win will be if a player covers all number on either two or three-row on any bingo card and finally the full house will be won if a player covers all of the numbers on all three of the rows on their bingo card.

Top tips for 90-Ball Bingo

Before you dive right in and play, although it’s very easy to learn how to play, be sure to known the rules before you play as the game can be very fast-paced so it’s good to know what you’re doing before you play so you can concentrate on the prize money and making sure you don’t miss a number! Although you can’t do anything to influence the outcome of the game, many players play multiple bingo cards in each round and not just a single bingo card to increase their chances of winning.

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