Is Losing Streak In Slots A Thing Or Is It A Myth?

slot machine looser

With the odds stacked against you and slots giving the house the biggest edge of all casino games, losing streaks in slots are very real. This is not a fact that is exclusive to slots players either. All gamblers experience losing far more often than they experience winning.  Some punters break their losing streaks with small wins whilst some end it in spectacular fashion by bagging a jackpot – visit WizardSlots.

Random Spins and Results

The reason why the slot world can be an unpredictable one to navigate through is because each slot spin is randomly generated to guarantee player fairness. Digital slots use what is known in the industry as an RNG or Random Number Generator microchip to produce these random spins. This is not exclusive to slots as this computer chip determines even bingo ball calls as well. Player’s luck is all down to being on the right slot at the right time because hidden amongst the thousands of losing spins, are spins that trigger bonuses and spins with big wins attached to them.

Bonus Cash

If you are on a long losing streak it really can help if you have a complete change of scene and join a brand new reputable casino. If you do this you will most likely be welcomed with a generous bonus package consisting of a deposit match up and free spins. These cash bonuses can really help players lift themselves out of a losing streak and the addition of free spins can also help boost your balance.

Don’t Bet High To Chase Losses

A cautious approach to a losing streak is best and this means betting low and being patient for the wins to start building once more. Cautious betting is kind to your casino bankroll and if you are not a high rolling gambler, low staking can keep you in the game longer.

Choose Your Slots Carefully

A losing streak can actually be influenced by the slot games you choose to play. Many gamblers just dive straight into a slot that interests them but if you pick slots from their RTP or Return To Player percentage scores, then you could actually decrease your chances of constantly losing.

RTP Explained

The RTP score of a slot actually refers to the percentage a slot is likely to return of the staking money a punter puts into a game. It doesn’t guarantee a win but slots with RTP scores above 96% are definitely worth investing in. Finding a slot with this score is not hard, as any decent slots casino will display the RTP by each game. Not all high RTP games are boring either, just because they have high scores, does not prevent them from offering big wins and having interesting base games and bonus rounds. Swedish design studio Thunderkick’s 1429 Uncharted Seas is probably one of the best slots with a high RTP score and at 98.6% it is one of the highest out there.

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