Best Cricket Kits To Shop For In 2020

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Cricket has always been the most favourite sport of Indians. The country is filled with crazy fans that can go to any limit. Whether you want to play cricket professionally on the street or at a pitch, it can be quite useful to have a cricket kit. Such cricket kits come with various things that can be useful during cricket play. You can also buy one for yourself, considering the following factors:

Size Of The Bat

Yes!! When shopping for the best cricket kits, you need to pay extra attention to the size of the cricket bat. It has to be perfect; otherwise, you will not be able to enjoy the sport with full comfort. There are different types of bats available in the market. Some are made from the Kashmir willow wood, and some have been carved from a simple one.

The Gear

It would help if you were sure that the protective gear has enough padding to help you play your game without getting hurt. A general kit will offer you knee pad, elbow covers, helmet, abdominal area protection and gloves. The cushion in gear has to be perfect and well sewn so that it does not wear out easily.


Always keep in mind that all of your cricket kit pieces are made from high-quality material. The guards and the gloves should be made from PVC and cotton padding of outstanding quality. The clothing will be wear-resistant so that it can last a long time. Consequently, the kit’s longevity is an important aspect you should remember.

Carrying Bag

The cricket kit that you are planning to shop for must-have a carry bag along with it. The kit must be big enough to fill all your essentials into it and must be lightweight to take it along anywhere you want to.

Today we’re here with some of India’s best cricket kits, along with all of their features and choices. Also, in this article, we have given a thorough buying guide where you can find different aspects of these cricket kits. Even if you want to buy a cricket kit in India, make sure that you go through this article to the end.

Handle Type

The bat’s handle is also essential as it helps make those unbelievable shots. A short handle encourages you to do exactly that because it allows you to go for the long shorts. Make sure the handle comes with a strong grip, so the bat doesn’t fall out of your grasp. Pick the size of a bat depending on your age and needs.


Fit is the number one aspect you should carefully consider when purchasing your cricket kit. The cricket cap, gloves, and pads must be a good match, so your mobility and vision won’t be limited.

Only bear in mind that if the equipment is too loose, it will immediately detriment the health and security standard. It should not be too loose or too tight to fit.

Features Of Adjustment

Of course, you can’t forget to make sure you have adjustment features and nut settings for the items you will be buying. That will improve your game performance and allow you to play comfortably. The products are easy to change with careful testing. Because you can make quick changes and change settings, you can make sure that your equipment really suits you well.


It’s important that you pay attention to your budget. There are plenty of good cricket kits you can purchase from about INR 2,000 to INR 3,000. Setting a budget will help you narrow your options down. When you’re going to play cricket sports more often, then you’ll need to consider investing in a more affordable and fair price for cricket kits. There are plenty of different cricket kits out there, and it’s important to note that not all of them are made equally. Cricket kits belonging to the low-price range cost around INR 1,000 in this buying guide.

Things To Consider When Shopping For Best Cricket Kits

Let us have a look at the important things you need to keep in mind before you plan out to finalise your deal on a cricket kit. Such items can be very useful to consider their variations and to buy the right one. It is very useful because various users in a cricket kit are searching for different things. Because of this, some of you might get confused when you buy a cricket kit where this buying guide can come in very handy when you buy one. In this purchase guide, you can find various important aspects of the cricket kits. You can then follow it until the end and buy the perfect cricket kit for you:

Quality Of The Bat

Since those kits are designed for cricket play, the cricket bat itself is the most important thing to test when buying one. While some cricket kits come with a wooden bat, others can have one made of plastic. As you’d expect, while buying a cricket kit, a wooden bat is considered the best option. You can even find different kinds of wooden cricket bats out there where the best one is considered to be Kashmir willow wood bats. The bat included in your cricket kit should fit you to your height so that you can use it with no problems.

Protection Guards

One of the biggest differences between purchasing a cricket bat and a kit is that you are getting multiple guards. They make sure you don’t get hit by a ball and get hurt. Cricket kits often come with several guards to protect any part of your body. It includes ankle guards, ankle guards, and the abdominal guards themselves. They are useful for the safety of your body parts as you would expect.

Quality Of The Ball

Some cricket kits also have a cricket ball in them which allows you to start playing immediately. Much like a cricket kit’s cricket bat, various kits come with different kinds of cricket balls inside them. These can include choices such as rubber balls, tennis balls and in some cases, even a leather ball. Specific balls are useful for playing in areas such as the lane, the park or on the pitch. Though most cricket players prefer to purchase a cricket ball separately when they purchase cricket kits.

Abdomen Protection Guards

Also known as the Abdo guard, “box” is a defensive gear to the groin. It’s one of the cricket kit’s most important parts to give you maximum security. Just go out to bat as much as possible without wearing an Abdo guard and don’t expect to be able to borrow easily from your co-players as a kit normally contains only one abdo guard.

Best Cricket Kits To Shop For

As you know the important things to be kept in mind for buying the best cricket kit, you need to ensure you get your hands on the best one. Let us have a look at the best cricket kits available for you:

IWIN Cricket Kit (Best Cricket Kits)

The IWIN cricket kit is a cricket kit of high quality constructed from PVC material. This full set includes arm guards, thigh guards, batting leg guards, and hand gloves to beat. It comes in orange and is suitable for young people.


  • The leg guard is made of facing PVC and has low-density ambidextrous padding with cashmilon foam.
  • The pair of leg guards have low-density foam filled with Vertical Bolster PVC Instep and extra protection at the edges.
  • This is made of a durable material and high quality.


Sports Hub Full Cricket Kit

This cricket kit is appropriate for all age groups because it comes in different sizes. Also, it contains all the equipment you need to play the cricket game, including Sporty Stumps. The items are made of material of good quality which makes it durable and wear-resistant too. Also, the Kashmir Willow bat comes with a cover to always keep it protected.

  • It includes a covered Kashmir Willow cricket bat, batting gloves, helmet, leg guard, abdominal guard, arm guard and a kit bag.
  • The kit bag consists of heavy-duty nylon material.
  • Displayed in different sizes.
  • It comes along with sporty stumps, too.


Klapp Champion Cricket Kit (Best Cricket Kits)

For any intermediate stage cricket player, the Klapp Champion Cricket kid is a suitable alternative. The kit comes with a Kashmir Willow bat, which comes along with a strong grip in different sizes. The kit bag is compact and can accommodate all your equipment, including the batting gloves, thigh pad, arm cover, bat and abdominal cover. With its steel grill, polypropylene shell, and impact-resistant capability, the helmet also ensures superior protection.


  • The kit includes-1 Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat, one pair of pads, one pair of batting gloves, one cricket cap, one thigh pad, one arm guard, one abdominal cover, and one kit bag.
  • The gloves are made from cotton and PVC.
  • The kit bag is made of matte material and includes one large compartment and four pockets.
  • The helmet is made of polypropylene shell and comes with a steel grill that can be modified for superior protection.
  • Leg protection is made of cotton filled knee rolls made of PVC material.
  • The bat comes with choices on size.
  • Suitable for stage Intermediate.


Cricket World Junior (Best Cricket Kits)

This cricket kit is for players 13 years and older. It comes with the requisite accessories required for cricket play. The kit includes a cricket helmet too. That is, if you want to play cricket, you don’t have to buy a helmet separately.

Perhaps the helmet is the most important protective gear at cricket games. So, it’s nice to know that the gear is already on this kit.

Batting leg guards, arm guards, thigh guards, batting gloves and an abdominal guard are other devices included. These are made of lightweight material that is durable and can withstand wear and tear.


  • This collection includes leg guards, arm guards, batting gloves, abdominal guards, thigh guards and a cricket helmet.
  • Red hand batting gloves are made from high-quality cotton palm.
  • Batting leg guard comes in gold, made from high-quality PVC facing.
  • Cricket helmet comes in blue navy colour
  • Great for practices, school matches and preparation


CW Academy Cricket Kit (Best Cricket Kits)

The kit comes with a Kashmir Willow bat that features a short handle to play amazing shots comfortably. The helmet and the guards provide full security for any cricketer in the best possible way. It also comes with lightweight finger roller gloves made of a cotton lined with mesh for ventilation. In addition, the wheel-based spacious kit bag provides enough space in the side pocket for holding all your belongings along with the bat.


  • The kit includes a short-sleeved Kashmir Willow bat.
  • It comes with a big kit bag with side bat pocket on wheelbase.
  • The pair of leg guards are made of PVC and come with padding with a lightweight.
  • The ball in leather is hand-stitched and fully waterproof.
  • The helmet offers complete head protection, and it comes with braces with fixed grills.
  • The batting gloves are made of a combination of PVC and leather
  • The kit bag provides more room for storage.
  • The finger wraps complete with cotton gloves, and the thumbs come with mesh for ventilation.
  • It comes complete with abdominal, hip, and arm guards.


SG Economy (Best Cricket Kits)

If you want your kids to get a better quality cricket kit, this one’s for you? The accessories included in this sg cricket kit help you keep your children healthy when playing the game. Make sure your kids have the proper protective gear before playing the game, as cricket is very dangerous. Despite the fact that the accessories are made of plastic, they are very durable and will last long. If you decide to buy this kit, it will be money well spent. The helmet is not included in this package, so you have to make a separate order for it sadly.


  • A handy bag to keep all the accessories together after you play
  • Price zipper on the bag and enduring accessories for crickets
  • Comes with one pair of batting pads, a pair of thigh pads, an abdominal guard, a pair of batting gloves, a cricket bat, a cricket helmet and a cricket bat
  • Made from top-quality plastic
  • A stylish style that junior players like
  • Good for children who want to play the game
  • Comes with flexible gears
  • Appealing style
  • The rationale for a quality price
  • Built from strong quality material


Frequently Asked Questions

Is It True That Cricket Kits Are Very Expensive?

There are kits you can buy about 2,000 INR’s. It has all the necessary equipment to start playing cricket you’ll ever need. The consistency could still be improved though. If you intend on regularly playing the sports, then the kits belonging to low and mid-price ranges will work just fine.

If you’re looking forward to playing regularly or are training for an upcoming cricket match, then you’ll have to invest in safe and reliable cricket kits. The one belonging below the high price range will send you just that.

How To Make Sure That The Cricket Ball I Select Is Correct?

Know your aim to buy a cricket ball. For league matches, training and recreational cricket there is another ball. Just make sure you know what you will be using it too.

Is It Essential To Wear Cricket Pads?

Yes, that’s absolutely necessary. We don’t like the idea for some players, because it prevents them from moving freely, particularly when they’re at their batting stance. The padding offers players better protection. The key is to pick the one that suits your type of body so that you can move quickly.

How Can I Pick The Right Cricket Bag?

The cricket bag requires durable braces. Many bags also have a wheel that lets you hold your bag. Your cricket bag needs to be made of quality so that it can hold all of your cricket equipment comfortably and securely.

Which Willow Is Considered To Be Best For Cricket Kits?

English Willow is considered the best cricket bats material because it is springy, has the highest consistency, and it is one of the finest woods. They’re very costly, though. At the other hand, Kashmir Willow is less springy. Still, it is much more natural than English Willow cricket bats which also makes it an acceptable option.


This was all about the best cricket kits available in India for you to shop from. If you are looking for the best options then you must have a look at our buying guide and keep the important tips in mind. 

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