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Are you planning to shop for the best gaming keyboards? Is it true that you have been searching for the best gaming keyboards but cannot get the best option out there? Let us help you out with our buying guide. We will discuss all the essential things you need to know before you get your hands on the best gaming keyboards and then offer you the best options. 

A standard keyboard works excellent only for most of the work. But the value of a kind gaming keyboard can only be understood by a real gamer as these use mechanical switches instead of a simple cone. It improves the gaming experience with correct clicks and without ghosting.

If you’re looking for an online gaming keyboard, you’ll see thousands of options. So, we are listing some of the best gaming keyboards in India to help you pick a decent one.

Essential Things To Consider When Shopping For Best Gaming Keyboards

Let us look at the critical points you need to keep in mind when shopping for the best gaming keyboards:

Mechanical Or Membrane

If you choose a mechanical keyboard or a membrane one, it is all your preference. Typically speaking, membrane keyboards are silent, and critical movement is less than mechanical keyboards. Mechanical keyboards are clicky, though, and deliver a great gaming experience.


As we all know, no matter where a keyboard is being used, how much tension it takes. So the keyboard’s construction quality must be robust enough to withstand an angry gamer’s hostility.

Macro Keys

Most gaming keyboards come with a set of remappable macro keys. Once in-game, it means you can configure them to perform some different tasks, which will save you a lot of time and game better.

Buying Guide For Best Gaming Keyboards

A gaming keyboard isn’t your Office keyboard run-of-the-mill. It’s not like you were ordering the first online keyboard you’ve seen. With a more significant price tag, the right gaming keyboard comes in. Also, there are other things such as efficiency, lighting, style, etc. Until you look at your wallet, you need to test all of them.

But that won’t be easy for a prospective buyer. And it will be a great help to them to go through this buying guide.

Types Of Keyboards

Keyboards can be further divided into three groups if we come to quality build. All-purpose keyboards, MMO keyboards, and last but not least, the Tenkeyless keyboards.

All-Purpose Keyboard

All the lower-end gaming keyboards can be considered a manual for all purposes. Those are the standard office keyboards that are perfect for Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA), First Person Shooter (FPS), and Real-Time Strategy (RTS), etc. They are primarily membrane keys and often come with mechanical key sets. Macro buttons may be visible, or may not. We are less effective when it comes to competitive play.

Tenkeyless Keyboards

These keyboards are designed for gamers as well but are portable. They don’t have the numeric keys, so they tend to be smaller and lighter. It only takes a little space and is very easy to carry around.

MMO Keyboards

Such keypads are intended for games. If you’re a professional gamer who swears by winning a game, you need to have a keyboard with MMO. Traditional MMO keyboards have six macro keys that allow more advanced models to have as many as 18 macro keys to give you full control over the character. Such power comes with a hefty price tag. In comparison, the MMO keyboards are always more substantial and bigger.

What Is The Difference Between Mechanical And Membrane Keyboards?

Mechanical Keyboard

A mechanical keyboard is just like typewriters of the old day. There is an automatic switch underneath each ring. These are more complex switches having their housing, spring, and shaft. They’re highly tactile with a clicking sound and spring back.

The keys are thicker and much taller. We offer reviews quicker and are much more reliable. They are also robust. On average, per key will take 40-50 million clicks. And they’re much more costly for apparent reasons.

Membrane Keyboard

Membrane-based keys lie on a pad made of rubber or silicon, i.e., a membrane. To register a keystroke, you must press the key down. We lack a “click” sound, which sometimes makes it difficult to be sure that you’ve pressed the key entirely.

Such keyboards are cheaper in that they are easier to manufacture. The style is slimmer and quieter too. Yet those squishy and mushy keypads with a smaller key travel do not work well enough for hard-core gaming.

Best Gaming Keyboards To Shop For In 2020

Let us have a look at the best gaming keyboards to shop for in 2020:

Corsair K70 (Best Gaming Keyboards)

Another offering from Corsair and this one is a much smaller variant of the above. The K70 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is intended for pro-gamers.

Even this is a high-end mechanical keyboard. As it is a gaming keyboard, its fantastic gaming quality occupies the place. Besides that, it is also known for its exceptionally smooth precision in typing.

It is fitted with a single Red LED backlight with a Cherry MX switch, which gives you extra reliability. It has a total of 104 keys, including six programmable ones. With game interruptions, it will provide you with excellent gaming experience and changeable audio features.


  • Actuation force: trigger pressure of 45 g
  • Actuation: just 1.2 mm
  • HID keyboard recording speed is 1000 Hz
  • Single color backlight with adjustable rear lighting per key
  • Strong corsair utility engine
  • Pass-by USB port
  • Soft-touch detachable wrist rests
  • Controls devoted to multimedia
  • Adjustable audio without interrupting the games
  • Even, because of the Cherry MX Speed Switches, all keys deliver 100 percent anti-ghosting and precise and accurate clicking.
  • Instead of linear movement and quick registration, these kinds of switches are ideal for gaming because every millisecond is precious in games.
  • Moreover, saving key mappings for three different users gets eight mb profile data.
  • Also, it is a full-size keyboard and has six additional G keys on the extreme left side that can be remapped to navigate the content as per your in-game requirements quickly.


HyperX Alloy (Best Gaming Keyboards)

HyperX is one of the largest producers of mobile gaming and is loved by the majority of out there professionals. While this brand’s items are not quite pocket-friendly, if you have a budget of 5000, you can always manage to get your hands on the HyperX Alloy FPS Pro.

This market-leading brand uses mechanical switches from another company leading in the market. The Cherry MX Blue switches are the best you can find on the market if your ears hear the clicky sound of music. Yet it’s loud enough also to annoy others.


  • This keyboard comes with a steel frame, and from every inch of this keyboard, you should expect some pretty decent quality.
  • HyperX has failed to include a Numpad on this to save some space and make it lightweight because it is more focused on gaming.
  • Apart from that, the keyboard’s braided cable is also detachable, making it easier to carry along.
  • It sports single red color lighting with dynamic breathing effects to add the gaming touch, which is a signature of HyperX too.
  • In addition, the N-Key Rollover ensures that no anti-ghosting and double-click registrations are available, which makes it best for FPS gaming action.


Cosmic Byte (Best Gaming Keyboards)

Cosmic byte has always played an important part in a gamer’s life. Cosmic byte CB-GK-11 is an acceptable gaming keyboard that provides RBG backlight, MX Brown switches, and a hard aluminum frame.

This keyboard can also be used for typing as a general one, and also for mild gaming. With gaming history, MX Brown switches, anti-ghosting, and affordable price tag, the best multi-purpose gaming keyboard here take 9th spot in our list and in our view.

The keypad is made entirely of aluminum. It’s sturdy, and it looks strong. There is no such noise in typing, so there is strong input from typing. This has an extra Windows lock turn that can help you experience uninterrupted gaming


  • Keys to Anti-Ghost: Indeed! All
  • Actuation force: trigger pressure of 45 g
  • Utilization: 2 mm
  • 13 LED backlight color, 3 level luminosity adjustment, 4 level backlight speed adjustment
  • N-Tail roller
  • Hotkeys with multi-function and eight interactive keys
  • Compatibility for Windows, iOS, and Androids
  • The keyboard comes with a flap and rubber pads like all normal ones.
  • The keys here are raised, and the RGB lighting gives an acrylic shell more vibrancy.
  • The keys are electronic and have tactile and sensitive cherry blue switches.
  • The business offers a two-year guarantee.


Red Gear (Best Gaming Keyboards)

Redgear, as a company, has gained quite a reputation in the market for gaming peripherals and all the right reasons. With a beautiful mixture, they have elegance, functionality, and usability, and that too, at an affordable price tag.

The Redgear Blaze 3 is a proper keyboard for gaming with backlit keys, ergonomic design, and useful all-round functionality.

This keyboard is the cheapest on our list! And that’s this keyboard’s principal USP. With floating style keycaps, anti-ghost technology, three-color backlighting, Cherry MX red key types — specially marketed for gaming, this one is, in our opinion, an absolute value-for-money choice and the best budget-friendly gaming keyboard.


  • Keys Anti-Ghost: Indeed! 19
  • Actuation force: trigger pressure of 45 g
  • Utilization: 2 mm
  • 3 The LED backlight in color
  • Integrated help to the wrist
  • Main caps travel
  • Windows lock key
  • The life span of 10 million keystrokes
  • The keyboard top sheet is made with aluminum making it robust and has plastic content of the highest quality underneath.
  • It seems like a generic mechanical keyboard with LEDs and accents to gaming
  • It has the floating keycaps styled to give it the genuine mechanical feel.
  • It comes with a powerful USB 2.0 cord, offering zero latency
  • The keyboard has two raisers and rubber feet to offer comfort and hold the keys.


Ant Esports (Best Gaming Keyboards)

Ant Esports is one of the few gaming hardware manufacturers that specialize. It is a very young business but has gained attention because of its offering value for money.

The Ant Esports MK1000 is a sturdy mechanical keyboard with multi-color backlighting and a rollover configuration with 87 keys.

This particular MK1000 model is Tenkeyless; thus, it doesn’t come with a Numpad. It is an 87-key compatible anti-ghosting keyboard with one of the built-in most dynamic and customizable lighting effects. It has a backlight of 6 colors, with each row having its unique color. 9 Lighting effects and two dedicated lighting effects slots.


  • Utilisation: 2 mm
  • Cherry Blue MX Keys
  • Dedicated play mode
  • 87-Rollover N-key
  • Keys Anti-Ghost: Indeed! 87 keys
  • Actuating force: trigger pressure of 60 g
  • Easy access controls for lighting effect control, Windows Key Lock, presents, gaming mode, etc.
  • 6-Color single row backlight with dedicated lighting effects.
  • The key caps that give you great key travel are suspended. Adds up the keyboard’s mechanical look.
  • The USB cable is durable, comes with its lid, and is long enough to fit any need.
  • It has two flaps and rubber feet for height adjustment and to avoid slipping.
  • Using membrane technology, the keyboard feels like typing on a mechanical screen.
  • The company gives a year warranty.


Circle Ballistic (Best Gaming Keyboards)

Perhaps this is the oddest looking board on the list. For the money, maybe it’s the best keyboard.

It has 104 + 8 standard customizable + hybrid mechanical key-switches for media access. Some of the keys serve a dual purpose in the top left corner, with the Dual Function key’s aid.


  • Looks are truly unique.
  • The dual Macro function key is an excellent addition.
  • Pressure Knob feels well applied.
  • It also has built-in Memory Card Reader, Volume Control Knob, and USB 2.0 port.
  • The only drawback is that it weighs almost 2.5 kgs, making it much less compact.
  • It’s a high-functionality keyboard though overall.
  • It has flaps and rubber base which run along the keyboard length which holds it in place even when the surface is uneven.
  • The keyboard has software that controls the macro keys.
  • This is not a mechanical keyboard; only electronic technology is apprised.
  • The keyboard has dedicated media controls for faster and quicker administration.
  • The firm provides a two-year warranty.


Why Look For A Gaming Keyboard?

Most games seem to last a long time, even skilled players and gaming fans play together for hours, so the keyboard needs to be stable and secure. Game keyboards are designed to match your hands to help avoid muscle strain, and the keys are also full and well-spaced to give you easy access.

The time between a loss and a win on most games is a matter of a second. The gaming board’s mechanical keys provide a smoother typing experience, and thus do typing fast, which directly affects the reflex actions taken, thus saving crucial time.

Gaming keyboards give you the option of assigning essential functions and moves to the macros, which can give you an edge over the other gamers out there.

Other than that, the macro keys can be allocated to roles differently in various games you are playing, making macros one of a gaming keyboard’s most beneficial features.


The list has keypads for all sorts of users, as you can see for yourself. If you want a great typing experience, or you want to win over your friends while playing games, you can select any keyboard you want. Some of you will also need some support in choosing the best gaming keyboard from this list, though. Well, if you ask us, we have in mind some items which will be an excellent choice for you to choose from.

For those looking for a budget-friendly model, we recommend the Cosmic Byte CB-GK-12 Neon Rainbow Backlit Mechanical Keyboard, as it doesn’t require much from your pockets and still offers a great typing experience due to its Jixian Blue Switches. There are no compromises on the design of the build as the frame in aluminum is very solid and does not feel cheap at all.

Nevertheless, if you ask us the gaming keyboard is the most expensive you can choose, we’ll pick the CORSAIR K95 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard without even thinking twice. The other keyboards, however, are great too, but the K95 has six additional macro keys which provide extreme convenience while playing. In addition, the RGB lighting effects on this keyboard are way too beautiful that you can also tweak to your taste using the iCUE app.

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