Best cycles for men to shop for in 2020

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Learning to ride a bike is one of the most valued childhood experiences for most people. Still, we all seem to be discarding our bicycles somewhere down the line in favor of ‘grown-up’ toys like cars and motorbikes. Our question is, why confine yourself to only one set of wheels? Cycling comes with a whole host of advantages, and the best part is that you don’t have to practice to experience them at a Tour de France stage! Even if it’s for a short time, cycling every day is excellent for your well-being. It saves the environment and contributes to some significant financial savings.

Choosing a cycle can be a daunting task in India because there are so many market choices. Choosing the best cycle in India can be time consuming.

Before you leap into buying a cycle, there are a lot of considerations you need to bear in mind. Verify that you know your needs well. This will help you choose the correct loop.

Various cycle forms can be found, such as mountain cycles, road cycles, etc. Knowing about the intent of buying a cycle is clear to you. If that’s done, you can opt for a period that fits your needs.

If you’re still puzzled, though, you can go through the purchasing guide below, or you can also scroll down to the product list. I’ve made sure to bring in all the best brands and keep in mind the demands that one might have.

So let’s hop into the post without any further delay.

Best cycles for men in 2020

Here is a quick rundown of the best cycles for men you must look out for in 2020:

Hero Koyoto (Best cycles)

Thanks to its lightweight aluminum frame, suspension fork, all-terrain tires, and powerful hydraulic disc brakes, Hero Koyoto is probably India’s best hybrid vehicle. Thanks to the internal cable routing, it has a sleek look and is equally at home on smooth city roads, gravel, and raw paths. Compatibility with DuoTrap S makes it easy to monitor your rides wirelessly to set your fitness goals (and achieve them). The wide range of choices you can make to it when it comes to gears, mounts, and modifications add to its incredible versatility.


Kross K40 (Best cycles)

Who says you can’t feel the joys of cycling in the crowded and cramped city? The Kross k40 iBike sports a lightweight steel frame, sturdy nylon tires, and Alloy V brakes, allowing you to weave in quickly and out of traffic. The bird-type steel handlebars and the foam saddle ensure a comfortable ride. Simultaneously, the innovative fast release front wheel and other deficient maintenance components make it arguably India’s best bicycle for an urban setup.


Cannondale trail (Best cycles)

The latest version of the super-popular Trail from Cannondale brings with it a superior level of performance and handling, which justifies the hefty price tag. Its progressive geometry, high-end design, and advanced frame technology make a noticeable difference from the first pedal stroke you can experience. All these features are embedded within a stable structure that holds you upright and helps you keep your eyes looking forward, increasing vision and power.


Hero Sprint (Best cycles)

The hero sprint is suitable for riders who want to conquer unforgiving terrain on their bikes. It features a 24-speed drivetrain, a Suntour Remote Lockout suspension, and robust 29er wheels. These heavy-duty features allow you to conquer the most challenging paths. At the same time, the stylish colors make sure you look fabulous while you’re doing it!


Triad (Best cycles)

The Triad  provides the rider with complete control from start to finish thanks to its powerful disc brakes and the SLA Disk made of super lightweight triple-butted 6061 aluminum cable. Come sunlight or rain, and there are no conditions this high-performance bike can’t master, setting it apart from the rest by its stiffness-to-weight ratio.


Hero Blast 20T (Best cycles)

The Hero Blast 20T s a powerful bike that can be considered at the same time by those who are trying to stay fit as the perfect bicycle for beginners in India, and also the ideal machine for experienced cyclists on the quest for new challenges. Its 3 Triple-Butted Alloy frame and rigid steel fork help it dominate roads and trails, while the sleek design promises to turn heads too.


Montra Helicon (Best cycles)

If you’re looking for beginners’ road bikes, then the Montra Helicon Disc is the perfect match for you. The potent combination of the rigid fork and the thick, durable tires helps to negotiate smooth and stylish bumpy paths. At the same time, the lightweight aluminum alloy frame and disc brakes provide improved handling. Delivered to you 90 percent completed, before embarking on the first trip, you can put the final touches on it just the way you like them.


Giant Escape (Best cycles)

The Giant Escape 2 is a game for any adventure, whether you want to race in smooth city streets or bumpy trails. Its ALUXX lightweight aluminum frame and smooth, stable 700c wheels allow you to master any surface while the upright geometry and wide gear range further enhance your ride’s quality. Giant SX-3 puncture-resistant tires and integrated rack mounts keep you rolling under the most challenging conditions, making this the best bicycle in India in terms of sheer versatility.


VIVA SX (Best cycles)

One of Viva’s most extended running models, the Avalanche, features a high-end aluminum 6061 T6 frame with Triple Triangle, combined with Tektro disc brakes and All Terra Cypher tires. These features make riding on the most challenging terrain easy, so if you’ve been looking for such a bike, this is India’s best bike to do so.


Firefox Compac (Best cycles)

Say goodbye to the fight with the Firefox Kompac for parking spaces, whose steel frame (available in black and white variants) can be folded and stowed away, freeing up precious space. That’s not the only good thing here though-with steel V brakes and alloy rims, when unfolded, it’s a great performer too!


Polygon Xtrada (Best cycles)

The Polygon Xtrada 6 meets all your needs, whether you’re an ardent racer or just a daily commuter! Its ALX super-light aluminum frame 6061 hydroformed uses heat-treated, hydroformed, and butted tubing to provide an ideal weight-to-weight ratio. At the same time, the boost system also improves maneuverability. Polygon’s Wheel Fit Size Method combines each frame size with the wheel size that suits the rider best, facilitating maximum performance and power transfer.


Pedal Ease (Best cycles)

It might feature a retro style and seven gear settings, but what makes the lightweight pedal ease India’s best hybrid bicycle is the fact it can be easily folded and stowed away! The Vise-Grip technology lattice-forged hinge frame guarantees to ride comfort while the aluminum rims and brakes provide full street agility.


TRIAD M24 (Best cycles)

The TRIAD M24 is excellent for you, for professional cyclists who want to travel long distances. A Shimano drivetrain, RockShox, Bontrager Kovee Tubeless Ready fork wheels, and hydraulic disc brakes make it suitable for rough terrain. Not only are its components robust but also lightweight, which means it can be easily transported, allowing you to take your dream cycling trips around the world.


Hero Traveller

The Hero is one of India’s most well-known cycle brands, and at some point in time, most of us have probably had a Hero cycle. We have come to expect service cycles from Hero at incredibly reasonable rates. This particular offer confirms why this is the case. It’s available in a range of color options. It provides excellent value for money if you’re only looking for India’s best bicycle for everyday use.


Roadeo (Best cycles)

One of the finest in the Roadeo series, the A475, comes with a 6061 alloy frame (in various colors) with disc brakes and quick-fire thumb shifters with 21-speed Shimano. A threadless alloy stern supports the front suspension while the progressive nylon tire treads ensure a smooth ride. The sleek saddle offers added comfort, placed on top of a fast release seat post, which allows you to make micro-adjustments as necessary.


Things To Know Before Buying A Cycles In India

Buying a perfect cycle that is supposed to fit our form of body and, most importantly, it should be comfortable. Some of you may find that a daunting task.

Several variables play a crucial role at the same time. People in India appear to spend some 4,000 on a cycle and might even spend some 60,000.

They want the product to be as they wish it to be. Therefore it would be the best preferred choice to understand your requirement and go through a buying guide before investing your money.

For your convenience, the most important and all the relevant points have been identified.

If the individual is concerned about the ever-increasing prices of fossil fuel and its environmental impact, they would have thought about more environmentally friendly transport alternatives. And it’s no wonder they choose cycling because of the added benefits of exercise. If they have an 8-gear MTB or a super lightweight Road bike, they’re not bothered. They’re just looking for a good bike that suits their wallet and will last long. In my view, they really should suggest a single-speed traffic loop.

If the individual is a trekking/travelling jungle who loves to explore and conquer man-powered mountains alone, they will opt for cycling. These people need suitable long-distance cycles which give a lot of comforts. So for the bumpy-rocky track, you need suspension and bigger tires for traction on the gravel roads. They should be going to an MTB. They must learn how to fix their wheel, such as replacing a punctured tire, adjusting the shifters and derailers, etc.

If the person lives in the area, lives near his workplace, and is looking for a regular exercise that will keep them safe, cycling is their best option. An Electric Bike is the best alternative for the urban citizen. It looks like an MTB, but it’s as light as a road bike. Some come with no suspension. This set has lots of choices. I own an absolute 1.9 Fuji. It doesn’t have a suspension but is super fast. It took me some time to decide which one I should buy. I am incredibly pleased with the choice I made.

Types Of Cycles 

Let us have a look at different types of cycles in India

Mountain cycle

On hearing the name only, you can think about it. It is intended for hilly or mountainous regions. These types of cycles are used for rugged surface cycling. Though you can use it on the regular surface, it can feel heavy and can work slowly compared to the mountain or rocky areas.

Road Cycle

In addition to the lightweight frames, the road cycles are fitted with skinny tires. It is mainly intended for maximum speed with the lowest effort on the surface of the road. These bike tires aren’t suitable for harsh weather conditions. They can’t afford the pace needed to deal with those circumstances.

Hybrid Cycle

According to me or any other cyclist, hybrid cycles are the best. As both the road and the mountain cycles are beautifully mixed. It has an equilibrated speed for both the lightweight frame and the tires. This also helps you to ride upright. The hybrid cycles are the most favored and considered to be the best form of cycles in India because of all of these.

Normal use 

If you’re someone looking to purchase a cycle for daily use, then the usual period of use is an excellent choice. They are inexpensive and have good longevity, which gives a regular riding experience. You can also use it for regular transportation or a quiet bike trip.


Only if you do not have a sufficient amount to invest in other cycles should you opt for the beginner’s cycle? These are of relatively decent quality and ideal for the first time cycling people.

Semi professionals 

These are the semi-professional cycles that are ideal both for beginners and professionals alike. Typically the users keep in their garages some more cycles like this one handy. It is ideal for a speedy 30+km trip.


If you are contemplating buying a wheel, then the first thing you should remember is why you want to buy it. Think about whether you buy it for cycling competition or want to buy it to have a few rides in your area? Even the type of area is essential to bear in mind. If you decide on the intent, then you can take the procedure further. Several types of cycles can be found on the market, and I have tried to list them all right above.


Now that you know the purpose of buying a cycle, the next thing you need to consider is the area you’ll be cycling in. A further very critical aspect to remember is comfort. You need to see if you’re happy cycling in your place of choice or not. Check for the grips, offer you the appropriate amount of support should be of high quality. The next thing to do is search for the seat’s comfort that guarantees a comfortable ride for you.


Yet another significant thing to remember when purchasing a cycle is testing the product’s longevity. This is what matters most, after all!

To ensure the product’s longevity, you need to be sure of the materials used to create the cycle, such as the bench, grips, frames, and wheels. To learn more about longevity, check the metal used to make the device.


For me, the brand is more important than anything else. And I suppose there are people for whom the brand is more important.

If you’re investing in something your hard-earned money, you’ve got to make sure you put it on something worth every penny. It is a well-branded product guarantees both reliability and protection and good results.

All the goods are from reputed companies; however, you can find out here. So you can pick all of them to suit your needs.

Color and looks

Now that you are aware of the product’s comfort and longevity, then you have to check the cycle’s color and design. After all, for a pleasant trip, you’ll buy a bike and therefore, appearance matters a lot in that situation. If you go for a product that will comfort you with the color of your choice and design, then you’ll have a smooth ride.


You must search for the budget when purchasing a series. If you decide on your budget based on your comfort level, you will need to search for a product according to your budget. If you have a fixed schedule, it will help you select the best period that fits your needs. In the list below, you can find both cheap as well as expensive intervals.


Disc brakes are not intended to offer a dazzling performance. They also come costly than any other loop. They are much lighter in weight and work just as well as those with disc brakes.


Since you’re spending your money on a product, you need to check the system out. To ensure longevity as well as excellent performance, it should be of high quality. The product should consist of high-quality materials such as aluminum alloy, carbon fiber, etc. Compared to traditional processes, the product should be light in weight.

What To Consider When Buying A Cycle Online?

When spending your money in a loop other than the rule, as mentioned earlier, the critical thing to remember is as follows.

You should always match the height specified in the description box to that specified. Although that is valid, you can check the accessories the cycle offers.

Never fail to check whether the device is fully assembled, or if it is semi-assembled. You must also check whether tools are available for assembly.

It would help if you went through the reviews as it will help you get a straightforward and truthful understanding of the product. Finally, make sure to buy from a trustworthy source such as Amazon.

How Can I Assemble A Cycle That I Purchased Online?

How to assemble a loop is not incredibly commonplace. In most instances, service for assembling the product is offered by the online seller or the platform.

Although often, assembly guides and instructions are given on how the seller can install the unit. Since the technique varies with every loop.

Even if it’s so tricky, and you feel like you might end up destroying the product.

Then you have to consider going to a nearby store to have it fixed, or call someone at home. It may cost a little more, but instead of destroying the product and then getting a long bill to pay, it is an excellent choice.

A Higher Budget Cycle Has Something Special In It?

Everything can seem the same in an outlook, but there is a difference in the quality offered. Because both the period you are comparing will have seats, the seats’ condition will be different, making all the difference.

Simultaneously, as a higher-priced commodity, better quality would be offered to do justice to the price. For instance, most businesses do not have disc brakes to save costs, but they are the best brakes.

Probably high-quality tires. And it would be with more excellent grip and less rolling resistance, which would be less slippery.

The higher the price, the chances are the loop will have the right quality frames.


This was a complete guide on the best cycles for men that you must have a look at and get to shop for the best cycles. We hope you liked it and will love to shop for the ones mentioned in our guide. 

With so many choices available on the market, buying the best cycle in India can be difficult. However, many fake brands are already present, which makes it even more complicated for users. Here I have a purchasing guide and a product list of India’s best cycles keeping in mind some parameters. You may pick one of these to meet your needs.

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