Best Earpods In India 2020

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Suddenly, we see the desire to switch towards true wireless Earpods known as the Earpods of True Wireless Stereo(TWS). In reality, we see a huge increase in the TWS segment in India. The rise is driven primarily by the ear wear segment, which grew at a whopping 289.2 per cent in Q1 2020, according to the latest estimates.

Thanks to famous smartphone brands that have jumped into India’s TWS market, we see plenty of demand in India for these tiny pairs of Earpods. While the market is full of budget TWS priced below Rs 5,000, there are some Earpods priced above Rs 5,000 and offers a better overall experience.

We’ve got players from Realme, Xiaomi, Samsung, JBL among the top 10,000 Rs performers in the category. And, most recently, Sony entered the group with its additional TWS bass. As with the present situation, if not the flagships, we should regard the Rs 10,000 TWS segment as the top tier category. Also worth noting is that in this section, TWS Earpods do not provide any active noise suppression as of now, at least we have no in India.

The Best Earpods To Shop For In 2020

The TWS market began to burst when Apple’s AirPods made its debut a few years ago. Of course, like the other Apple products, the AirPods are still out of reach for many, because they are pretty high priced. But, there are also other Earpods on the market for True Wireless Stereo (TWS) right now. If you’re looking for a nice TWS pair, you ‘re in the right place. Check out our list of the best real Rs 10,000 Wireless Earpods.

Oppo Enco Free (Best Earpods)

Oppo Enco Free is India’s first TWS Earpods to join the market. In terms of architecture and battery life, it nails down the fundamentals. The sound quality is good overall. It harnesses Bluetooth 5.0 technology to communicate simultaneously with both buds.

To make the outer surface act as a navigation pad for all music functions, it uses a capacitive touch control chip. You can tap and swipe, to access the media. The Earpods will last up to 5 hours on a single charge and will last up to 20 hours with the included case.

Priced at Rs 7,990, the Oppo Enco Free comes in three colour choices-white, black, and pink. It’s out on Flipkart.


Realme (Best Earpods)

This pair of Earpods looks much like the Apple AirPods but comes at a very affordable price. The Realme Buds are a perfect entry point for anyone who has yet to get on the true earphone wireless ride. It also comes with a dedicated gaming mode which provides only 120ms of theoretical latency.

The Realme Buds Air feels very flimsy, and at the slightest tugs, the lid shuts tight. It comes with a small case at the bottom, with a Type-C port. It supports even wireless charging. The Earpods deliver punchy bass, featuring a 12 mm dynamic bass boost unit.

The Realme Buds Air is priced at Rs 3,999 and comes in colour choices of white, black and yellow. Can be bought through Flipkart and Realme official website.


Samsung Galaxy Buds(Best Earpods)

Samsung isn’t the world’s new team. And before Apple’s AirPods, they had already introduced the Gear Icon X. Last year alongside the S10 series the Samsung Galaxy Buds were launched.

The Galaxy Buds offer easy connectivity, comfortable fit and a soft, bassy sound if you own an Android phone. If you don’t, you might skip some cool extra features that the Samsung Galaxy wearables app offers.

You can use the touch controls to play/pause your music, skip tracks, react and end calls, and activate Samsung’s Bixby voice assistant on compatible devices. Priced at Rs 9,990, the Galaxy Buds is available on Flipkart in either white or black colour.


Sony WF (Best Earpods)

Sony is the new company in India to declare a TWS. The WF-XB700 comes in the Extra Bass series so you can expect the bass to be deep and punchy. It features a 12 mm driver configuration and the 5.0 and 12 mm driver Bluetooth harnesses. With this pair of Earpods, you benefit punchy, thumpy, and deep bass.

You get 9 hours of playback on the battery front, with an additional nine house with the case. The case can be charged via Type-C port. These are classified IPX4, so you get safety from splash and sweat in the water. On each bud, it comes with buttons that can be used to play, pause, or skip through tracks and change the volume. You’ll even get a voice call mic and speech assistant.



The Skullcandy Push comes with a physical button on each earbud for those who prefer physical controls over the touch controls. It can be used for controlling music playback, speed, and voice assistant to your computer.

They have an incredibly warm sound signature with all else being overshadowed by bass-vocals and highs are lost under the saturated bass. It provides a battery life of up to 6 hours at a single charge. And, the case has another 6 hours to deliver.

The Skullcandy Push is available on Flipkart and priced at Rs 8,599. It comes in a combination of Green and Black.


Noise Shots (Best Earpods)

For all the bass lovers out there, the Noise Shots X3 Bass is one of the most affordable TWS Earpods in our list. The Earpods feature Bluetooth 5.0 on the networking front and support Google Assistant and Siri voice assistants as well.

The Noise Shots X3 Bass has an IPX4 mark, which means it’s sweatproof and can be used during workouts. They give up to 3 hours of single-charge playback. There is a 1,500mAh battery in the case.

Priced at Rs 3,499, it’s available in 4 colour options on Flipkart-candy white, cool white, icy black, and racing red.


1more stylish

Priced at Rs 6,999 for connectivity, the 1More Stylish True Wireless Earpods harness Bluetooth 5. They also come with a custom LDS antenna to ensure the communication is smooth.

The Earpods deliver about 6 hours of battery on a single charge, and they also support fast charging, with only 15 minutes of charging you get about 3 hours of use. They have a versatile driver with 7 mm. The 1More Trendy Earpods in Gold, Green, and Black colour options are available on Flipkart.


JBL freeX (Best Earpods)

Like the Skullcandy, the JBL Free comes with the Earpods and with a physical control button. You can use the button to control the network, pick/reject the call, and start the wizard. It comes with two modes-mono and stereo mode and will switch between the two modes automatically.

It provides up to hours of battery life on a single charge, and you can get a further 20 hours with the charging case. It also features a stylish ring of LEDs around its Earpods. JBL Free TWS Earpods come with no fins or wings. They come along with three interchangeable ear tips-S, M, and L. Priced at Rs 8,599, the JBL Free in black or white colour option is available on Flipkart.


VIVO TWS (Best Earpods)

The Vivo TWS Neo comes with a stem and half-in-ear type build. Bluetooth 5.2 is harnessed by the Earpods with Qualcomm QC3046 chipset. Even this is one of the first Bluetooth 5.2 protocol in India to feature. Along with simple AAC and SBC audio profiles, you get support for aptX adaptive HD audio.

It uses a 14.2 mm moving coil driver that supports stereo DeepX sound. You also get a low latency mode that downgrades the latency to just 88ms. The buds are going into the battery with a 27mAh battery, and the case comes with a 415mAh battery. TWS can last up to 4.5 hours on a single charge and, with the event, the TWS lasts up to 22.5 hours.

These buds have capacitive controls for tests. From the box are enabled double-tap, press and hold, and a volume slider, and users will be able to customize according to their preference. It also supports instant communication and Google Assistant. The TWS weighs 4.7 grams each and weighs 46 grams with the case.


Things To Keep In Mind When Buying Earpods

It’s almost always common to get free Earpods when you buy a new phone with your order. These freebies, however, are mostly of poor quality and don’t last long. What if you decide to purchase a new a? How do you know which Earpods your system is good for?

Nowadays, consumers typically base their purchase decision on these three factors: style, price and label. Next, they look at the overall appearance of the Earpods. Looks cool here? Does the colour fits your taste? Second, they are tracking the product’s price. Does this suit into their budget? Will they get the same standard for anything cheaper? And the third, the mark. Is the industry known for its brand? Is it more trusted by users?

Specifications of Earpods

Intelligent consumers know that they don’t necessarily evaluate their quality by looks, price and even brand. And how do you know if it’s a decent product? And before you buy, you can’t try Earpods, the only thing you can do is review the product’s specs in its packaging. If you are shopping online, then be sure to check the specifications of your order carefully. Here are the technical requirements you need to review when selecting the Earpods:

Impedance – refers to the measure of opposition which a circuit provides when a voltage is applied to current. In general, the higher a device’s impedance, the less current it can flow. To achieve maximum power, and in this case, the best quality of sound – one must match the source impedance to the Earpods impedance.

Frequency response-measured in hertz ( Hz), this refers to the spectrum of audio frequencies that can be replicated by the Earpods. Knowing a headphone’s frequency response will help you pick the correct headset if you wish to listen to a specific form of music. For example, if you like listening to music with lots of basses, then you should look for low-frequency earphones.

Sensitivity – means ‘how loud can the Earpods go.’ The sensitivity specifications demonstrate how electrical signals are converted into acoustic signals—often measured in the amount of sound pressure (SPL). You need to select Earpods with a mid-range sensitivity level for comfortable listening to music. Anything above the cap can be harmful to your hearing.

Drivers-transform electrical signals to the intensity of sound. It is their duty to make the sound within your unit. So the stronger / larger the engine, the better your Earpods can get the overall sound. For a successful listening experience, drivers can also improve drums, mids and trebles.

Fit Of The Earpods

Not all hearing aids will suit our ears properly. Factors such as the shape of your ear, and the nature of the Earpods can affect comfort. So it’s important to find good Earpods that match your ear snugly and securely. Bad Earpods just hurt your ear after a while, particularly for people with sensitive outside ears.

I suggest buying Earpods which nestle softly in your earhole for the best experience. Most have rubber tips which don’t hurt like plastic tips. There are also other choices that may be more convenient, such as customized Earpods for support, silicone tips and custom-moulded tips for contouring your ear shape.

Type Of Earpods

Earpods come in all types, in different sizes. Depending on the type of operation you will likely use your earbuds for, you will have to select the kind that will fit your needs. For instance, if you’re working out or jogging, the smarter choice is for Earpods with a secure fit. On the opposite, if you only want to listen to good music, then you should choose Earpods that offer the highest quality of sound. Some types of Earpods are given here:

Sound Isolation-These Earpods are designed to isolate sound. It blocks other surrounding noises so you can enjoy whatever you’re listening to. Perfect for listening to music when in traffic or in crowded places.

Bluetooth-You needs Bluetooth Earpods if you are looking for more convenience. Using Bluetooth technology, these types of Earpods are connected to your device. Especially if you’re doing sports or any activity that requires lots of movement, they offer great freedom.

Noise Cancelation – Unlike sound-isolating Earpods which separate music from background sound, Earpods for noise cancellation work to block any noise in your environment. Often they are very powerful, and can even let you sleep in a noisy environment.

Sweat Resistant – Do you enjoy listening to music while jogging in the morning or while working out in the gym? If so, then choose earphones resistant to sweat. These earphones are specially built to block sweat from moisture.


These were some of the best earpods that your can shop for and enjoy grooving to your favorite music. Do not forget to have a look at the buying guide and grab your hands on the best option. 

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