Best Eye Shadow Palette Online | Buying Guide 2020

If you are looking for the eye shadow palette online, this is the right place for you. We here, are going to list the best eye shadow palette available online.

Once you learn how to use them properly, eye shadow palettes may seem intimidating at first, but they can be quite fun to play. Some of the most significant problems we face are that we don’t know what colors on us will look good and in what kind of circumstances we should use those colors.

The vast number of pallets now available from different companies such as Maybelline, NYX, Lakme, etc. makes decision making much harder. This article will, therefore, discuss how to choose the best eyeshadow palette for yourself and also list the top 10 eyeshadow palettes you can buy online in India.

How To Choose The Best Eye Shadow Palette In India?

Eyeshadows, when used correctly, can look stunning, but it can be challenging to choose them, which is particularly true if you try to select a whole palette. Most people prefer individual shadows better, but if you bear in mind the following points, you should have no trouble choosing the right palette for yourself.

Consider The Shades That Suit Your Eye Color

One of the first things you should think when selecting a palette of eyeshadows is what kind of shades will flatter your particular eye color.

Not many people appreciate their dark brown eyes, but when you select eyeshadow, they are one of the best eyeshadow palettes to have as almost all shades look excellent on them. Although all look fantastic, brown eyes shades like a green forest, dark navy blue, and red brick look particularly useful.

If you have hazel or amber eyes, then you can concentrate on using shades such as burgundy, raisin, mocha, and other dark purple and brown tones as they help bring the specks out more clearly in hazel or amber eyes.

Nearly every shade of purple and pink, like lilac, lavender, mauve, peach, etc., works beautifully for green eyes. Another two colors which make the green eyes look more vivid are orange and red shades.

We never say no to bright colors, but you might consider using earthy brown and red shades such as bronze, copper, terracotta, or even wine red to make blue or grey eyes stand out.

Match The Undertones To That Of Your Skin

If you have colder undertones, warm shades will look better on you, and if you have cool undertones, it will look prettier on you. There are both warm and cool variants of almost every hue, so choose the ones that suit your undertones.

Choose Matte And Shimmer

This factor is more about choice because we all have different makeup types that we like. Matte shadows can run the risk of looking flat as they have no light-reflecting particles but add to your look an air of sophistication. On the other hand, shimmer shadows are perfect for more fun looks, and you can choose to be subtle with pearlescent ones, or go out with glittering ones.

Sort Of Setting You Want

When selecting the palette’s overall color scheme, you can consider what kind of environment you want to use for the palette. Different situations require different types of shades as they need to suit the place’s lighting, the type of makeup you may like, and how much time you want to make up your eyes.

Neutral Tones For Daily Use

If you’re looking for a palette you can use to create work-looking eyes; then we’ll recommend you go for one with neutral tones. Usually, these shades are easy to use, so you don’t have to spend too much time doing your regular eye makeup, and they look fantastic during daytime settings.

Unless you have stringent guidelines in your office, we suggest that you stick to matte eyeshadows, but if you have a freer workplace, you will also be beautiful with a little shimmer. Even neutral tones are perfect for everyday use because they match almost all types, so you don’t have to wonder if they go with your outfit.

Dark Shades For Low Light Settings

Those who need a palette which they can use to make up their eyes for low-light settings and nights out should look for something with shimmer that has darker shades. The reason smokey eyes are so typical for makeup looks at night is because they look incredible in low light environments, where lighter shades sometimes look too dull.

It is particularly true for matte shadows, which are ok if you go somewhere with significant lighting but are almost negligible in proper low-light settings like clubs and bars. Therefore we recommend that you stick to shimmering shadows in such cases as they will keep you looking gorgeous even after the sun goes down.

For Festivals And Wedding Go For Shimmery Jewel Tones

Jewel tones that appear to wear daily life the most cheerful colours, but they are ideal for festivals and celebrations. Whether matte ones, shimmer ones or even metallic ones, in photographs and real-life, jewel-toned eyeshadows look incredible.

Just make sure that if you’re choosing a brighter shade, you balance it out with a neutral lipstick, and if you’re going with something less dramatic, then you have the option to wear more eye-catching shades of the lipstick; choose the look that best fits your outfit.

Check Reviews For Best Eyeshadow Palettes Of All Time

While it’s tempting to merely select palettes with the most shades, we would advise you to select quality over quantity. Check what the comments say about the product’s consistency in terms of how pigmented the shadows are, how long-lasting they are, and how often they fall out.

Additionally, you should think of the palette as a whole to get your money’s worth, rather than purchasing it for 2 or 3 shades that you love. If you want only a couple of shades, buy them individually, but if you buy a palette, choose one where you like at least 70 percent of the shades and consider how well they work together.

Palettes With Mirror Are Better

Consider choosing one that comes with a mirror if you want to take a palette with you when you are traveling. It would save you the hassle of packing a separate mirror in your suitcase and make eye makeup easier for you while you’re on the go.

10 Best Eye Shadow Palettes To Buy Online In India 

We’ve shared all of our best selection tips, so let’s move on to our picks for the top 10 best eyeshadow palettes you can buy in India online now.

Lakme 9 To 5 Eye Shadow

If you’re looking for a palette of warm, shimmering jewel-toned shadows to keep you looking glamorous this season of the festival, then this is the one you want. 

Product Features

  • The range of shades is quite amusing as it works well for all colors of the eyes, and they are also decently pigmented, so you don’t need lots of swipes to show the colors.

Product Advantages

  • Variety of shades to use on Indian skin
  • Lasts for a long time without smudge

Product Limitations

  • Nonetheless, as a regular use palette, this would not be the best option because there are not only not enough neutral shades; there are also no matte shades. 
  • Additionally, the amount of shimmer in these shadows is a lot, so you’ll experience quite a bit of fallout, and for just four shades, it may also seem pretty expensive.

Maybelline New York City (Best Eye Shadow Palette online)

Those seeking a palette of shimmering neutral tones should consider obtaining this one. The shimmer particles are lovely, although there are no matte shades, and you should be able to wear this for daytime looks and nights out. The colors with various undertones are also very varied and will fit well with all eye colors.

Product Features

  • Maybelline New York ‘S City Mini Best Eyeshadow Palette For Beginners Has 6 Fascinating Shades That Are Perfect For Creating Whatever You Like.
  • The Palette Also Has A Variety Of Colors From Graffiti Pop And Concrete Runway To Bronzes On The Building, And Chills Brunch Neutrals.

Product Advantages

  • It is a long-lasting eye shadow palette because of its smooth finish, which will give you great comfort while wearing the eye shadow. It is pigmented, very lovely, and simple to apply and to blend.
  • Another important thing is that this palette is also waterproof, so you can wear it during the rainy season without worrying about it, too.

Product Limitations

  • There’s a lot of fallout with these shadows, though, so while you’re using this palette, we suggest making your eye first and then going on to the surface. 
  • It may also seem pretty expensive because the palette is relatively small, and the shadows are not the most pigmented either.

MAC Eye Shadow (Best Eye Shadow Palette Online)

If you love mauve-y shades and want shadows you can use to create both office-friendly looks, as well as party looks, this is the palette for you. 

Product Features

  • There are four shimmer shades and five mattes, and they’re all perfect for green and brown eyes.
  • They ‘re super blendable, and you could use your fingers to apply them and still have no fallout.

Product Advantages

  • It has burgundy shades and is great for both party and casual looks. It has different shades, including matte, satin, and frost.

Product Limitations

  • Although the size makes this a travel-friendly palette, given how much it costs can seem very low.
  • Also, the payoff color is not so lovely for darker skin tones, so if you have dusky skin, we suggest staying clear of this palette as it would not be worth your time.

Faces Ultime Palette

A neutral palette for all skin colors, which includes shimmering colors as well as matt colors, so it fits well to construct daytime and nighttime looks. 

Product Features

  • There are both cold undertones and warm undertones, and the shadow formulation is beautiful. They are very pigmented, almost look translucent, and simple to blend.

Product Advantages

  • An incredibly simple color palette to use, this eyeshadow blends so well and gives your eyes a super smooth finish. 
  • The palette consists of luxurious shades of rosy, plum shades and tempting shades of taupe.

Product Limitations

  • There is a bit of fallout with the shimmering colors, and holding power isn’t exactly the best either. 

Lakme Absolute (Best Eye Shadow Palette In India)

Those who are looking for a palette of eyeshadows with soft buttery shadows which are extremely pigmented and blendable should get this one.

Product Features

  • These shadows also have almost no fallout, and they stay on for over 9 hours. The shades have finely milled shimmer, and although the majority are bright, the blend also includes two smokier ones.

Product Advantages

  • This palette is excellent for if you’re soft, it looks smokey, if you’re looking for bright, vibrant shades, you ‘d feel great with it. 

Product Limitations

  • It’s great for daily use as well as festivities, but considering its size, the price is quite high, and if you use it regularly, you’ll probably hit the pan very quickly.

Wet And Wild | Eye Shadow Palette, India

If you’re looking for an easy-to-travel palette and you can use it to create a range of looks, then this is the one for you. 

Product Features

  • It has beautiful earthy tones for both warm undertones and cool undertones, which are easy to mix and work well. 
  • It is one of the cheapest palettes on the market, though, so bearing that in mind, after all, the formulation doesn’t seem so bad.

Product Advantages

  • It has the perfect range of shades, which makes almost any eye color pop up.

Product Limitations

  • However, with these shadows, you will encounter some fallout, and the payoff color, particularly from the lighter shades, is not the best either.

Revolution (Best Eyeshadow Palette in India)

If you want value-for-money and a do-it-all product, this is the palette for you; it has 30 earthy tones with both shimmer and matte shades that are easy to mix and have incredible staying power. 

Product Features

  • Most of the shades are highly pigmented and would work incredibly well to create both daytime and nighttime looks for any eye color.

Product Advantages

  • It may initially seem expensive, but considering both the number of shades you ‘re getting, it’s not a bad deal.

Product Limitations

  • The only thing that you might have a problem with is that the shadows smudge quite easily if you don’t use a setting spray, and some of the shades have a bit of fallout.

HUDA beauty Eye Shadow Palette, India

This beautiful palette contains both neutral tones and tones of jewelry that would be perfect for creating daytime looks and festive looks. 

Product Features

  • There are shimmer shades as well as matte ones, and the wording for them is out of this world: they ‘re blendable, buttery, pigmented, and stay on for a long time with almost no failure.

Product Advantages

  • Also, the versatile shade selection makes this ideal for almost all eye colors and undertones. While this may be one of the most expensive palettes on the market, shadow quality certainly compensates for the price. 
  • If you are looking for a high-end palette worth investing in, then that’s it.

Product Limitations

  • None as this is one of the bestselling brands.

Iheart Revolution

If you’re searching for a palette to keep you looking beautiful in this upcoming holiday season, this is for you. 

Product Features

  • Each has an equal amount of matte and glitter colors, and they’re all very well made, highly pigmented, easy to work with, and have high staying power.

Product Advantages

  • The palette contains both neutral shades as well as jewel tones, so you can continue to use the palette even when the wedding and festival season is over.
  • The shadows are soft and buttery, and most have warm undertones, making them perfect for those looking for warmer shadows.

Product Limitations

  • None for it is considered to be the best eyeshadow palette for makeup artists.

NYX Professional

The best eyeshadow palette on the market; this includes shades with warm undertones and shades with cool undertones. 

Product Features

  • The formulation could easily be compared with that of high-end shadows, as all shades feel almost buttery, blend beautifully, have amazing payoff color, and don’t crease.

Product Advantages

  • The variety of colors is also very cool because you could use these shades to create office-friendly looks, smoke it out for nights out, or add some colors for festive events. 
  • The shadows stay on for nearly 8 to 9 hours and on darker skin tones the colors appear just as vibrant as they do on lighter ones.

Product Limitations

•    None as this is the best eyeshadow palette in India.

A Few Extra Things About Eye Shadow Palette

Following are some of the things which you need to keep in mind about eye shadow palette:

Experiment With Colors

Dark-skinned people are also told they can’t take out many colors, so they should stick to neutrals. Our advice is to ignore those people and experiment with all the colors you like. Your skin tone doesn’t matter, so choose colors that work for your undertones and wear them without fear.

The only problem that darker skin tones may have is shadow pigmentation; not all shadows are pigmented enough, so you may need to add multiple swipes of it to achieve an excellent vibrational amount. Other than that, nothing should stop you from dabbling in colors.

Use A Setting Spray

You should use some setting spray on your brush if you find yourself struggling to get enough color payoff from a palette, rather than merely adding multiple layers of the shadow. It will help and dampen the bristles, which in effect packs on more shade and intensifies the color on the cover.

Eyeshadow palettes can be quite challenging to choose from, and many of us are spending hours trying to pick the right one. Hopefully, after reading this article, you’ll feel more prepared to take on the challenge of choosing the perfect palette for yourself, and you won’t have to wonder how the selection process should be going.

We also hope our list of recommendations has helped you get to know what kind of products are on the market, and you have been able to find the perfect one for yourself.

What Are Eye Shadows For?

While eyeliners and mascaras are used to define the eyes, eye shadows are character bringers. Face shadows are cosmetic items that are added to the eyelids to attract attention to the eyes. 

The main aim is to make it look attractive. Eye shadows are meant to bring life to the eyes by highlighting the eyes, mainly when applied in the shade, complementing the color of one’s eyes. Apart from giving depth and size, eye shadows can also serve to make them appear Larger, thereby giving women the much desired doe-eyed look.

In practice, wearing cosmetics on the face has been longer than you might imagine. People used kohl to paint their faces as far back as the ancient times in Egypt. You would be surprised to learn that the primary reason for wearing facial colors was not for purposes of attractiveness. It was designed for protection. 

They were wearing dark lines over their lips as if to cover their faces. It was believed they would be protected by masking their faces for the “evil eye,” which is a curse cast by a malicious stare given to an unwitting person. The curse is said to bring out harm or misfortune.

Women who are experts in the face painting game know one eye shadow shade is not sufficient. We want them to have options. As we have said, eye shadows give our eyes character. They are setting our mood for the day. Naturally, we are as adventurous as women, and we enjoy creativity. We ‘re very moody. We are moody, no matter how much we don’t want to admit it. One day, one might be sweet and reserved, bold, and loud on another. 

Our moods are usually reflected in our wardrobe, the way we wear our hair, and our makeup. We want a variety of choices for our eye shadows, just like we have loads of clothes in the closet and an endless amount of shoes to last us a lifetime. Hence, eye-shadow palettes are born.

Types of Eye Shadows

Eye Shadow can come in several different ways. We also collected information about the general styles so you can become acquainted with them. Nevertheless, note that there is no right or wrong sort for you. It’ll take you some time to find the right match. Only figure out which kind of eye shadow you ‘re most comfortable with and compatible with.

Powder Eye Shadows

The most common type of eye shadows on the market is the powder eye shadows. They come in pressed forms, usually in tins. They are the most common form of eye shadow among beginners in makeup, and this is a good measure for that. Powder eye shadows are incredibly easy to use. They may be applied with a brush or sponge applicator. They blend easily and quickly build coverage. Powder-eyeshadows are best for all application types.

Mineral Powder Eye Shadow

Mineral powder eye shadows are formulations with a loose pigmentation. They are best applied with a kabuki brush or any non-static brush with applicators. It may be used to highlight mineral powders or for reliable coverage. Like the powder eye shadows, at any time of day or night, they are suitable for all forms of use.

Cream Eye Shadows

Cream eyeshadows have very thick textures. Those kinds of eye shadows typically have long-lasting coverage due to their robust formulation. Although this would also mean that you would need a special remover to wipe them off your face thoroughly, cream eye shadows may be applied using a clean finger, a sponge, or a brush with an applicator. They usually come in shades that are bolder and more strong than the typical powder eye shadows. A little tip, cream eyeshadows can be used as an eyeliner too!

Pencil Eye Shadows

Pencil eye shadows, like your typical pencil eyeliners, are pigmented formulations encased in a wooden stick. The only noticeable difference is that there are finer points on the pencil eye shadows. The shadows of the pencil-eyes are very portable. They are easy to store and very easy to apply. 

Pencil eyeshadows are easy to handle because the majority of people are used to handling pencils. Usually, you won’t need any sponge or brush applicator except for when you want to smudge them to blend in. You can simply use a clean finger to do this even then. They are great for touch-ups on the go. Like shadows in the cream eye, the pencil eye shadows have a long-lasting mask.

Liquid Eye Shadows

Usually, liquid eye shadows are reserved for makeup professionals, as they can be challenging to apply. Use an applicator brush they are applied; they are applied as if one were drawing, with the eyelid as a canvass. 

The primary use of liquid eye shadow is to accentuate intense colour on the edge of the lids. They are also used to paint on base colors, which may be used to blend further and accentuate. They ‘re seldom found on palettes. Liquid eye shadows are not waterproof because of their existence.

The first thing to worry about here is your skin tone. Can your skin tone match the shade? The colors of your eyes is another, equally important matter. It’s best to avoid shades of eyeshadow that exactly match your eyes. Instead, choose a shade that contrasts the color of your eyes to make your eyes stand out. Now that we are on the subject of matching and compatibility, please also take into account your wardrobe. The shades of the eyeshadow you are going to buy need to match the majority of your outfits so you can wear your makeup with confidence and comfort. Allow us to provide you with endless combinations of colors that have been tried and tested for a perfect match.

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