Keep Your Food Fresh With These Amazing Kitchen Products

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Everyone has a different idea in mind about keeping the food fresh for a longer time. If you talk about it to your elders, then they can shower you with endless ideas that can help you keep your food fresh for a long time. Though there are a lot of products now available in the market that can help you keep your fruits and vegetables fresh and can save other things from turning soggy. 

Amazing Kitchen Products To Keep Food Fresh For Long

Let us have a look at some innovative kitchen products that can help you enjoy keeping your food fresh for an extended period.

Food Storage Bags

One of the best products that can help you in keeping the food fresh are the transparent food storage bags. The bags are BPA free and help in maintaining the freshness of food for a long time.

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Bee Wax Wrap

Now thins might be a new product for you. These wraps are made from bee wax and keep your food fresh and seal the freshness inside. All you need to do is to keep your food in the container you want and cover it up with the wrap.

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Silicone Storages Bags (Best Kitchen Products)

None sounds more appealing than food storage bags made of silicone, right? Those reusable bags are a convenient alternative to your Ziplocs given their no-frills tag. They are safe enough to store fluids and easy enough to throw them between uses in the dishwasher.

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Cloth Storage Bags

Say wild vegetables and rotted fruits farewell. These 100 % organic cotton bags cover your produce against the elements and keep them fresh for longer than you thought possible. Only dampen the containers, fill them with your products, and place them in the refrigerator. When the bags get cold, just spritz them over again.

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Airtight boxes (Best Kitchen Products)

Make it a point to store your fruits and vegetables in the airtight boxes. These airtight containers prevent the air from getting inside and keeps the food fresh and long-lasting. The boxes are available in different sizes and can be stored in the refrigerator also.

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Stasher bags (Best Kitchen Products)

These reusable silicone bags are perfect for storing everything from produce to leftovers, as they have an airtight seal that keeps items fresh. Additionally, the bags are safe for microwave and dishwasher, making them an easy and useful addition to your food storage arsenal.

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Food storage plastic containers

These plastic storage containers have multiple compartments and keep the food well managed and maintained correctly. Due to its big size, you get to store a lot of food without creating a mess.

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Vacuum Sealer Bag

Each collection includes a vacuum sealer pump, four BPA-free reusable plastic bags and two glass containers. The company says the package holds food fresh five times longer than conventional storage, thanks to high-powered suction and airtight containers.

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Vacuum Canister (Best Kitchen Products)

An excellent option for storing your biscuits and cookies this vacuum canister is going to be a great purchase. They are airtight and seal the outer air from getting inside. No matter how humid the weather is, if you have these canisters, you can keep your cookies fresh for long.

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Herb Savers

Yes, you read it right. We now have herb savers in the market that can help you store your herbs and keep them fresh for a long time. Now you do not have to worry about the black and dried herbs as these herb savers are going to keep them green for a long time.

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Jars For Storing Pickles (Best Kitchen Products)

Worried about getting you pickles and sauces rotten or stale then you must store them in these glass jars, and you will not face any issue in the future. These glass jars seal the food inside and keep it smelling great and fresh.

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Avocado Hugger

Now you won’t have to worry about your half-cut avocado getting all black and blue. All you need is to shop for this avocado hugger and store your fruits without any hassles.

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Banana Saver

There are a lot of products that you might have not even heard of, and a banana saver is off of those. Just peel your banana or keep it inside just like that. It will protect your banana from getting all black.

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Bread bags of linen

Such reusable linen bread bags shield your fresh-baked dough from the elements. Over more extended periods, they keep bread fresher and answer the age-old question of how to keep a loaf of crunchy bread fresh for more than a day or two.

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Pie Box

Save your pastries (and wandering hands) from the elements by placing them in a stylish and sturdy pie case. It will not only keep the pie fresher for longer, but you can also get it with a leather strap so you can make it even easier to transport your baked goodies.

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Beer savers

Finally, some relief that you are not going to have to throw the leftover beer. There are beer savers available in the market. Just plug them over your bottle and your beer will remain fresh till the time you are not in a mood to gobble it again.

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The onion saver (Best Kitchen Products)

Now you can keep your onions safe and fresh by storing them in these onion savers. These onion savers come in different shapes and sizes.

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Stainless Steel Boxes

Steel has always been the first choice of Indian kitchens, and when it comes to keeping your food fresh, there is no other name you can think of. Just get to shop for these stainless steel boxes that are airtight, and you can keep your leftover food, meats, lentils, fruits, vegetables and dough fresh for a long time.

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Types Of Food Storage Options Available In The Market

When it comes to shopping for food storage and keeping it fresh, there are a lot of parameters that you have to keep in mind. While it can be exhausting to research, there are certain things that when kept in mind, can help you grab your hands on the best. 

There are different types of food storage options that one can look out for and get to shop from the market. let us have a look at some of them:

Dry staples are the essential essentials of stocking your food. There are items such as flour, sugar, rice, beans, coffee, pancake mixing, or even instant potato flakes. Thirty years and over these dry goods can be stored, making them the longest-lasting part of your food storage. These are generally very heavy but are the most nutritious and cheapest form of rations, and can often be purchased in bulk in many grocery stores.

Dehydrated food shares many of the same qualities as freeze-dried, and is lightweight and robust. It also appears to be a more costly choice and is mostly marketed by specialist firms that sell everything from dehydrated brownie mix to powdered milk and eggs, but it is less voluminous than freezing dried rations and does not spoil quickly. There are also food dryers available to purchase so that you can dry food at home, saving the cost if not always the trouble. Commercially packaged, dehydrated food will last around twenty years if properly preserved, though. In contrast, home-dried food should be consumed within one year.

Freeze-dried rations are prepared by freezing the food, placing it in a vacuum chamber and drying off any excess moisture afterwards. They are mostly sold in nitrogen sealed cans by specialist companies and online. While they are arguably the most expensive choice for food storage, they are safe, tasty, and very light and lightweight, needing only hot water to rehydrate. These are also marketed to last more than 20 years.

Things To Consider When Shopping For Food Storage Products

There are a lot of things that you need to keep in mind when you plan out to shop for food storage products to keep it fresh for a long time. Let us have a look at some of the critical points and make sure to consider them while placing your order:

The one thing key for both meal planning and kitchen organization is finding the right container for plastic food storage. BPA scare is called the devil of late plastic, and how chemicals leach out when the plastic is heated in a microwave or even a dishwasher.

So if you’re still using old yogurt containers or even food storage restaurant take-out boxes and those multi-colored plastic boxes as lunch boxes, then you need to read it!

  • Look for the sign that states that the container is safe to be used in the microwave. 
  • Make sure that the storage bag is made of plastic is BPA free and does not have any harmful effect of your food
  • You must also check that the plastic is recyclable. This can be checked with the presence of a small triangle at the bottom of the product you are going to purchase. 
  • Even if you know that the plastic box is safe to be used in the microwave it is not a good idea to use it for reheating. You must use only glass bowls for the same. 
  • The lid will have a silicone gasket inside or be compact in another way to be airtight. If possible try the lid out in the store. The last thing you want to do in your child’s lunch bag is to let the salad dressing or yogurt spill. Some lids aren’t made in the microwave, either.
  • Look for insignia which is suitable for the dishwasher. So then ALWAYS put it on the dishwasher’s top rack, where the boiling hot water has already cooled off.
  • The container should have the fewest possible small pieces or layers. Small crevices cannot always be washed, so mold can be built up over some time.

All products made from polyethylene terephthalate (PETE) are healthy and found not to be hazardous to your health. Nevertheless, the items made from this plastic are only used because they can grow bacteria on its surface, and it is difficult to kill them only by using water to wash them usually. The plastic is used for producing bottles of water and 16.9 fl oz soda bottles, such as the kinds used to store sparkling water, cola, sugar, etc. That’s why you shouldn’t reuse those bottles again.

Final Verdict

This was a complete guide to help you out with the best products that can help you store your food and keep it fresh for a long time without spending much from your pocket. 

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