Chic Placemats To Jazz Up Your Table

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Looking for the best placements that can help you make your dining table look classy and elegant? Here are a lot of designs that one can shop for and give a complete new look to your boring and dull dining table. 

The placemats are an excellent way to keep your dining tables looking clean and managed. It helps you protect your table from wear and tear. With several options available in the market, it has now become straightforward to shop for attractive placemats and give your dining a completely new look. 

What Is A Placemat?

A placemat is a simple pad or cover, which is often used to signify an individual’s location on a table. This placemat differs from a table cloth because it does not cover the entire table, but only a small portion.

Common placemat uses are often restricted to putting on top of a tablecloth. This is done to protect it against food stains and marks that might occur if the plate you’ve served is really hot!

Choosing the best placemat for your table can be a complicated process, taking into account the types of tables, fabrics, sizes, and even the types of activities, each of which involves a different form of the placemat.

Okay, for whatever reasons you might like, you might just walk around your local mart and get a placemat. But the art of picking the correct table mats isn’t the cup of tea for everybody.

To produce elegant placemats for a wide variety of purposes, many different materials are used—these range from security to decoration, from entertainment to ads and various other purposes.

A million options are available globally in this day and age, ranging from extravagant to minimalist ones.

Best placemats to shop for

If you are looking for the best placemats, then you have landed at the right place. We have collected the best placemats available to help you find the correct product and flaunt it: 

Hokie placemat

If you’re looking for a placemat that doesn’t just look good on the table but is also easy to clean for everyday use, the Hokipo Placemat is your preference. Available in 16 different colors ranging from poppy guava to a more muted parchment, this placemat can work indoors and outdoors and requires a simple swipe under the sink with a sponge or a simple rinse to clean.

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Linen placemat

Linen is a stylish choice for textiles, especially when they decorate a table. These West Elm Belgian Flax Linen Placemats are elegant and lasting, and worth the slightly higher price tag. They are made of Belgian 100% flax linen and backed by a second, more substantial layer of linen to help them remain in place.

The flax linen has a dried, lived-in feel, so it’s not starchy or stiff, and after messes, it can be quickly thrown in a washer. Every placemat is 14 “by 19” and comes in a package of two. Depending on your design style, you can choose from five subtle colors, such as midnight blue or light grey.

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Woven Placemats (Best Placemats)

These Target Threshold Kitchen Textiles Placemats are attractive, inexpensive, and have a chic, boho look. The cream, black and gold pattern beautifully accents white porcelain or solid colored plates, giving a punch to your table while preserving a clean, minimalist feel.

Such placemats are priced individually, and you can buy as many as you like, and they are 19 “by 14” each. They ‘re made of cotton and polyester, but we don’t suggest throwing them in the wash because of the delicate woven pattern — spot clean them up instead.

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Kids Placemats

Each parent knows how messy mealtime can be with a newborn or a pet, and a placemat is a perfect way to get rid of these messes. We love the Silicone Placemat because it is adorable and practical, and for your child, it’s completely free. This three-piece, non-slip silicone placemat kit is made from 100% BPA-free silicone and is built to remain in place while your baby is finishing his meal.

The cute design of the cloud is great for any child, and every set comes with a grey, a blue, and a green placemat. They ‘re also incredibly lightweight and easy to roll up, so the next time you go to dinner with family and friends, you can take them on the go.

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Kuber Industries Placemats (Best Placemats)

Kuber Industries Dining Table Placemats are made from high-quality PVC. This collection is made of 6 sets of placemats. Such placemats decorate your dining table and give it an exotic look and also protect the table from scratches and wet stains, the color and design of the mats is praiseworthy and looks very attractive and elegant, and will enhance the beauty of your dining as well as your kitchen. Those mats are very useful and multifunctional. It can also be used as a fridge drawer mat and placemat.

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Yellow Weaves

Bring those 4 Piece Dining Table Mats from Yellow Weaves Home. To every woman who dreams of making her Home Special & Beautiful, we carry Stylish goods. Excellent heat resistant placemats protect the table from direct contact with hot utensils and avoid burns, spills, and stains. Ideal for daily casual dining, celebrations, and special events, the sleek and elegant style would attract their guests. Simple to roll, store, wipe, and clean, they can make your dining experience a fun one. It helps keep the plates and cups in place.

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Loohmantha placemats

Deck your dining table and use one of the placemats to ensure it looks presentable and elegant. We offer different styles, sizes, and colors tailored to match your needs that will add value to your d cor. This collection is a must-have, designed to last long and to make an appealing impression.

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Silicone Flower Placemats

The hot silicone pad can be used as a silicone mat, hot pot holders, drying mat, jar opener, spoon rest, trivet, coaster, and garlic peeler. The silicone substance approved by FDA does not mold, mildew, crack, or absorb odors, it is safe to use in the kitchen, it does not change color or alter the taste of your food.

Quick to wash and store, you can simply wash it with your hands or throw it when it needs to be washed in the dishwasher; roll it up and put it away or hang it on a hook. The new, exclusive version released distributes heat to help protect your hands. Can be found in a refrigerator, oven, freezer, or dishwasher.

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Cotton Placemats (Best Placemats)

Handmade cotton placemats are nowadays also a much-loved choice. They will brighten up a table in no time, with their high-quality fabric and simple designs. These basic placemats can be used in almost any environment and they come in regular sizes.

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Vinyl Placemats

Vinyl is the most common form of a placemat that you’re expected to see at homes and elsewhere. They are trendy placemats, representing both the ethnic looks and the hospitality of the host.

Their classic looks, at the same time, will preserve the table’s overall appearance and protect it from stains, and other marks. Often, vinyl is considered to be the perfect placemats for daily use.

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Handmade Beaded Placemats (Best Placemats)

Vdecors beautifully beaded placemat/coasters, you can add something trendy to the decor of your home while keeping your dinner/dining table looking beautiful, the beads mirror the light beautifully and placemat so attractive, the placemat is round-shaped and measure 12 “inches in diameter, elegant golden beads glass, weight-320 gm per placemat, use these glass beaded placemat for vacation pads.

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Buying Guide For The Best Placemats

For many homes, placemats, a dining table acts as small security mats. With smart choices, however, table mats may become an extension of your interior decor and add to your home’s overall look and feel.

If you’re the type that never put a lot of thought into buying table mats, then this guide is for you. Several factors can influence a table mat buying to make it the perfect option for your lifestyle and personal style.


The size of your placemat will depend directly on the size of your dining table. Ideally, placemats should be broad and deep enough to carry table belongings for one person. A sauce, a fork, a knife, a bowl and a mug. You should make sure the size of the mat always makes extra space on the table to accommodate specific items.

Design Of Your Placemat

An extension of the above argument, placemats in terms of home setting should suit your decor. If you have a modern or ethnic look to your interiors, they will suit the table mats you pick to ensure the best performance.


Keep for your convenience two or three sets of table mats; one for daily use and the other for special occasions; The regular table mats should be less costly so they can accommodate the normal wear and tear and save the luxurious ones for the guests. You might also go one step ahead and select holiday-themed table mats such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Year to spice up family dinners and get-togethers.


The color of your placemats is linked to two aspects the colors of your dining table or table cloth and your house ‘s overall color scheme. Choose table mat colors that complement your table cloth. Otherwise, you may end up losing your eyesight or creating a distracting contrast. Similarly, it is best to choose color combinations that complement your dining table, dining room curtains, or chair cushions if the table mats match the theme of your interiors. It will help to add balance to the color and design palette in your home.


Placemats are available in various materials, plastic, wood, PVC, bamboo, glass, and leather are available, but the most popular choice for households is fabrics such as cotton, lace, linen, and suede. Fabric mats are the best for heat absorption, which is one of the placemat ‘s beneficial uses.


Want to make your dining table more beautiful in the least expensive way? Only buy a bright and trendy collection of placemats for your dining table. This not only improves the look but also provides a significant advantage in shielding your table from any harm done by heated serving plates and bowls. Hope the above-shared guide on how to choose placemats will help you choose the right placemats for you. Placemats can be bought for regular use, holidays and special occasions such as Christmas, Birthdays, and Anniversary.

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