Best Multimedia Speakers Buying Guide

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The market contains an abundance of Speakers. Be it laptop speakers, i.e. Bluetooth speakers or multimedia speakers. If you are getting a bit confused about choosing the best Speaker because you want to choose one that suits your needs, then we are here to help you out with our buying guide.

That’s something we enjoy listening to music and watching movies on our phones and laptops. We’re very comfortable with using earphones, but on a decent collection of speakers, you’ll have the best experience. In the past 20 years or so they have been around for a while, popularly called computer speakers or laptop speakers.

Since then several features have been introduced and these can be found in versions of all formats, sizes, and price ranges. Price is not always the best indicator as you can easily find gems within every budget in the form of impressive-sounding speakers that are priced well. There are other things you should be paying attention to.

There are plenty of things you need to remember for the best Speakers. Read on to find out how you can select the best Multimedia speaker online.

What Are 2.1 Speakers?

The 2.1 speakers are the ones that contain left and a right speaker along with the main satellite system to control. These speakers work on the latest technology that supports wireless connectivity. The speakers have a number of controls on them to offer the desired output to the customers.

Types Of Multimedia Speakers

Before you try out your hands on the multimedia speakers, you need to be sure whether the one you are planning to purchase will solve the purpose or not? When it comes to shopping for the best 2.1 speakers, then you need to be careful and know all the specifications and limitations of the same.

Bluetooth Wireless Speakers

Wireless Bluetooth speakers are one of the trendiest in town! Generally, they are attractive because you don’t need a wire to connect your computer to your Speaker. All you need to do is connect your Speaker to your Bluetooth system, and enjoy your favourite music for endless hours. The 2.1 speakers available in India give excellent bass and the clearest sound quality possible.

Non-Bluetooth Portable Speakers

Generally speaking, people always want their speakers handy, and all of their devices need to be portable. The portable non-Bluetooth speakers fit into your laptop bag or other carrying bags and are easy to carry. The best pick for people who don’t have Bluetooth on their phones is these speakers. Only link your speakers to an audio cable and enjoy your music anywhere.

Things To Consider When Buying Multimedia Speakers

If you go out to buy the right multimedia speakers, things can be very confusing, especially with the number of brands and speakers on the market. There are speakers of various brands, of various styles, sizes and characteristics. There are more than a few things to keep in mind when selecting the right one.

Here’s a handy guide that we’ve prepared to help you with the same. Speakers are crucial peripherals of computers, especially if you are planning to listen to music, watch movies or play games. A wide variety of computer speakers are available offering performance and features, each in different price ranges.

One can quickly get confused about how to pick the right one, with so many personal decisions. We have put down a few tips that will help you make the right buying decision.

For example, you have to find out whether you want a selection of stereo speakers or those that come with subwoofers. Also, you have to consider other factors like


When planning to shop for a multimedia speaker, you need to keep your budget in mind. If you have a well-planned budget, then you can get to shop for products that can fit into the same. You do not have to go over budget just for the sake of a premium brand but can get the same features in a brand that offers pocket-friendly products.


One of the best things you need to keep in mind when shopping for multimedia speakers is why do you need it. Normally speaking, then speakers are a great option for anyone who loves to listen to music and groove, but shopping for one multimedia one can be thought of. If you need it, then go for it without giving it a second thought.


If you’re an enthusiastic radio listener, then select the Speaker with an AM / FM radio tuner built-in. Normally these speakers have a tuning mechanism, and an antenna attached to the Speaker. In addition to all of the features and performance we spoke about, also keep an eye out for the speakers’ look and build. Look at the kind of materials that it was made from. Check also for packaged cables and connectors to ensure that your devices can connect directly to them.


Multimedia speakers may have frequency response ranging from approximately 150Hz to 20,000Hz for satellite speakers, and from the subwoofer to 20Hz to 200Hz. The subwoofer-frequency response multimedia speakers that extend to lower frequency ranges give optimum bass to enjoy the music or movies.

Audio Controls

The first thing to look at any appropriate multimedia speakers is to test the number and types of audio inputs that it has. Determining the compatibility of Multimedia with other peripheral devices, such as smartphones, laptops etc.

Most speakers only have a single audio connection, which means you can connect a 3.5 mm audio cable to your computer or to any other device. Recently released speakers can, however, include USB ports to connect your pen drive to and listen to music off it.


The normal sound quality of a speaker is the root mean square or better known as RMS. It means a higher RMS amplifies a stronger tone, and a lower RMS amplifies it at a comparatively lower level. Check the denotation mentioned as a PMPO when choosing a subwoofer is a quarter of a root mean square.

Quality of sound

Sound quality is a judgment which is very personal. Everybody has different tastes, and what makes one person sound amazing can weaken another. There is no “best-ever” speaker out there, and more than one kind of Speaker can be equally attractive to individual ears.

Listen to several models with music which you are intimately familiar with when shopping for speakers. Take along your favourite albums (on CDs or on a digital tracked flash drive) while shopping and get a feel for the speakers that appeal to you.


Within the chosen area, not every form of Speaker can sound fantastic. Smaller speakers can work for a standard bedroom, but when put in a family room, the sound low or flat. Larger speakers can overwhelm tiny spaces with ease.

Audio also affects the dimensions of the rooms, contents and materials. Sound can reflect exposed walls, large furniture, and bare floors, while sound can end up absorbing rugs, carpets, and cushions. Giving a mixture of both is good. Vaulted ceilings create a more open atmosphere, while smaller spaces create a more intimate atmosphere.

Where Will You Place Them

Want to place any of your speakers in an entertainment cabinet? If so, you’re going to want to stay away from the big bookshelf or control speakers with ports generating tons of bass. All that bass will just bounce around in the cabinet and potentially generate some unpleasant resonances.

 If you need to put speakers within a cabinet, expect to find a speaker on the bookshelf that will stop playing bass about 80Hz or so. While we’re on the subject, the inside of a cabinet is about the worst place a ported subwoofer can stay on. Choose a spot for your sub or plan to find a form sub that will make it easy to tuck away at a hidden spot.

Best Speakers To Shop For

Let us have a look at the rundown of the best speakers you need to shop for in 2020:

Sony speakers (Best Multimedia Speakers)

If it’s a headset, Speaker or earphone, Sony should be at the forefront when it comes to producing the world’s finest audio products. This Sony 2.1 channel speaker comes with a wealth of advanced features. It’s a wireless speaker, for example, that uses Bluetooth technology to connect to other devices.

You can also use USB flash devices on that to play music. The level of sound is right up to the mark. It comes with a remote control system that allows you to control the Speaker from afar.

However, one of this one’s drawbacks is that there’s no bass control option available. There’s still no actual volume knob for volume control without the remote control. And you will be looking after your remote control. Otherwise, this is a nice speaker device with 2.1 ch.


  • The best thing about the speakers is the look it offers and makes your space looks classy.
  • The sound quality it delivers is just awesome and can make you groove to the beats instantly.
  • The amplifier offers great delivery.
  • Customers love to shop for these speakers because they are economical and come from a brand that is known to offer the best services.


Infinity Multimedia Speakers (Best Multimedia Speakers)

One arrives at a fair price. Around the same time, it’s also a 2.1 channel speaker rich in apps. For best quality sound, you’ll get two 3.5 inch tweeters and a 6.5-inch subwoofer. Also, it is another speaker powered by Bluetooth. You can use the remote control provided to power the Speaker.

Also, this Infinity speaker has three built-in equalizer modes like gaming, music, and movies. They can be directly picked from the phone. Only this one has a USB port to play songs from your pen-drive or memory card. This also comes with Connectivity to Aux via RCA.


  • If you are looking for the best multimedia speakers that can offer supreme quality sound, then this is the right product for you.
  • Coming from a decent brand, they offer excellent quality and long durable life.
  • The compatibility option is great and helps you connect a pen drive or a USB or your mobile phone and get to enjoy your favourite songs.


LG Bloom Multimedia Speaker (Best Multimedia Speakers)

Unless you’re looking for a 2.1 channel speaker with a lot of features from a successful brand, then you’d have to spend a lot of money. Yet in the case of this LG speaker, relative to the feature it comes with, you get it at a really cheap price.

It’s a Bluetooth enabled speaker, for example, that comes with remote control. At the same time, the Speaker also includes physical control buttons.

It can offer a punchy bass and consistent voice reproduction with the ‘Bass Blast+’ feature. Certain notable features include a USB port, FM radio, wall-mountable, and 15-minute auto shutdown, Aux-in, and so on.


  • The compact design and potent delivery make it a great product.
  • It looks attractive and makes you dance with the surround sound.
  • The multimedia speakers come with wireless connectivity making it a great option to buy.
  • The manufacturer offers a two-year warranty along with multiple after-sale services for your peace of mind.


Phillips Multimedia Speaker

Philips is yet another top name of electrical equipment manufacturing. And, the Speaker on the 2.1 channel comes from Philips. First of all, this one’s style varies a little bit from the regular 2.1 ch speakers. The maximum power from audio output is up to 80 watts.

She also has Bluetooth compatibility, like most other speakers on our list today. And you can control it with the remote control system that comes with it.

Unfortunately, the battery inside does not come with a remote control. Additionally, it has a USB port to play songs or audio from USB flash drives.

Product Specifications

  • These speakers come with RMS of power, and also give you lots of controls to play the audio loud while being able to control the bass that suits your ears and the area.
  • Because of the size, it comes in, and it makes it suitable for use with computer systems that can pick up the audio or video experience, or perhaps gambling up another notch.
  • The machine is accredited as having THX.
  • The box includes two satellite speakers, a subwoofer, and a cable connector.
  • The firm gives a 2-year warranty on the hardware.


Samsung Multimedia Speaker (Best Multimedia Speakers)

If from Samsung, then the next one on our list. And, with a multitude of features, this is a fantastic 2.1 ch speaker. She is a wired speaker for the record. And, it also has connectivity to the USB port and AUX-in. It comes with physical buttons to configure the bass and the treble.

The subwoofer has a 20 Watt power output. And the two tweeters each have 10 watts. In that context, this speaker system has a total power output capacity of 40 watts. This is one of India’s best 2.1 channel speakers, for a reasonable price, according to most buyers.

Product Specifications

  • The products offer an output of 80 watts with good quality bass.
  • The system is, at the same time, slim but lengthy. Not suitable for those using built-in computer sets with limited speaker slots.
  • The box comes with two satellite speakers, a subwoofer, remote connectors, batteries and some connecting wiring.
  • The business gives a 1-year guarantee.



So we’ve sent you the list and reviews of India’s best 2.1 channel speakers. We hope this post will help you choose your best one.

If you have selected from this list your next 2.1 ch speaker, please let us know about the performance of that in the comments section below. If you also think we missed any of your favourite ones, you can share them with us by leaving your comment below.

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