Best Rakhi Gifts For Brothers

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With the festival of Raksha Bandhan just around the corner, you must be all decked up to visit your brother’s place. With the excitement of the festival also comes the tension of buying the best rakhi gifts for brother. If you are also confused about what to buy and gift to your brother then you must read on and get to conquer some unique ideas. 

Raksha Bandhan is devoted to the love between brother and sister. Raksha Bandhan is composed of two words-Raksha, meaning security, and Bandhan, meaning link or connection. On this day, sisters tie a thread called rakhi on the wrist of their husbands, who in effect take an oath to protect her forever. Rakhi is considered by a brother and sister to be a symbol of commitment and affection. In essence, it means a protective bond.

Raksha Bandhan: A Festival Of Love

This festival usually falls during the month of August on Shravan Purnima. Sisters bind the rakhi to the wrist of their parents and pray for their joy and well-being. Brothers also take a vow to protect their sister before death from all evils. The festival has grown its scope and today it’s not the only siblings festival but it’s moving way beyond it now. Many people today bind rakhi to their close relatives, neighbors, friends who mean a happy life. It promotes a sense of unity that fosters a harmonious life. This festival plays a crucial role in a rare and beautiful bond of love linking the family together.

With digitization in every field, why should shopping be left behind? Get to shop the best gifts online with a wide range of ideas and products available at affordable prices.

Make your brothers or sisters feel special and loved even if they are sitting miles away by sending them the best rakhi gifts for brothers. Yes, giving a Rakhi gift to your brother is one of the best ways to convey your heartfelt emotions and show your love to your caring brother

Let’s take a quick look at some Best rakhi gift for your brother

Bombay Shaving Company Handmade Bath Soaps

Handmade bath soaps are one of the most trending gifts during this rakhi season. If you are looking for best rakhi gifts for brothers then you must try them out. They are organically made and the best part is that these soaps do not have any side effect on the body. 

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Bro Quote Printed Gift Set Of Mug

If you have a brother who is fond of having coffee first thing in the morning or can consume endless cups throughout the day then you must gift him a coffee mug. These ceramic mugs are available in different sizes. Also, you can select one according to his passion like a lens-shaped cup for a photography freak and so on. 

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Rakhi Silver Color / Plated Rakhi with Chocolate Combo

If you are looking for rakhi gifts for brothers then this gift pack will be your best companion as it comprises of rakhi, chocolates and Roli chawal along with a silver coin. This rakhi platter will add up to your festival. 

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Wooden Pen Stand with Pen (Best Rakhi Gifts for Brothers)

For the ones who love to work day and night, this is a great option. Also as we all are working from home this wooden pen stand will be a great add-on to his workplace that he has made at home. 

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Oil Lamp

You can place a cotton wick inside after the lamp is filled and light it to fill the room with light. The bulbs are used as a portion of the festivals. They can also be used in the living room or bathroom as decoration in your house or put on a dining table instead of flowers with this rakhi gifts for brothers.

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Beard Catcher

Is your brother having trouble washing up after shaving or trimming is done? If so, save him from the effort by giving him the catcher for beard, This Rakhi. This beard catcher is made of nylon and is available in two colors-Black & White.

It comes with sturdy suction cups that get stuck to the mirror when applied to both sides of its ends. It will make your brother’s complicated job very simple and trouble-free, and keep your washroom tidy.


Bobble Phone Stand (Best Rakhi Gifts for Brothers)

A great gifting option for your crazy brother. Gift him fancy avengers themed bobble phone stand and enjoy a light moment. He can keep these phone stands on his working table and remember you whenever he uses them. 

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World Map(Best Rakhi Gifts for Brothers)

For the ones who have a brother who is a travel freak and would love to conquer the world. If your brother is the quintessential traveler hit by the ultimate wanderlust, the Scratch World Map would certainly be appreciated. Using the aid of a ruler he will mark off the places that he has already been to reveal a new color below. To avoid any harm it comes neatly packed into a solid cylindrical tube.

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Rakhi And Sweets Combo

If your brother loves sweets, then a rakhi combo with sweets is the ideal hamper on this Raksha Bandhan you can give him. This festival is regarded as a beautiful festival that strengthens the connection between siblings. Enjoy this beautiful moment by putting a rakhi and sweet hamper on your little brother. That brings spice to your relationship. Spread love and care with brothers by sharing those combos.

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Bluetooth Speaker (Best Rakhi Gifts for Brothers)

If your brother is a freak tech guy then give him something he loves. If he enjoys music then he will enjoy his favorite track anywhere and anywhere on a mini Bluetooth speaker. Anywhere he wants he can take it with him and enjoy his favorite music on it. 

This Bluetooth mini comes with a built-in microphone. Using this speaker he can connect his mobile phone through Bluetooth and play any kind of music he wants to listen to. He can also respond to calls via this speaker, as it has a built-in microphone that will help him do so. 

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Guitar (Best Rakhi Gifts for Brothers)

If you have a brother who just loves to keep his strings in perfect tone then you must gift him a guitar. Just let the sparkle of his eyes fill the ambiance when he holds you gifts and starts tuning it. 

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Yes!! You would love to shout at the top of your voice that your brother stinks but let’s just leave it aside and gift him a perfume. Though he will understand that he is unbearable now and will surely start working on his odor. 

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A plant (Best Rakhi Gifts for Brothers)

Yes!! This is the best rakhi gifts for brothers if your brother is a nature lover. Gift him a plant and let him enjoy nurturing it. 


A book (Best Rakhi Gifts for Brothers)

If your brother is a reader then what else can you even think of gifting to him rather than a good book? Just shop for a book from his favorite writer and let him enjoy his time reading it. 

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Dry fruits

For the ones who have a crazy brother who is only worried about his fitness. Gift him a pack of assorted dry fruits and he will be all gaga over you. You can shop for a readymade basket hamper or can get it customized as per the preference of the dry fruits your brother loves to munch on. 

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A round clock (Best Rakhi Gifts for Brothers)

A perfect gift for the one who works so hard that he forgets about the time. Gift your brother a piece of a good clock and let him enjoy working by keeping time in his mind. 

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Gift Card

If you have a brother who is a complete freak for shopping then this is one of the best rakhi gifts for brothers. Book a gift card for your brother and let him shop for whatever he feels like from that. 

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Tie (Best Rakhi Gifts for Brothers)

Why not!! If your brother is an entrepreneur then you can gift him a tie that he would love to adorn for his important meetings. Though it is a time of virtual meetings still he would love to wear them and be a part of his sessions. 

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I just cannot forget this option as I have a brother who is a maniac for shoes. He loves his sneakers and whenever asks me what to gift to their brother all I can think of is a good pair of Jordans. 

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Mobile Cover

If he is a gadget freak then he must be having the latest gadgets so why not gift him a good looking mobile cover. Do not make it go over the top just shop for a decent one so that he can use it. 

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You can shop for a good looking t-shirt for your brother or can also get one customized with a picture of both of you on it. If still, you do not think you have a good click together then you can find one of the worst pictures of him and make him go all red over you with a funny picture printed T-shirt.


Things To Keep In Mind When Shopping For Your Brother

Yes it is true that you can buy whatever you feel like for your brother but there are certain things to keep in mind. Let us have a look at some points that you might find useful and shopping the best gift. 

Age of your brother

Let your brother feel special and worship this festival like never before. According to his personality and age send him a gift hamper. Gifts are something that is sure to be thoughtful and love-filled according to age specificity. As a token of love and affection, you must give him a small gift in return, and that will make your bond even stronger. 

Think about his desire, enthusiasm, lifestyle, and type of personality before selecting a gift to find the right gift for him. Age specificity will allow you to determine which gift is best for him.

Personalized Gifts

The coolest presents you will ever send to your brother are personalized presents. It shows you care about his wants, hobbies, and interests. It also means you want to see him happy and pray for his well-being. These kinds of gifts have some lovely attachments that only a brother and sister will appreciate. You will personalize any gifts you have selected for him. If you give him a trendy guitar, for example, you can personalize it with a beautiful note printed on it his favorite song.

Make A Hamper For Him Keeping His Choice In Mind

Surprise your brother by offering him a combined gift with Rakhi on this Raksha Bandhan! Being a kid, you know everything about him and all. Know his interest, interests, and passion then choose a gift to match his needs. He can use the gift to develop his skills in this way or he can pursue his passion. 

When he’s a college student then some of the best options for him are a cool computer, a smart bag, or a trendy bracelet. If he’s a child, then you should consider mixing chocolates, candy, or his favorite toy with the Rakhi to make Raksha Bandhan feel happy. This is your brother’s best tactic to shock and he’ll enjoy it.

Take out time for your brother

The best gift that you can gift to your brother is your time. As we grow up we actually forget the way of enjoying time with each other. Responsibilities grow and we become so busy in our lives that it becomes difficult to sit and talk. Raksha Bandhan is a festival when you actually have the time and the moment to relive all those happy days you have spent together. Those fights, laughs, and shenanigans that you were a part of. 

If your brother is not in the same country then the best gift for him will be a long video call. Mind it, A long one. Where just two of you can sit and talk with peace of mind. Share all your memories and relish them with teary eyes. The pain of being apart will vanish away in seconds. 


These were some best rakhi gifts for brothers that you can shop for and make your brother feel special. Do have a look at them and if you have any suggestion feel free to let us know about them. 

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