Buying Guide To Best 5.1 Speakers In India

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Looking out for 5.1 speakers for your home to experience theatre quality? There is a large variety of best 5.1 speakers In India from various brands available for one to shop for. Though you might get confused with the variants and brands there are some things that you must keep in mind before you hit that buy now button. Let us discuss the best 5.1 speakers today and get to shop for the premium one with the help of this buying guide. 

Looking to illuminate your room with the sound of good quality? If, yes, a home theatre can help you very well in this respect.

The speakers in the TV system nowadays can give you decent quality sound, but if you’re looking for a theatre-like audio experience, then a home theatre is definitely what you’re going to need.

There are many types of home theatre available on the market, so choosing the best model can be challenging for the consumer.

We have therefore come up with a list of the best 5.1 speakers in India to support our users.

Things To Consider When Looking For The Best 5.1 Speakers

The best 5.1 speakers 2020 offers premium-quality surround sound quality with a lot of additional features to make you enjoy the feel of sitting in a multiplex. Either you watch a movie or play your favourite music and groove on it a 5.1 speaker will be your best companion.  Features of the best 5.1 speakers:


Would you like a more traditional all-in-one surround system – with an amplifier and home theatre speakers – or a more modern soundbar? Also, don’t forget you might buy an AV receiver and a separate set of surround sound speakers.

Surround technology

The surround quality that a speaker offers you must be clear and crisp. Make sure you read the product reviews before you make a choice on this surround technology. It should not give you a humming sound in your ears but let you enjoy each and every echo to the best range. 


The most important thing is to look out at the compatibility of the speaker. You can check the compatibility of your speaker before you place an order for the same. Your best 5.1 speakers should be able to connect with your TV to offer you the benefits of watching movies with multiplex quality at your home. 

Centre speaker

Would you like a dedicated centre system? That should help to make speech clearer. Or is stereo sufficient? Most all-in-one systems will have centres dedicated to this. Many soundbars are incorporated into the unit with a central speaker along with the speakers at the front left and right. Some just aren’t stereo and are.

Tips For Buying A Home Theatre

It’s a good idea to ask yourself what kind of device you want before you buy a home theatre. Typically the home theatre systems are 4.1 or 5.1. Very few people (though it can be done) use 2.1 speakers as home theatres.

I recommend 5.1 speakers although 4.1 speakers are also suitable for surround sound immersion. 5.1 You get the maximum benefit from sound quality speakers. You can almost feel like you’re in a movie theatre; the sound is vivid, and it blends well.

Take the budget into consideration too. Some systems for home theatre cost Rs. 20,000 or Rs. 30,000. These are always high quality, but maybe you don’t have to spare the gas. For about Rs. 10,000, you can get a cheaper setup.

The most important feature is the connectivity of the speaker system. The better the sources with which the speaker can play music. Popular sources are tablets, PCs, consoles for gaming, USB drives and iPods. It has to support HDMI ARC to connect to the Screen.

Best 5.1 Speakers That You Must Check Out

Let us have a quick look at the best 5.1 speakers 2020 available in the market and get to shop for the best one keeping pro and cons in mind. 

Mitashi BS-120BT (Best 5.1 Speakers)

The 8500-watt PMPO comes with the BS-120BT Mitashi, a Bluetooth compatible home theatre system.

PMPO stands for the average momentary power output at its highest. However, it is calculated that the real Root Mean Square ( RMS) power of the entire device is about 200 Watts.

Product features

  • It comes with 5 speakers and a single subwoofer with an integrated screen for the A / V control panel, which returns now to the home theatre network.
  • It has USB and Bluetooth support and is available to several different computers and players. 
  • Furthermore, the remote control, AUX Connectivity and SD / MMC card reader enables compatibility with almost any device.

Pros Of The Product

  • The pocket-friendly price and the 1-year warranty makes this the best 5.1 speaker
  • This consumes less electricity
  • The product has a strong built and a great design 
  • Looks great and is compatible with televisions and music systems 

Cons Of The Product

  • The power display has some contradictions with the range mentioned on the box

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Phillips Multimedia Speaker

Phillips is a brand that is known for its quality and long-lasting products. It is a great speaker with excellent surround quality and also offers compatibility options to the core. 

The look of the speakers is just great and the audio quality is the best. If you are looking for premium quality speakers within your budget then this surely is the best option for you. 

Product features

  • It comes with 5 speakers and an output of 120 watts. 
  • The Bluetooth quality of the speakers helps you enjoy music from your mobile. 
  • The speakers also have FM connectivity to enjoy listening to your favourite jokey without hassles. 

Pros of the product

  • Affordable price and decent drives make it one of the best 5.1 speakers 
  • Phillips offers a 1-year warranty to the customers.
  • FM connectivity is a great add on

Cons Of The Product

  • The speakers lack the output power when it comes to comparison with the competitors

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Yamaha Home Theatre System (Best 5.1 Speakers)

Yamaha has been ruling the charts from ages with the best quality products and 100% customer satisfaction. The brand has great goodwill in the industry and keeps the customers hooked with its latest advancements. You must not forget Yamaha when looking for the best 5.1 speakers. 

Product Features

  • A total of five speakers and one subwoofer together with the receiver are provided. 
  • The output power of each speaker is 100 watts while the output is 135 watts.
  • The set-up is about 20% less energy consumption in its Eco mode
  • The dynamic bass and a great output is the best feature of this speaker

Pros of the product

  • Coming from a huge brand like Yamaha this is a strong core speaker
  • A great set up with good looking smart speakers is what you get
  • Long-lasting and crystal clear surround sound with a great bass

Cons of the Product

  • The price of these speakers is a bit high as compared to the competitors 

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Pioneer Speakers (Best 5.1 Speakers)

There are four speakers, a half soundbar type speaker and a special subwoofer. The system is designed. Growing of the 5 speakers comes with a power of 150 watts and a sound promising 6 ohms impedance. The speaker distortion is only 0.7% and the subwoofer has a large power of 100 watts, all of which combine to give this speaker 850 watts of capacity.

Product Features

  • It is a great option for the generation next because of the latest surround features
  • The output is clear and gives a great experience to music lovers.
  • The speakers have made their way to the best 5.1 speakers because of the design
  • The price is also of a decent range from a well-known brand

Product Advantages

  • If you love to dance then this is the perfect system to offer great music quality
  • The bass, treble and the amplifier is a great thing.
  • The surround sound gives you the quality of a multiplex to enjoy your movies on. 

Cons Of The Product

  • There is no mention of the warranty from the manufacturer. 

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Sony Home Theatre System

This is a great option to buy if you are truly a fan of shopping from leading brands. These speakers will not only offer you a great output but will also stay with you for a long time. The crisp sound quality and a great look is what you get from these best 5.1 speakers. 

Product Features

  • With the soundbar in the middle, there are two other speakers to be positioned at the back of the room with the subwoofer.
  • This system also comes with one-touch wireless NFC audio streaming and Bluetooth communication. 
  • It also has USB-compatible audio playback and, most notably
  • It features HDMI ARC support for smooth signal transfer.

Pros of the product

  • A great surround sound with the best quality music and echo without any disturbance. 
  • Dolby digital sound and excellent compatibility
  • Bluetooth and USB  compatibility for maximum entertainment
  • NFC one-touch setup

Cons of the product

  • It is one of the best 5.1 speakers that have no mentions of any cons by the previous users. 

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F&D Home Theatre System

F&D F5060X is what you need if you are anyone who likes to dance and listen to loud music. You can groove on your feet with a sound output of 135 W. This has also an 8-inch bass driver so that the music with heart and strong bass can be enjoyed. In addition, 5 satellites are available in this sound system and your entire room would be filled with surround sound efficiency. With the help of a variety of media devices, F&DF5060X offers various connectivity options such as Bluetooth, AUX and USB.

Product Features

  • Great output with a lightweight product is what these best 5.1 speakers offer you
  • Offers a wide range of connectivity options for user comfort.
  • The acoustic design is the best part about these speakers. 

Pros of the product

  • A great groovy design with LED lights make it the best 5.1 speakers
  • The pocket-friendly price and economical consumption of electricity is a great feature.

Cons of the Product

  • Not from a big brand is the only thing that lags in this system.

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What All Is There In The Set Of Best 5.1 Speakers?

Before you plan your mind to buy the best 5.1 speakers you must understand the anatomy of the same. There are a lot of factors on which you must rely on before shopping for the big set. The entire set of the best 5.1 speakers consist of speakers of different size along with a centre speaker that acts as the core of the set. 


Thew soundbars that you get in the best 5.1 speakers are the soul of the set. They come in the shape of a bar and deliver high-quality sound. The best part of these soundbars is that they do not consume a lot of space. 

Tower speakers

The tower speakers are just opposite of the soundbars/ they are long and vertical in shape. The speakers look great and offer amazing sound quality. If you have a separate room for watching television or listening to music then they form an elegant set of the interior that does not occupy much space. 

Home Theatre Systems With Sound Bars

The difference is that while most speakers are personal, this setup includes at least 3 of its speakers. The system is also similar to self-assembly systems from the Home Theater systems. An additional A/V storage box is given and maybe a DVD player may also be mounted.

Factors To Keep In Mind When Shopping For The Best 5.1 Speakers

Now that you understand a lot about the best 5.1 speakers, let us get to know the factors you must keep in mind when shopping for the best ones:


The first thing you would not want your speaker to gift you is a long electricity bill. The best 5.1 speakers must consume less electricity and should also offer you great sound quality without any compromise. 


It should not be the case that you get to shop for the best 5.1 speakers and they end up taking a lot of space. Your speakers should have a great design and must fit in a compact area. They must not look clumsy and make your room look full or cluttered. Occupying less space with a great set-up is one of the most important features to keep in mind.


The next thing you need to keep in mind is that your best 5.1 speakers must come with a warranty. If you plan to buy them from a well-known brand then you surely will get a proper warranty card. Good brands do not keep the warranty feature hidden from the customers to give them 100% value for money. 


How can you forget this point when shopping for the best 5.1 speakers. The entire weight of the sound system output lies in the speakers. You will look here for the quality of the speakers rather than for the number of speakers. Often, because the speaker quality is not up to date, you find a cheap 5.1 sound system. They are just a few magnets stretched to the sound together.

Is It A Better Option To Shop For 5.1 Speakers Or 7.1 Speakers?

This completely depends on your preference. If you feel you need a stronger system that can offer you the best sound quality with better output then you must go for a 7.1 system. The numbers denote the speakers connected to the set. You can choose the 7.1 Surround system when compared purely on channel-wise. But again, you need to test each of the individual speakers with their output capacity. If the 5.1 channel speakers have higher output power than all the 7.1 system speakers combined, then the 5.1 channel system is far better than the 7.1 system.

Is It Worth The Price Tag For The Home Theater?

Yes, it is worth the price tag for a home theatre system. The explanation is that without leaving home, you get cinematographic audio comfort. Therefore, investments in a successful home theatre device are recommended.

What Are The Best Brands To Shop For The Best 5.1 Speakers?

Sony, F&D, Panasonic, and Samsung are among the best brands of home theatre systems in India still you can also look for smaller brands if you have a budget problem

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