Energy Efficiency: What Homeowners Can Learn from Big Businesses

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From laundry equipment to air conditioning units, among others, big businesses are embracing energy efficiency. They are doing so not only to save the environment, but to also enjoy significant financial savings. For homeowners, the initiatives of these businesses can be a lesson.

It Reduces Environmental Impact

This is probably the most important lesson that you can learn from big businesses about energy efficiency. Through the reduction of carbon footprint, you will be reducing negative impacts on the environment. There are many ways by which businesses can do this. For instance, in hotels with on-premise laundry, they can use a commercial washer from Continental Girbau to save water and energy. Meanwhile, solar panels can also be utilized to reduce electricity costs. At home, you should also be more intelligent on the choice of your appliances to demonstrate concern for the environment.

It Saves Money

This is another obvious lesson that you can learn from big businesses. Through improved energy management, businesses enjoy 2 to 10% of annual savings. If you want to enjoy the same financial savings, it is now time to rethink how you use energy at home and focus on being more efficient. There are many ways by which you can do this, such as through taking advantage of natural light and having more open spaces. In some places, there are even tax breaks that are extended to homeowners for going green, such as when using solar panels and a solar hot water system to power and provide for their homes.

It Increases Value

If you have a business and if it uses energy-efficient appliances, when the time comes that you want to have it sold, the selling value will significantly increase. The same thing holds true in the case of your home. Users of commercial washing machines and other laundromat equipment from swear by this benefit, noting that it improves bottom-line profit. The investment can be huge, but the returns in the future can even be bigger.

It Improves the Quality of Life

In big companies, energy efficiency is beneficial beyond cost savings. It also makes their offices more comfortable, such as when utilizing light from the sun and having a lot of open spaces. It improves the productivity of workers. In the same way, if you do it at home, your quality of life will also be improved.

It is Simple

Big businesses save energy in different ways and some of which are not complicated. Meaning, you do not have to take massive steps just to become energy-efficient. Even without a huge investment, there are simple ways to go green, such as using LED or CFL lights, using Energy Star-certified appliances, switching off appliances that are not used, using programmable thermostats, and using natural light, among others.

We are living in an era wherein green is in. That being said, no wonder many businesses put an emphasis on energy efficiency. As shown in the discussions above, you should emphasize the same thing in your homes.

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