How to Get Started as a Web Designer

Web Designer

Have you been reading up on what it means to be a web designer? Do you perhaps have friends or contacts who are web designers and think it’s a path that appeals to you and you feel passionate about? Are you ready to take a leap and try your hand at a new career path? If so, you’re going to want to know how to get started as a web designer. While there is no secret to success, there are some tips and steps you can use that will help make things smoother for you. Let’s take a look.

Go Back to School

The first step will be to develop your knowledge and applicable skills. Just because you’re creative and have a knack for computers doesn’t mean you’re automatically qualified to become a web designer. You can take a look at schools and classes that will help to boost your skillset and beef up your resume. A popular option is to get a bachelor’s degree in graphic design or computer design, or a college degree in web design.

Invest in a Good Quality Desktop Computer

If you plan on working remotely, you’ll also need to invest in a good quality desktop computer. As a web designer, your computer will be your most important piece of equipment, allowing you to perform your job properly, with ease and creativity. You can check out these desktop computers for MS Office which will allow you to run all the most common and useful software.

You’ll have a few options when purchasing your computer. You can look at the popular all-in-one models, or purchase the tower separate from the monitor allowing for a more customized approach, which many web designers prefer.

Create a Website for Your New Business

Now you’re ready to start building websites. Chances are you won’t have a list of clients waiting for you from the get-go; instead, you’re going to need to build brand awareness. A great way to do this is to build a website for your company. Because this will be your first impression on clients it needs to be professional, sleek, free of bugs and issues, and unique looking. You want to show off what you’re capable of.

Be sure to also use social networks to spread the word and market your skills. All social networks should link back to your website.

Actively Seek Out Jobs

This tip sounds simple but it’s something that needs to be emphasized. Creating a fabulous and professional website that you do your best to market is a great first step, but that’s not all it takes to find jobs and contracts. You need to actively seek out work. This means bidding on jobs, replying to job listings, using online job posting boards, and utilizing any contacts you may have.

Get the Career You’re Passionate About

If becoming a web designer is something you feel passionate and excited about, there should be nothing holding you back. When you pursue a career that makes you happy, work suddenly doesn’t feel like a chore, rather it feels like a rewarding challenge that you get to take part in.

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