What is a Gaming Keyboard?

What is a gaming keyboard

A gaming keyboard is essentially an upgraded or modified keyboard that has been specifically built to aid in the improvement and optimization of a user’s gaming experience. This can range from a more ergonomic arrangement to programmable keys, each with its own set of characteristics exclusive to the gamer.

For most people, a computer keyboard is merely a tool for composing job reports – or raving on social media! Supplementing your PC setup with a specially-built gaming keyboard (and mouse!) will allow you to reach your full gaming potential, thanks to a variety of gamer-friendly features.

Gaming keyboards can benefit a wide spectrum of users, from high-end dedicated gamers to newbies looking for a competitive advantage. So, what exactly should you be on the lookout for?


The infrastructure of each individual key is a crucial factor that distinguishes regular issue keyboards from their gaming variants. Mechanical or membrane-based keys are available on gaming keyboards, with the choice often coming down to personal preference.

Mechanical keyboards are essential for fast-paced gaming since they require less effort and depression for each tap and provide a solid and gratifying bounce-back. Each key has its own mechanical switch, which allows for faster response times and increased tactile feedback.

Below the keys, all membrane keyboards are connected to the same infrastructure. The needed force is slightly higher, and the key must be fully depressed before the tap registers. Gamers who choose a membrane keyboard do so for the ease with which their fingers may run from one key to the next. Membrane keyboards often have smaller keycaps and a softer response.


The selection of keys available to players goes beyond the two broad categories mentioned above. If you like mechanical keys, there are a slew of sub-categories to choose from, giving gamers unrivalled flexibility in their search for the ideal keyboard.

You will come across the term ‘Cherry MX’ followed by colour when perusing the broad selection of mechanical gaming keyboards. The colour, which denotes a mechanical switch category, is the most significant aspect.

The weight for activation, depression required, and quality of feedback change amongst the coloured key categories.

In the end, it’s usually a matter of personal preference. When users need a keyboard for both gaming and typing, a stiffer and less responsive set of keys is preferred. The click also provides an auditory reaction to the typist while they are working. A gaming keyboard with a light activation weight and depression level, as well as a tactile reaction, is the best option.

The backlighting of the keys represents the categorization of each keyboard. A set of red keys will have a cool neon red illumination, though many high-end keyboards allow you to customise the colour of the backlight.


Given the fast-paced nature of many of today’s most entertaining games, players must be able to make complex keystrokes on the go. With the use of macro keys, gamers may execute tasks that would normally take several seconds with a single button press.

Macro keys enable the user to programme a single key to do a specific function with a single tap. By condensing a set of activities into a single keystroke, the player can think and move more quickly while playing. Because of the advantages a macro key might provide, it is frequently prohibited in gaming tournaments.


In gaming keyboards, the addition of built-in LCD track panels to the right of the keyboard is becoming more prevalent. These multi touch displays can provide a supplementary info, allowing you to gain more from your computer. In-game information such as mini-maps and game analytics can be accessed using the track pad. Alternatively, utilising integrated apps like YouTube, Twitter, or simple web browsers, you may multitask without diverting your focus away from the primary event.

These tiny UIs are expected to contain hotkeys, which allow users to programme the start of any application at the touch of a programmable, user-created icon.


There are a few other finishing touches that provide gamers with the extra convenience and comfort they desire. Gaming keyboards can act as a bridge between the monitor and the user by utilising a variety of built-in ports. The user no longer has to fuss around behind their monitor to make their peripherals to function thanks to mic in/out ports and USB pass-through.

Finally, multimedia controls allow you to control your movies and music with a single finger lift. The media controlling keys are a standard feature of all gaming keyboards, allowing you to play, pause, fast-forward, and rewind your movies and music without having to move your mouse.

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