Planning a road trip: Here are some essentials you need to know

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We have made a list of essentials to carry along when you are going on a long road trip. It ensures that your trip is a manageable, safe, and fun trip. It is not that easy to hit the road with your friends and family and explore the outdoors and towns and cities along the way. The best possible time to plan a trip by road is in the summer months and you should be properly equipped for that. Let us read more about the things to carry on your road trip

It depends whether you are taking a trip to head abroad or crossing states or taking a staycation, this ultimate list of things will have you cruising in comfort. You can get tips on clothing, electronic items, and games to keep you entertained and easy on the road trip hacks. Get handy our road trip checklist of items on the topic of what to carry on a seasonal trip by road.

 What to know more about the things to carry on your road trip? Then keep reading and make your list according to the same. 

We all love road trips. We love the thrill and excitement and the sense of independence that it brings to you. You don’t have to worry about the size of the car cabin while packing your stuff for accommodation months in advance. Although some destinations require special planning and packing. It is better to travel slower during a road trip and get off the beaten track.

We have been taking road trips in the past and gathered experience from these road trips. We have at the most spent a month on the road while travelling by road to different destinations. I can’t wait until I undertake my next trip by road.

A quick look at the important things to carry on your road trip

Here under we are listing below the essentials that are to be packed for a comfortable road trip:

CAR DOCUMENTS| Important Things to carry on your road trip 

Remember to carry your driving license, car registration certificate, and pollution under control certificate. You may also carry your car user manual and service record book in case. You may also consult the authorities in case you need some extra documents while crossing the state borders.


The necessities included need to be proactive and not reactive. Before embarking on a road trip never forget to overhaul your car and make a checking audit of the various functions of the car. Get the oil and coolant checked by a mechanic and get proper lubricants in place for a smoother drive. Check the tyre pressure and the spare wheel too. Fill up your car with petrol/diesel in case you are going to drive through a remote area. In case the empty button flash, immediately hit zero and does not cross 60 kmph.Have a breakdown cover and learn how to access it in case of emergency.


In recent years the rules of phone usage while driving have been strict and stringent. This has increased the importance of hands free phones to enable people to make phone calls while driving. You get a number of phone holders that can be clipped on or stick to the car interior or the windscreen and give comfortable access to the speaker. You can later remove the phone holder from the car. The phone comes handy for even enjoying to your favorite song or tune.


ELECTRONIC BATTERY PACK| Things to carry on your road trip

You get these small battery chargers in the market. Take care to fully charge your phone and other electronic items that use batteries, like a torch, music system, radio, walky talky, walkman, etc. you can also carry spare batteries for your camera or use rechargeable batteries for that purpose.


Boring but the most essential and important piece of luggage. You never know when you encounter a medical emergency and that is the time when this simple piece of unwanted luggage comes handy. Always keep a first aid kit with disposable syringes and needles. Get training to inject in case of emergency. Also get yourself 100% travel insured before you start your journey.


This is a new addition as you could do without the covers, but to keep the car interior from heating and providing privacy to the passengers. Make sure that you keep your delicate electronics away from the glass and keep them stored in dark cool places in the car.


NECK SLEEP SCARF| essential things to carry on oyur road trip

Strictly not for the driver. If you are the passenger then this might come handy when you feel like taking a nap. You just got to wrap it round your neck and just doze off. It is a great travel gift and a very handy one too.


You never know where you feel like relieving yourself and going to the loo. Baby wipes can be used to clean hands and spills. You may also carry a few plastic bags for dirty shoes and food leftovers and rubbish.



The poncho and cape are a very useful piece of clothing on a road trip. This piece of garment is quite bigger than the scarf and it comes in handy when there is an AC war. Some want it more while some want it less. It also doubles up like a picnic blanket for cozy lunches. You can purchase a poncho from a variety of them from the open market.


You just don’t know where you will spot a pool or a lake for a cool dip. So it is highly recommended to carry a swimwear with you for such occasions. You can carry a separate bag for wet swimwear.



It is very essential to be prepared to cook on the roadside while on a road trip. And for that, you need a stove, a lighter, a gas cylinder, and other booking essentials. Just ensure that you have gas in your cylinder. Remember to disconnect the gas before packing up the stove back. pack an extra gas lighter just in case the lighter does not work. A box of matches might come in handy. The cookset will have all the essentials that you need for cooking. There are many compact sets that are available in the market for taking and you might purchase one. Use a collapsible box which stores neatly away if you are planning to use the campsite communal cleaning facilities.


If ever you need to carry perishable foods or carry cold drinks then you will have to invest in an icebox or bags. You can replenish these bags or boxes every day or every second day. As ice eventually turns into water and has to be disposed of regularly. You cannot access a refrigerator or a freezer on the way. So you will need these ice boxes on the way. You can buy ice at the filling stations or at the roadside stores and shopping malls.


A large water container is essential for all your drinking needs on the road trip. You can fill your bottles from the container and can also use it for boiling and cleaning purposes. You can refill the container on the way. They come in handy at a campsite or roadside parking. You can also hire a camper-van for the purpose, or you will need one for the waste greywater.



A day bag is a very useful item in your packing list. The construction of the day bag itself is very use oriented. It has grab handles over the top for easy handling. It is super sturdy and stylish. It unzips in the front and extends while you can pack a lot of things in it. There is a secret section inside the bag and a small pocket in the front. There is an array of colors that the day bag is available in. you can even fit a laptop, a camera, a purse, a water bottle, and a jacket in the secret enclosure in the bag. It also has an airy back structure that helps your body to cool while carrying the bag.


It helps to protect your camera and other electronic items in case of downpours and bad weather. It can be unfolded out of the bag and pulled over the bag, thus protecting the interiors and the belongings that are packed inside the bag. It clips around the middle for additional security. It also carries a neat pouch that attaches to your bag when not in use.



Better go for single-use plastic wherever possible. You get plastic-free bottles in the market. These bottles are eco-friendly and environmentally friendly too. So whenever you camp anywhere you do not leave anything but footsteps. They avoid unnecessary garbage and the need to throw away used plastic cups and bottles. Say no to plastic cutlery and better pick up on wooden Items and cutlery made from bamboo. You will need dishwashing soap also.


This is the most important item in your packing list. You can confront all the four seasons in a day. You can buy a waterproof jacket from the market. You get many fits for the jacket. The slimline one, the medium size one and the large open one. It helps in keeping you dry. You can crush it down small and pack it into your bag. The rain jacket is a high-quality jacket that is quintessential for the rainy day to protect you and your luggage.


HIKING BOOTS/SHOES| Most Important Things to Carry On Your Road Trip

There are times when you feel like stretching your legs after a long stretch of drive, or feel like enjoying the scenery around as you drive through the hills or forest. That is the time when you feel the importance of waterproof shoes that support breathability, comfort and less weight and of course the look. These boots come in handy when you are hiking through marshy terrain or getting down from your vehicle to push it through mud and sloth. These boots are very handy during undertaking a road trip across the country. These boots also come in handy when driving through hills and mountainous terrain. These shoes come in lightweight material and are easy to carry in the backpacks at the same time. They also protect you from thorns and hidden sharp stones in the water or in the mud. They are protective gear and are very useful.


Another piece of the most important item in the list is the mosquito repellent. They are there to ruin every blasted trip that you may undertake. They are the most annoying creatures during the warmer days, that are best for road trips. You can use a variety of repellents that are easily available in the market. Be careful to keep the repellents away from the laptops and cameras and similar devices as it could harm the bodies of the same.

HIGH FACTOR FACE CREAMS |Most Important Things to Carry On Your Road Trip

All love sunshine, but all also love their skin and want to save it from any type of harm like drying, cracking, discoloring, tanning, etc. but while on a road trip your skin is exposed to all these dangers and so it is advisable to carry a good face cream to protect your skin.

HEAD TORCH |Most Important Things to Carry On Your Road Trip

Of course your phone has a torch but a battery big torch will come in handy for those midway toilet stops or when you have a flat tyre.

There are a number of other essentials that can be discussed at length but we will stop here and wish you a happy road trip and may you enjoy the one you undertake.



These are some of the things to carry on your road trip. Try and carry each one of them as you do not know when you can get e need of using any one of them. Keep in mind to be cautious and only then you can enjoy your trip to the core.

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