Sleep like a baby with the best mattress in India as your companion

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India is a country where you can find people of different types. For each one of them, the living style is different. They come from different work sectors and have different needs but one thing is the same and that is to lead a healthy life. For this, You need to get proper sleep that will help you to balance your mood and emotions. 

There are a lot of you out there who search for the best mattress in India to enjoy a calm sleep but is it so easy to grab your hands on one? 

The answer to this is the mattress that gives you maximum comfort is best for you. No matter which brand it comes from but if you feel comfortable then it is the best for you.

To help you in shopping for the best mattress in India we have set-top mattresses that can help you solve the purpose. These mattresses are from well-known brands and are easily available online. If you want to shop for them all you need is to place an order.

Let us get to read more about which mattress is good for health in India.

Emma Mattress (Best Mattress In India)

Your search for the best mattress in India can be answered with a quick review of this mattress that has been loved by many users. It has also grabbed a five-star rating from the previous users.

“The” Emma Mattress “is the first on our list of the best mattresses in India; a memory foam mattress of European origin that has been the consistent winner of the UK’s 30 best mattress awards for 2018 and 2019.

You can choose an Emma mattress from a single bed to a massive King size, available in more than 13 different sizes. Emma comes with a trial period of 100 days where you can check it out, and they take it back if you don’t like it. No questions submitted.

Emma Foam Mattresses come with a consistency of German construction that lasts for a long time and, like most mattresses, does not require regular replacements. The mattresses have full-body adaptability, with a special design for pain-free comfort.


  • Ideal for all body types
  • Regulates the climate
  • Comfortable and economical
  • Made up of polyurethane foam


  • This is the best mattress to shop for with no limitations.


The Sleep Company

Are you looking for an answer to which mattress is good for health in India? Shop for this excellent mattress from the sleep company and get to enjoy a sound sleep like a baby. This mattress is delivered directly from the factory and offers excellent support to your body. The foam in the mattress is of great quality.

This is a perfect option if you are a pregnant woman or just any person who has a history of back pain. It not only helps you ease your back pain but also keeps you cool by preserving the lightweight memory foam temperature.

In more than 4-hour periods, individuals who chose to sleep on Memory foam do not alter or adjust their sleeping positions. The mattress then locks on to your preferred sleep position and provides great assistance to the spine for back pains and comfort.


  • Luxury and comfort with full value for money.
  • Elastic polymer
  • Comfortable and economical
  • Easy to buy with a 100% money-back guarantee.


  • The mattress is not at all waterproof.


Wakefit Mattress (Best Mattress In India)

This is the best answer to your question for which is the best mattress in India? A mattress is a great option if you love to stay indoors and enjoy a cozy time. All you need to do is to shop for this one and enjoy satisfaction to the core.

You can use the Wakefit orthopedic memory foam mattress at a 20 percent discount price and an extra no-cost EMI bid.

The Wake Fit Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress steals in the first place with a 20-year warranty, a 100-day sleep trial, and a gentle yet supportive solution to any back/spine pain.


  • Support all parts of the body.
  • As the total weight of the person is evenly distributed throughout the coat, no blood clots are observed.


  • This mattress might be an issue for the ones who look for foam instead of fiber.


Sleepycat Orthopedic Mattress (Best Mattress In India)

There are a lot of mattresses available online, but if you are looking out for the best option, then you must shop for this one. Are you in search of the best mattress in India then you must bring home this mattress and get your answer after using it?

A microfiber mattress based on a gel that is rolled up and mailed for you to try and return if you don’t like it for 30 days. There are two facets of the SleepyCat mattresses winning. The product is incredibly fantastic and the customer service is equally excellent.

Ideally built to act as a savior for people suffering from back pain, this mattress can be used by young and adult individuals. Because of the softness of the mattress, old people can feel slightly uneasy.

It has a foundation, netted covers, memory foam, and orthopedic gel made from 5 layers of 6-inch thickness. The outer layer of the mattress is made of handcrafted and knitted, high-quality GSM cloth. You also have an easily removable zip on the top that makes it easy from time to time to remove and clean.


  • It has a big size.
  • The quality of the mattress is great and offers a broad space.
  • The seams are well stitched
  • Offers maximum comfort to the user.


  • The mattress is not a very durable one as compared to others in the market.


Wakefit Dual Comfort Mattress (Best Mattress In India)

A mattress all-in-one that promises better quality with various firmness levels. If you choose a comfortable surface to sleep or a hard floor, the Wakefit Dual Comfort Mattress provides the advantages of both in a single mattress.

The next thing on our list comes from Wakefit In this mattress, the Bonnell springs are the most advanced engineered product in the comfort category and are used in the mattress core construction. It is an affordable luxury mattress that not only looks fantastic but also helps you feel much better with spiral lock technology by reducing motion transfer and rolling together.

This Bonnell spring Koil mattress (grade 2 steel spring with anti-sagging technology) will provide proper back support. The level of comfort that is reasonably soft would make it perfect for all to sleep. By relieving the pressure points, the rejuvenating PU foam layer can provide the body contours with comfort. This will make it strong and rigid due to its ruffled, super soft woven fabric on the top of this layer.


  • Luxury and comfort with full value for money.
  • Elastic polymer
  • Comfortable and economical
  • Easy to buy with 100% money-back guarantee.


  • The mattress is not at all waterproof.


Benefits Of Mattresses

Here are some benefits of mattresses that you can check and enjoy shopping for the best one:

They Help You Enjoy A Good Sleep

If you feel that you are not able to sleep properly then you must shop for a new mattress and enjoy sleeping comfortably.

Saves you from back pain

A new mattress will offer the best support to your back and will also save you from the pains of your back. It provides the perfect shape your body needs to sleep and keeps you away from pain issues.

Comfort With the Best Mattress In India

After a long day when you go and hit your bed then your mattress is the best thing that offers you the comfort of a relaxed life. It offers you the best satisfaction you need for a long day at work. So if you are looking for ways to relax then you need to shop for the best mattress. Which mattress is good for health in India is one of the things that you can get to know when you shop for the best one that gives you comfort.


If you feel that you have been snoring at night then the best thing you can do is to shop for a new mattress. A new one will help you sleep by handling your snoring issues.

Stress-Free Life With the Best Mattress In India

When you are able to sleep in a perfect way then you will enjoy sleeping without stress. A night of good sleep will give you a stress-free life and help you get up fresh in the morning.

For side sleepers

For side sleepers, a proper mattress with pressure relief becomes more important. This is because you place the weight of your body entirely on your hips and shoulders while you sleep on your sides. You need something to make your hips and shoulders fall a little. It would be perfect for anything soft to medium-strong.

The best for you will be a memory foam mattress. While relieving pressure from the neck and back regions, this will ensure proper spine alignment.

Stomach sleepers

Indians have large hips and heavier chests in general. Naturally, these parts bear more weight than the remainder of the body. They accumulate even more pressure as you sleep on your belly. So you should not pick anything that is too soft, or you’re going to sink too deep. And you’ll lose the correct alignment of the spine.

To withstand the pressure, your mattress must have the perfect firmness. For stomach sleepers who prefer softer mattresses, a foam or air-bag mattress is better. They will also conform to the curves of your body, offering adequate back support.

Stomach sleepers change their sleeping positions a great deal as well. So, if you sleep with your girlfriend, it is best to avoid spring mattresses. Or else, if you turn during your sleep at night, you’ll annoy the other guy.

Back sleepers

For individuals who sleep on their backs, firmness and protection are two important factors. Your body will sink if you sleep on a bed that’s too soft. After utilizing it for a while, this can induce discomfort in the back regions. The lumbar spine curve must support your ideal mattress. Otherwise, it can contribute to prolonged back problems. Choose something comfortable enough to prevent pressure points from forming, but firm enough to provide your back with sufficient support.

The back sleeper provides full comfort with a memory foam mattress. Although offering softness and comfort, it will adhere to the natural spine alignment. Anything you can choose, but avoid a spring mattress.

Combination sleepers

“We mean those who change their sleeping positions between the back, sides, and stomach with the words” combination sleepers. You need a good balance between comfort and support if you’re one of them. Your dream fit would be a medium-firm mattress.

We recommend that you opt for a gel or hybrid bed when looking for the best mattress in India. When you are on your side, it will encourage you to sink a little, offer help when you are on your back, and stop sinking too deep as you sleep on your stomach.


These are some of the best mattresses in India that you can shop for. If you are looking for 100% comfort and value for money, then these mattresses can prove to be your best companion.

Mattresses are a vital investment. All the job a person does is at the end of the day to get enough food and peaceful sleep. Our research points to the WakeFit orthopedic mattress as the best option with over 20 years of warranty and the use of the best available materials for longer longevity.

What are you thinking? Do you have any questions that you want to ask our team of experts about mattresses? Please write as comments your views and concerns so that we can get back to you as soon as possible.

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